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Toyota Matrix Exterior Issues

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
edited July 2014 in Toyota
Having a problem with body work or your paint job? This is the place to discuss it.


  • guiness100guiness100 Member Posts: 1
    Hi! I am interested in purchasing at 2005 or 2006 Matrix, but am a little bit worried about rust. I had a Honda Element and it started to get covered with many tiny surface rusts spots, and so I sold it. They are all over the vehicle, so can't be explained away with stone chips. I looked at a 2005 Matrix (private sale) and it had the same problem!

    Have any of the Matrix owners out there noticed this problem? I'd love to purchase one, but am cautious for this reason...
  • steine13steine13 Member Posts: 2,818
    I noticed it around the rr wheel wells on my silver '04 Vibe. Turned out whatever it was, it could be wiped off with a wet Kleenex and some pressure. It wasn't rust coming through, whatever it was.

  • gasman1gasman1 Member Posts: 321
    Those tiny rust spots could have been surface dust of rust from the rail car brakes. It's pretty common and can be removed via clay bar. The Matrix is prone to front end and hood paint chips due to its design.
  • redmatrixredmatrix Member Posts: 1
    Red 2009 Matrix AWD, 30,000 KM, one year old. Car had a deflector installed prior to delivery.
    Lots of paint chips on the hood, just behind the deflector. Chips on front fenders and doors. these are down to metal. These are not in a spot likely to be rock chips and are definitely not door dings. There does not seem to be a clear coat. There are far more chips on this car than my daughters 97 Corolla. Car has never been on gravel roads. I will have to at least get the hood repainted soon
  • tradingtrading Member Posts: 1
    My 2009 Toyota matrix s is rusting and paint is chipping off the roof,hood and along the rubber seal under the windows.I even paid extra for the clear coat.Waiting to see what the dealer says.The car is garage kept and is not driven for about 3 months out of the year.Is anyone else having problems with rust?
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