EVAP Canister Repair

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I had a code read out for EVAP Canister in my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. I want to know approximately how long it should take a Certified Nissan Tech to repair? Let's assume it needs a new canister with part costing $200 to $300 for OEM.

I am curious mainly on the total labor/hour(s) involved in this repair. I was given an estimate of 2 to 3 hours for repair at $50 per hour.


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    Two to three hours at $50 per hour?

    The labor guide lists this at .7 hours and the cannister itself lists for around $147. That includes no control valves or hoses. How did you come about getting this estimate and code pull? Were you calling around for prices without a technician actually looking at this and diagnosing it?

    Exactly what code was retrieved? There is no code that directly condemns the cannister. The possible list of codes is:
    P0441 Evap. (evaporative) System Purge Flow Monitor
    P0442 Evap. Small Leak
    P0443 P0444, P0445 Purge Volume Control
    P0447, P0448 Vent Control Valve
    P0451, P0452, P0453 Evap. System Pressure Sensor
    P0455 Evap. System Gross Leak
    P0456 Evap. System very small leak.
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    Hi @thecardoc3 the code was P0448. The Vent Control Valve was replaced just prior to me purchasing, as well as the purge valve. I was told the next stop for this code is to replace the charcoal canister. So there shouldn't be a need to replace VCV correct? I just looked it up and found the canister for $147 as you said, actually on sale...


    But yes I was told 2 to 3 hours at $50 per hour for this job. The hours seemed excessive for this job in my opinion, and now after seeing your comment so does the part cost.

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