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Buick may mean quiet elegance to most folks, but things promise to get
pretty noisy at General Motors' entry-level luxury division later this year
with the introduction of two nifty new models – the Enclave and the
LaCrosse Super.

The Enclave is an all-new luxury crossover and the LaCrosse Super will be
an upscale version of Buick's intermediate car. Super is, of course, the
Buick series name that for years denoted a top-of-the-line luxury car that
was second only to the vaunted Roadmaster in terms of creature comforts.

Meanwhile, Buick's ushering in its 2007 model line with some cosmetic
changes, trim adjustments and options enhancements.

The LaCrosse, Buick's increasingly popular mid-sized family car gets new,
sportier cluster graphics with red pointer gauges, Harvest Burl wood trim,
a steering wheel with Buick's tri-shield emblem, and two new choices of
cloth seat fabric – gray and neutral. Four new exterior colors also have
been added: Stone Grey Metallic, Midnight Amethyst, Midnight Blue Metallic
and Red jewel Metallic. Power comes from a 200 horsepower V-6 for the CX
and CXL models and a 240 horsepower V-6 for the V-6.


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    Thanks for the details on the new Buicks. Before my wife purchased her 2005 LaCrosse CXL, she took both a new Lexus ES330 and RX330 on 24 hour test drives. She likes the ease of entry and exit from the RX330 crossover vehicle, but she bought the LaCrosse as she did not like the current Buick crossover vehicle. The luxury Enclave sounds like a real competitor to the Lexus. I look forward to seeing one in person.
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    I just can't wait to try my hand at driving a Buick LaCrosse!

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    The future of the LaCrosse will probably involve a two fold evolution. Movement to the Epsilon II chassis and continued refinement of the interior and appearance to bring it inline with the great Buicks that the Chinese are being offered. Also, add some factory ventholes! ;)
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    The next one is gorgeous!! Looks bigger than it is.
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    I don't know how old this information is, but here's a link for the limited production 2008 Buick LaCrosse Super:


    I called my local dealer to confirm it, but he said he didn't know anything about it. I asked him to check around and call me back when he heard anything. He called me back about an hour later and said he talked with the local Buick factory rep. The rep said yes, it's all true. Apparently Pontiac is dropping the Grand Prix GXP due to poor sales and the 2008 LaCrosse Super will be getting the same 5.3 small block engine currently available in the Impala SS and Monte Carlo SS. Of course, the LaCrosse Super will have the same suspension and heavy duty transmission as the Pontiac and Chevies. I can't wait to test drive one.
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    The question is what else did they do to the Super LaCrosse. Hopefully some new features, new fascias (Lucerne type grill).
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    "The next one is gorgeous!! Looks bigger than it is."

    Have you seen it? The epsilon?
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    "Apparently Pontiac is dropping the Grand Prix GXP due to poor sales and the 2008 LaCrosse Super will be getting the same 5.3 small block engine currently available in the Impala SS and Monte Carlo SS."

    The GXP is still listed in the 2008 on-line order guide from GM.
    - Ray
    Ex-GXP driver.....
    2020 BMW M340i
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    They should have used the 300HP DI 3.6L, not the V8...
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    Yes it's got 300HP, but what torque does the DI 3.6L make? Is it anywhere near the 323 foot-pounds the 5.3L V8 makes?
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    The 3.6L engine available in the CXS model makes 240 HP and 225 lb of torque. Full power is available from 1200 RPM to 600 RPM. It is a great engine. I am averaging between 21.7 MPG and 21.9 MPG over 10050 miles driven so far.
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    That is 1200 to 6000 RPM for full power.
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    Good point. The DI 3.6 has about 270 pounds -foot but it is a very flat curve which is good. The V8 seems to have a little less flatter of a curve.

    No doubt the V8 will be more powerful but not very sophisticated/modern.
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    Too much torque for a front drive. It will be powerful, but hard to manage. Dumb idea on Buick's part.
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    We will have to wait and see what it test like. hopefully they have electronically controlled the torque at low speeds (did that with the supercharged 3.8L) and make it controllable.
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    For their 2007 models, Chevy and Pontiac engineers modified the half shafts to better balance power to the front drive wheels. This reportedly reduced torque-steer significantly.
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    Actually, the Super makes sense if you think about it. If anyone can put a V8 in front-wheel drive car and pull it off....it's GM. The late Cadillac Eldorado, Seville, and Oldsmobile Aurora cars were pretty good handling cars and got better through the years. Sure, they weren't BMW's, Mercedes-Benz's, etc. but they were not designed to be. Neither is the Buick LaCrosse Super. What they were designed to be were powerful, efficient, smooth driving quiet cars that were of a quality not found elsewhere in the GM product portfolio.

    While quality at GM has certainly improved, and thus, blurring the lines a bit, a V8 is what Buick needs to get some attention from the public. Will it set sales records at Buick? No. But what it will do is get customers to look at Buick when they normally would not.

    Personally, I kind of like the idea of having a vault-like quiet ride in a well assembled car with 300HP on tap to remind the import humper in his Lexus that Buick is still Boss. (especially in China....don't see too many Lexus cars there.)
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    The new Eps II LaCrosse has been shown to all the GM execs. It is beautiful and styled along the vein of the Enclave. LLN has some spy photos and their own illustrations on wha thtey think it looks like.


    http://www.leftlanenews.com/wp-content/plugins/iimage-gallery.php?idpost=6978&id- g=2&idi=1">
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    Today, I talked to my salesperson at a local Buick dealership. I wanted to test drive a LaCrosse Super. They don't have any and won't get one for me to test drive. The salesperson told me that the head of the dealership declined to trade for a Super unless I commited to buy it. Not a chance!!

    The salesperson also told me that the head of the dealership said that I should wait for the new and improved LaCrosse that will be out in October, 2008. Everything I have read says the new LaCrosse will be out in Spring, 2009. Can anyone shed any light on this?? We want to buy a new car but we could probably wait six months. Waiting until Spring, 2009 is not an option.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Spring 2009
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    The are already several used Supers available by searching www.cars.com nationally. You would receive a great deal as someone else (rental company most likely) has eaten the initial cost. I love my 2006 CXS very much.

    That said. Check out the Invicta concept which will be very close to the production LaCrosse next Spring. If you ride is not falling apart. It may be best to wait another year.

    http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f63/beijing-buick-invicta-concept-revealed-63- 433/
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