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Dodge Intrepid Transmission



  • Have you found out whet the problem is? I have the same thing and had the trans module replaced but that was not it. The deler said the instrument cluster could be bad. They said all the electrical circuits go through the trans module. I disagree. I think it has somthing to do with the body control module since my aiur bag lights are on, the cruse control is out and the fuel gage is screwed up.
  • tmguytmguy Posts: 1
    Did you ever get your problem resolved? My 2001 does the same thing. We had the control module replaced and it lasted for about a year.
  • I took the Intrepid to my local Dodge dealer. $1,160 dollars later, all my problems were repaired. It turned out to be a bad PCM causing all those problems.
  • what is PCM my 2002 dodge intrepid ran fine until i put it in crusie control going down the highway and when i came into a town i took it out of cc and came to a red light and the light turned green and my car would not go .it doesnt have reverse at all and if i turn the car off and start it up again it will go in drive for about a block and quit pulling i can keep turning it off and on and it will go again for about a block then out again it has all gears when i do that except reverse can any body help me figure this out its a 4 speed automatic with 2.7 motor
  • m_w06m_w06 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Dodge with transmission problem!!! I have had two transmission in this car and i'm still dealing with it not shifting and the transmission light coming on. It seems to do it now when it get warm and then the light will come on and it wont shift...But if i let it sit for a few hours it will shift again...What could this be??? I feel like everytime i take it into the shop all they are doing is taking my money and not fixing the problem!!!! I need help on this!!!
  • jaded13640jaded13640 Posts: 3
    I'm changed the fluid and filter. There was a trouble code that said that the o2 sensor was giving the trans bad info. So I changed it. It still has a catalitic converter code but that shoudlnt' have anything to do with it.

    I think it's the trans control module but I don't know where it's located. could someone please tell me where it is so I can change it. I think that's the problem and if not I'll have the trans rebuilt.

    The dealer tells me the control module is part of the pcu. and it's 590 bucks exchange. I hate to spend that kind of money on a part that I don't even know what the problem is. Please help

    Thanks in advance

    Wayne Thomas,
  • dodge1977dodge1977 Posts: 5
    open hood and look behind the driverside headlight connected to the fender well underneath the cruise control modgel which is a round looking bottle piece of plastic it will be a sliver colored aluminum box thats bolted on with two 10 milameter bolts it will have 3 or 4 electrical plug in jacks depending on the year of the car in it coming from the transmission wiring harness but pulling up the codes the dealer ship told me i had the same problem but i went looking for the problem now my transmission is seating on my work bench in 500 pieces turns out i have stripped out clutch housing flow gears at the cost of 370 bucks so i need a new transmission gonna get one at pull apart for 75 dollars so good luck
  • jaded13640jaded13640 Posts: 3
    So it wasn't the computer it was the trans?

    Did you replace the computer?

    And if so it still didn't resolve the problem?

    I'm not going to attempt to rebuild myself. I can rebuild rear wheel drive trannys but this front drive stuff is way past my ability.


    Wayne Thomas
  • jaded13640jaded13640 Posts: 3

    it usually goes into limp mode when coasting to a stop or to slower speeds. Today I tried something new. I would click it into neutral when coming to a stop and it never did it once I tried it that way.

    This is sounding like it's in need of a rebuild. It doesn't seem like the computer could do that.


  • zbeeksmazbeeksma Posts: 1
    My 99 dodge intrepid gives a check engine light and goes into limp mode at times after either a long drive, or driving in warm weather. After a few starts, the check engine light goes off and the car drives normally. It has OBD codes P0700 and P0605, which seem to say there is an ROM failure in the transmission control module. I can't find the location of the TCM in any repair manual. Where is it, and what does it take to replace it?
  • mayelitemayelite Posts: 2
    i have a 03 intrepid police vehicle just started having trouble with the transmission going into limp mode it stays in 2nd gear until i pull the battery cable , how much does it usualy cost to repair this issue ?
  • dodge1977dodge1977 Posts: 5
    it could be in the brain or the transmission modgel it is a electrical issue usually costing 500 or more you would need to take it to a shop to get it tested to locate the problem and thats more money for testing .these cars are costley i will never get another one....
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    "it could be in the brain or the transmission modgel it is a electrical issue usually costing 500 or more you would need to take it to a shop to get it tested to locate the problem and thats more money for testing .these cars are costley i will never get another one."

    All these electronically controlled transmissions are costly to repair and that is about the only kind of automatics in any car today.

    You might check out in the transmission section. There is great information there to save money when the transmission brain goes.

  • spyke357spyke357 Posts: 1
    i just got a 1999 dodge intrepid i have a problem someone who had it before i did had it all in pices including the transmission and engine, i have a large round hole in the top of the transmission, and i cant figure out what goes there, im not sure if they gave me all the parts, someone please help me out
  • The (TRS) or Transmission Range Sensor goes ontop of the tranny...Rob.
  • devbrandevbran Posts: 1
    Car works in reverse only. Engine stalls when Drive is selected. Sensors???
  • danpa1danpa1 Posts: 2
    i have an 98 intrepid and in 4th gear at 45 mph or so the trans bucks does this mean i need it rebuilt
  • danpa1danpa1 Posts: 2
    does ne one look at these
  • hey i had the same issue ! i also did the neutral thing to ! your solenoid pack in the trans is bad ! and while your in there have the valvebody replaced in the trans & the fluid pressure switch ! i had mine repaired for under $700 ! and mine is a 03 police intrepid with all the heavy duty goodies ! hope this helps you !
  • you may have it fixed by now but in my opinion alot of the cars i had, intrepid sunfire blazer trailblazer echo focus... they buck around that speed if the gas pedal is not in a consistant position, just thought i mention it. if it stops changing at all, then you have a problem...and to other posts, my experience is if it is missing a certain forward gear it is usually a shift selenoid. 25 bucks plus fluid and time
  • here is what i want to do, maybe some of you can answer my questions. i want to place a 3.3 intrepid engine/trans in a corvair to make a street rod. i will have to place the engine/trans in the engine bay pointing toward the rear of the car so it fits where the original engine was. my questions are. how hard is it to make the 3.3 run back wards? or can the final drive ring/pinion be turned 180 deg. or what is the lowest final drive ring/pinion ratio i can get for it? (because i will have to use a vw transporter 3 to 1 reduction unit at the axle ends.)

    i know i have to change the cam and relocate the cam sensor but will the oil pump if the engine spins back wards, getting the starter to spin back wards is easy according to the local starter repair but then will the starter drive engage the ring gear? what other issues may i run into doing this to the drive train? and will the trans shift if the engine spins back wards?

    maybe some engine and trans people can assist me with these issues?
  • I just bought a 95 intrepid and the trans won't shift sometimes.....once it does it the speedometer goes to 85 or 90 and the tachometer goes way up too. It makes a humming sound and then won't do over 20 miles per hour. After you let it sit for a little while and start it then its fine again for a while. But right before it starts to do it the trans jerks real hard.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  • seems like the vaule body is sticking because the fluid is wore out .see if the fluid is dark in color if dark in color it needs to be changed but let it run for about 1minute or 2 before u check it hope this helps ronnie
  • do you have the 4 spd auto ? , i am having my auto-trans rebuilt - i will look at the top and try to find the hole your talking about . i am pulling it out approx- 11.20.09
  • i had the same problem, it was the speed sensor, also go to a trusted transmission mechanic , talk to some friends get recommondations ,
  • 2000 Intrepid 2.7 Column Shifter WORKS REALLY HARD to Shift in to (R)-(D)-(S)-(L) or all the way back to (P) ANY IDEAS????? MOVES REALLY HARD!!
  • finally got a tranny out of a 2002 dodge intrepid to put in my 2002 dodge intrepid i put it in and all works fine the tranny cost me around 100 and i put it in myself which took me a few days because im a backyard mechanic with not so good tools it was a b---- but finally its running and drivable again.
  • holytholyt Posts: 1
    94 intrepid 3.3 wont shift to high gear seems to be stuck in limp mode i changed filter, fluid & both speed sensors any ideas? car has over 300,000 miles not worth a expensive rebuild
  • bentzybentzy Posts: 1
    I have the same thing happen, my dash does not work, they change the iginiton in my car and work for awhile then started over again, I think there is a short some where...A tip....I tap on the key and everything works again why I do not know but that works.......If some one know more on this please let everyone know how to fix it
  • mzfoxymzfoxy Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    PLease help
    I have a 2000 Dodge ointrepid that has been givin me trouble i put a rebuilt transmission in it in 2008. And i took back to the shop that put the transmission in and they r saying that it need another one, Could this b happening? Heres what it does it act like it really dont want to pick up spped and then after a whille of driving it starts to jerk a bit then it starts this whinning noise and it shift when it want. Other then that it does everything else fine. Please give me some suggestions I really cant afford a new car right now .
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