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Dodge Dakota Engine and Underhood Questions



  • My cruise control doesn't work. I checked the fuse and it's fine.
    I have a 93 dodge dakota V6. 3.9L
    I've been searching for seven years on how to fix the problem.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Does speedo work? check for codes for speed sensor fault Check throttle cable for cruise control
  • 2000 4.7 Dakota. All systems check good reads po171 lean.....Should be simple Tried every thing, but blows black smoke. 02 sensors working no leaks data all good. even tried ecm.Any one had same problem.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The computer *thinks* the engine is running lean but it is blowing black smoke (running rich). This really points to a problem with the O2 sensors.

    The 2000 4.7L was available with 2 emmissions packages depending on where your truck was sold.

    1) The "standard" emmissions package had 1 catalitic converter and one O2 sensor.

    2) The "boarder state emmissions package" had 3 catalitic converter and 4 O2 sensors.

    Which emmissions package does your 2000 have?
  • 2 O2 1 cat both o2 been changed....thinking fuel presser regulator 45psi still but maybe too much volume?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Not the fuel pressure (or flow)!

    Since the computer is reporting a "lean" condition... then it is the computer which is telling the injectors to squirt too much fuel (and blow black smoke)

    You need to keep looking into why the computer *thinks* the engine is running too lean.... this is usually the MAP sensor or the O2 sensors.

    A good diagnostic software installed on a laptop computer can actually show your all the signals going into the computer. (Including the MAP and O2 signals) That is what I use to diagnose these kinds of issues.
  • I snap-on scanner on truck all sensors working, but I am looking at vacuum changing from 16" to 13'' and back but have not found vacuum leaks. Even pulled intake off to look for cracks . Throttle body sounds like it's pulling a lot of air. I've been looking for leaks. as vacuum changes so does map voltage. Funny I'm ase cert master tech, been fixing every one elses car, truck or motorcycle but my own. Thank you for any input.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Are you suggesting that the MAP sensor is showing some kind of "spiking" in its vacuum readings? If the vacuum is not *actually* spiking, then consider flaky electrical conneciton to the sensor. Bad electrical connections can REALLY confuse the engine-computer into doing all kinds of goofy things.

    As a professionl technician , somtimes you have to think "outside the box". Ask youself what else besides the obvious can cause the engine-computer to *think* the engine is running too lean.

    I have heard of a weak battery causing Dakota engine-computer to behave weird.... have you validated that the battery is fully charged and all cells check out with hydrometer?
  • i want to put a small block 350 in my dakota but before that i want to do a frame swap dose anyone know what kind of frame i should go to?
  • jlockjlock Posts: 4
    I'm hoping someone can help me, I own a 2003 Dodge Dakota it came equipped with a 4.7 magnum engine, I had to have the engine replaced and opted for a 4.7 2006 engine. Since the installation I don't have as much power as before, is there a difference in computers between the 2003 and 2006? I have begun to notice when I drive and let off the throttle I get popping nosies in the exhaust like it's almost backfiring, sounds like the timing is off, also before cranking I have to turn the ignition on let the instrument panel light up a few seconds before I crank otherwise the engine will turn over a few times before it fires up.
  • My 2001 Dakota (4.7 V8) has developed an oil leak. looks to be centered on the botom/front of the motor. almost directly behind the bottom belt pully. could this be a gasket issue? other ideas??
  • I have had the same type of leak for almost 4 years now on my 2000 4.7. It started around 40K miles. It looks to be on the seal for the harmonic balancer on the crankshaft, behind the timing cover. Haven't done anything to it as it doesn't seem to be getting any worse over the last 3.5 years, but I probably lose about 2-3 litres of oil per year from the leak (never gets too low on the dipstick....just notice less oil comes out at each change). Looks to be a pain to fix it yourself as the radiator and more will have to come out to get at it. Any others have this problem, and how much work to repair?
  • ja812ja812 Posts: 33
    I had an oil leak in about the same spot that you are describing and it was the front seal. It cost about $130 to fix.The dealer took care of it because they changed the oil and I was a quart over.
    I only have them put in 5 qts when I get my oil changed now and then I will check it when I get home and add some if I need to.

    Hope this helps.
  • Did more research.....Found that tha power steering pressure switch leaks fluid, goes in wire to reach O2 sensor causing problems... This was found last night on another forum, person had same problem, checked P/S switch and it is wet along with the new O2 sensor at the wires.. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks you seen to want to help people, that's hard to find in todays world
  • I had this same problem with the leaking power steering switch. I did get a code telling me it was the power steering switch and then I changed it. I did read on another forum that if it isn't changed that the fluid would go to the O2 sensor and cause it to stop functioning and require replacement. I'm glad I caught mine before it caused an O2 sensor problem.

  • I am looking at a 2006 dakota quad V8 5 speed auto to tow my boat (5500 lb W/Trailler). The dealer put a class 4 hitch and wiring on. When I asked about the Tranny cooler he said it was built in. My ubderstanding was the cooler was an addition and located in front of the radiator. Am I getting a line?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I beleive that ALL the dakota automatic xmissions have a cooler infront of the radiator from the factory. Certainly you could add ANOTHER cooler inline with that one if you feel it is not sufficent.

    If you do not beleive it, open the hood and LOOK infront of the radiator.... you should see at least 2 other smaller radiators (one for A/C and one for Xmission)

    If you orderd your Dak with the "towing package", you should also find a small radiator near the power-steering pump.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Yeah. I'm starting to see leaky front seals on 4.7s with higher mileage. Not all, though. Seems like its mostly 2002-2003s.

    Fortunately the dealer price for replacement is pretty inexpensive. I'd pay $130 rather than do it myself!

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Dusty - Thanks for the heads-up about the front seal on the 4.7L.

    Mine is a very early 2000 (orderd from factory in November 1999) I have also been running ONLY synthetic oil since break-in oil.

    I guess I will have to check mine for leaks. With the lower engine-cover in place, there is no visual access from below. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to check for front seal leakage?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Happy New Year!!!

    On mine I just happen to notice some oil around the front of the oil pan. It never did drip on the ground or anything, so there's no indication that it was a serious leak. I didn't notice a leak at all until 84K. It's at 92K now.

    But I'm fussy about such things and replaced it.

  • I have a 1995 Dakota, 318, standard shift, 4x4. I have a bad computer on this truck and need to know if I can have a computer out of a 93 ,2 wheel drive with an 318 automatic flashed to work with my 1995?- or am I waisting my time. I dont have a ton of money to spend on this truck so I figure flashing the computer could be a inexpensive place to start. I keep getting a code for memory power loss and have no idea how to fix it any ideas guys?
  • i also have a 95 with the 318 auto tran though but i am also showin memory power loss i posted it on here and they said the only way to fix it is to drive it and it will reset its self i drove for a month and it was still doing it i had a spare computer i got for another problem which it wasnt the problem so i put that in and drove it for two months and it is still showing code 12 standby memory power loss so dont get a computer unless u really need one
  • I have an 89 dakota with a 2.5L engine and a manual trans. The engine has a miss to it when idling and it kinda bucks when you're driving and you try to level out your speed. As soon as you give it a little more gas, it seems to clear itself up. The spark plugs keep carboning up, and we only got 86 miles to a 3/4 tank of gas. We've tried pulling codes and nothing is stored in the computer. We've also did a compression test and that was good. We've put dry gas in it, and we've changed the spark plugs and wires, the dist cap and rotor, and the fuel filter. We've also changed the egr valve, the coolant temp sensor, the throttle pos sensor, and the map sensor. We're thinking of trying an o2 sensor. Any ideas of what could be wrong or what to try? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! TIA!
  • i have a 96 dodge dakota sport with a 2.5 l 4 cylinder with 338000 miles it started running rough so i changed plugs ,wires , cap , and rotar button also 02 sensor , the problem started out when i was at a quarter tank off gas then it moved to pretty much all the time now. was wondering if it could be a sensor problem , fuel filter problem or if something i replaced refouled out, .the truck acts like its have way getting gas to the engine spits and sputters and it was clearing up if i would hold in cluch and floor gas pedal for a second but then it would act up again after a few minutes now that doesnt aven help . any help would be greatly appreciated
  • ata3001ata3001 Posts: 30
    I have an 05 Dakota w/4.7 & 5 spd auto purchased new. Mine did not have an auxiliary oil cooler in front of the radiator from the factory. I added a B&M stacked plate cooler shortly after purchasing it. I change out the fluid every year as well. I tow a 4000# camper. No problems at all.
  • Im new here! My husband and i just bought a 2007 Dakota in August. Today he goes to change the oil and he cant seem to get the new filter on. Anyone else have trouble getting the filter on after an oil change? he has never changed the oil in the dakota before, but he changed our tundra's all the time. idk whats going on...
  • I own 1999 dodge dakota with 207000 kms I am getting coolant leak in base, engine runs smooth no noise. any suggestion where coolant is leaking in to oil.
  • Need to replace the intake gasket .
  • you will need aflex plate from magnume engine 360 this is ballanced so you dont have to replace the converter unles you want a stall converter .will need a oil pan .I would port the intake so thay match the 360 ports on the cylender head ,thay are larger than the 318 .now if you take the head off the 318 and port and polishthem and put them on the 360.that would raise the conpretoin,MORE POWER .Its to bad that the trany is A500 not ,A518 it is hevy duty .The throttle body injection will be fin as it will ajust . I got a converter from florida torque converter they will biuld what you need as like stall from 1200 to 2100RPM.
  • YOU want to put a GM engine in a DAKOTA ,if your truck got a 3.9L wy dont you put a MOPAR 360ci in IT......................IT will blow those chevys/fords away,Remember MOPARs RULE ..................
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