Help with the brakes

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Hey guys, i'm relativity new to older cars and cars in general but i have a 1975 GMC suburban that has a problem i cannot quite locate. when the car is off i can pump the breaks and the first couple times it sounds like air is coming out of the break pedal or around it and then it builds up a slight amount of pressure. after i turn the engine over the breaks build no pressure at all and im left with the air sound. when driving i have no break at all when pushing the petal down up until the very last inch or so then it breaks rather slowly. i have yet to bleed the breaks but i havent done any break work on the car so i do not know how air would have gotten into the lines in the first place. Any help is great help, thank you in advance.


  • Mcgingy306Mcgingy306 WashingtonMember Posts: 2
    it went down hill in just about two days the break pedal had about three quarters of the pedal working then half then about an inch. the only work i have done on it in that time period was replace a gas hose because it had a leak. i have never replaced the break pads but i also dont think they would deteriorate within two days. i did upgrade the carburetor from a quadrapuke to a edelbrock two months ago with no loss to break power then.
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