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I received my new 2007 MDX,Aspen White,(Tech Pkg), and I'm love w/ it. I traded in a 2006 MDX, and there is NO comparison. I have owned a Lexus RX330,(04), and again the new MDX vehicle is the real deal. The interior in on the same-if not better as any Lexus,BMW,Audi,and the ride is awesome. This vehicle is the total package, and you must drive the old MDX's body style then drive the new. I test drove the all the high end SUV's, and for the price, you can't beat it.


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    I'm also interested in the MDX with technology package. Can I ask you how much you paid for it. Thanks.
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    Are the 07's even in showrooms yet? How were you able to get one?
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    I took delivery on Tuesday Oct 17th. That was the oficial release day. Tech+ Entertaiment Nimbus Grey with Taupe Interior. Not to sound like an airhead, but OMG. :) This car is such an upgrade from my 2001 MDX!
  • smrt50smrt50 Member Posts: 6
    The official release date was Wed. (October 18,2006)
  • smrt50smrt50 Member Posts: 6
    $43,495.00,(Acura's Price), of course there are no incentives or rebates. This car is hot, I was stopped three times by curious drivers going home.
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    "Are the 07's even in showrooms yet? How were you able to get one?"

    Yup, they are out.
    My dealer has 8 on the lot...most with tech package.

    The stickers are averaging around $44,000 - $48,000 at my dealer.

    Very, very nice ride, but I'm not quite ready to trade in our 06 yet.
    I'll wait a few years.... that is if the wife finally stops talking about how nice the 07's are.

    They offered her a test drive last night and I said NO!!!!! (LOL)
    I know if she drives it, it's sold, and I'm not ready to pull the $48,000 trigger after dropping $39,000 5 months ago :blush:
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    One word: perrrrrrrrfect! Pull the trigger. You won't regret it. It's such a sweet ride.

    black, taupe, tech.

    Got 20 miles on the way home (mostly interstate). :)
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    I am looking to lease a base model 2007 MDX. I just began my search. First stop was my local Acura dealer. I am turning in a leased MDX. The dealer proposed the following for 36 mos 12K lease:

    $1525 down (This includes first month lease payment,$595 bank fee, $185 documentation fee and $270 for motor vehicle fees). Monthly payments on $40,000 vehicle would be $568.

    Is this a good deal? 2007 MDXs are moving fast in tri-state area. Are any of the dealer's fees negotiable? Our current lease is through American Honda and so will the lease on the MDX.
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    Hey Shoeman, try the Acura MDX: Lease Questions discussion for recent deals.
  • shoeman1shoeman1 Member Posts: 8
    I searched as you suggested, but can't seem to find relevant posts that will help me decide if this dealer quote is fair. Please respond.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Hang out there for a while longer - lots of people take the weekend off and don't catch up on their forum reading until Sunday night or Monday morning.

    Check out the Leasing Tips page while you are waiting.
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