Alternate fuses for interior lights.

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I have an '02 Grand Prix GT. I went to replace the trunk interior lamp as the bracket on the assembly broke (the bulb did light) and it was dangling from the wires. I removed the old assembly (no, I did not cut through both wires at the same time) and replaced it with an LED lamp. The result is that now none of the interior lamps work. I checked the interior fuse block and the fuse is still good. Does anyone know if there is a fusible link or relay elsewhere for the interior light system? Are there any other switches that need to be checked? I fear the problem might be in the PCM circuit that turns the lights off after they are left on for 10-15 minutes.

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  • jjaayyffjjaayyff Member Posts: 3
    Also realized this morning that the headlights are not working. All other lights seem to be OK.
  • jjaayyffjjaayyff Member Posts: 3
    Checked fuses and breaker. all are good. Anyone?
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