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Here's the latest on the intelligent key. I read it as only being a problem if you use the metal/manual key. I wonder what will be involved in the fix.

The following is from the article on various websites:

Overseas, the Tokyo-based manufacturer is recalling about 70,000 Muranos in North America, 300 in Taiwan and 800 in Singapore, she said. No X-Trails have been sold overseas.

Also being recalled for the same defect are 10,000 Maxima sedans in North America, Nissan said.

Some of the rods connecting the ignition part with parts that start the engine are too long, so the cars sometimes don't start properly, Nissan said. Occasionally, the engines start even when the ignition is turned off and the driver moves the steering wheel, it said.

The recalls involve only models using Nissan's "intelligent keys" with integrated circuit chips inside, which allows drivers to open their car doors with their keys still inside their pockets by just pressing on the handle. Drivers don't need to insert the intelligent key to get the car to start, and can keep the key anywhere nearby.

The defect involved in Thursday's recall is not related to the integrated circuit chip features but to the regular ignition part of the key.


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    another recall. How fun. That's one more day my Murano will be in the shop
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    can you tell us what year muranos and vin numbers? thanks. rr70
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    "That 80,000 doesn't mean they're all affected," Nissan spokesman Tony Pearson said Thursday said. That's just the pool we want to check. We want to take care of this as quickly and as painlessly as possible."

    The issue is limited to vehicles with Nissan's Intelligent Key system. The transmitter key fob allows an owner to open vehicle doors and start the engine with the key still in their pockets.

    "What happens in very rare cases, under some situations, the steering could lock. But as long as the customer drives the vehicle in a safe manner that shouldn't happen," Pearson said.

    Specifically, he recommended not turning wildly back and forth. Nissan has traced the problem to rods in the ignition that in some vehicles are too long. Nissan buys the part from suppliers.

    Pearson said the company will mail consumers a notice some time in December.

    "They'll be able to bring it to a dealer who can determine whether the vehicle exhibits the symptoms, and if so, it will be repaired at no charge," he said.

    In its domestic market of Japan, the X-Trail and Murano SUV made between August 2004 and July this year are being recalled because of the defect, while Muranos are being recalled in North America, Taiwan and Singapore for the same problem.
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    Whatever, I'm so glad they will fix it at no charge. HA. What kind of stupid statement was that. Of course they will fix it at no charge. This is thier dumb design.
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    Perhaps you are over-reacting...

    It was a part made by a supplier, not Nissan. They have caught the problem before anyone experienced a problem, and are fixing it. ;)
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    Nissan recalls 130,000 vehicles for ignition key defect
    Last Updated: Thursday, October 19, 2006 | 8:33 AM ET
    CBC News

    Nissan Motor Co. is recalling 130,000 vehicles — including 80,000 in North America — that may have an ignition key defect, the Tokyo-based company announced Thursday.

    About 70,000 Murano sport utility vehicles, manufactured between summer 2004 and July 2006, will be recalled in North America, along with 300 in Taiwan and 800 in Singapore, for possible repairs. Another 10,000 Maxima sedans sold in North America are included in the recall.

    The automaker is also recalling 51,000 X-Trail and Murano SUVs in Japan. The vehicles were produced between August 2004 and July 2006.

    Only cars with "intelligent keys" are included in the recall. The company announced that the lock device of the ignition key does not lock properly in some vehicles, preventing drivers from shutting off the engine.

    There have been no reports of injuries.
    With files from the Associated Press
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    ">I have an 07 Murano and don't have, not yet, any ignition issues, what I do have is major issues with the AWD locking up.......any recalls for this or is it my car only? Currently at dealer, again, for same issue. :sick:
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    I have a 2005 Murano. For the last 2 weeks I've been having problem using the intel key. sometimes I would have to use the manual key inside the intel key. The other day the ignition would now even turn with the intel key or manual key. The dealership said to check the car battery. I took the battery to my mechanic and he said it was good. He told me that before I reattach the battery tht I should take the cables from the car and touch them together. This "reboots" the system. I did that and it worked......for a couple of days. Now I'm having the same problem. Any ideas?
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    We are having the same problems, the car will not start for about 10 to 15 mins, with either the intel key or the manual key. I called the Nissan dealership and they said there is no outstanding recalls for the Murano and they would have to charge to diagnose the problem.
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    Please see my posts in the 2009 Murano Starting Problem thread. They had to reprogram the key. It has not happened again since, but I will NEVER buy another Nissan product, period.
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    I have a 2009 Murano SL AWD & the driver's seat has an extra piece of carpet-like fabric on the side of the seat closest to the console. The fabric became unattached & I took it to the dealer to be re-attached. Then the removed the seat, they saw that under this piece of fabric is a nylon-type fabric which is the same fabric that is on the passenger side seat, on BOTH front seats of all other '09 and '10 Murano’s. Apparently my Murano is the only one they have in stock or have ever seen with this "extra" fabric. I wouldn't really care, but the fabric can't really be removed or re-attached. It's held down by one small, misplaced clip & was advised should I move my seat position it will come unattached again. Anyone else have this problem or extra fabric? Any idea what I can do to either get rid of the fabric or attach it permanently? Thanks!
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    Just got a card saying the tpm bolts could degrade and rust--salted roads. Free fix.
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    Yeah, When I went to the dealer to have my seat repaired they said they replaced the nuts on the wheels and that there was a recall. Guess the recall came out on Oct. 5th, but they're just now starting to contact owners to let them know. I live in Cleveland so we get some pretty nasty winters. All last year, there were days it was -12 degrees and my TPMS light never came on. Now that they "fixed" it, my light comes on every day (temp ~30 degrees). They claim it's because of the cold weather, but since it didn't come one last winter when it was much colder am I to assume the TPMS wasn't working? It's SO annoying. I traded in my Audi because I wanted something more reliable and so far I'm really disappointed. The car is awesome to drive and all, but......
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    Relax kellyd7, my tpm light came on a few days ago when the temp dipped. The pressure in your tires all summer at 30-33 psi drops to 26-27 psi in winter. I topped up the air to 33 psi on a cold day and in a mile or two the light went off. I have my wife add the air with a bicycle pump while I supervise with a cup of coffee. ;)
    Actually I invested in a 110 volt electic air pump and do it myself. Easy peasy. If I were you I would drive back to the dealer and have them add air to 33 psi and then drive a bit til the light goes off.
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    very funny. last week when it came on the first time I had my husband double check the tire pressure and he ensured they were at the right psi. i get that the cold temps condense the air and the light will come on, but why when it was much colder last winter (we've been lucky so far, although it's dropping quickly) did the light never come on?
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    Last winter when the light never came on it was because you were nice. You must have been naughty this year. If that doesn't satisfy you send an email to Santa. Top them up and to all a good night.
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    Hi guys,

    i'm buying Murano 2003 SE, and the seller told me that the car was recalled by Nissan to replace the engine because there was a problem in the engine crank...
    He mentioned that was a common problem and was fixed in many cars.?
    Did you hear about that before, and do you thing there is any issue to take this car?

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