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Mitsubishi Eclipse New Owner Reports

patpat Member Posts: 10,421
edited September 2014 in Mitsubishi
So you have your new ride, now! Congrats - tell us your first impressions.


  • drholland77drholland77 Member Posts: 8
    I had a '92 Eagle Talon, fun, fun, fun. But the 2007 Eclipse has many, many more bells and whistles. Sun & Sound is super. What I was disappointed in was the selection of colors and nice looking interiors. I wanted a ultra red pearl, but only ones I could find had light gray interior. I liked the dark charcoal interior, but couldn't find it with ultra red pearl. The light gray interior looks cheap and like crap!!! Wouldn't want it. The dark charcoal is sharp, but close inspection and the "black" carpet almost looks like cheap felt. Upgrade the looks complaints and by all means offer more colors. I so sick of silver and gray -- that's all you see on the road today. Oh, to have the color choices of my granddad back in the '50s and '60s.
  • amr1amr1 Member Posts: 1
    I'm considering an '07 Eclipse Coupe w/4cyl/5spd. Does anyone have highway mileage near 30mpg as listed on their sticker and assured me by the sales mngr? ~~AL :shades:
  • uncleharryuncleharry Member Posts: 1
    Two weeks in, I'm wondering why I waited so long to get one of these. 2007 Sunset Pearlescent w/two tone leather interior, every available option as well.

    What a fun ride and I'm coming off a 2002 Gold Wing.
  • 2007eclipse2007eclipse Member Posts: 6
    I just bought the eclipse about a month ago and I love it!!! I got the Sunset Pearl GS Model. I actually sold my 99 Red Eclipse that I had for 7 years to get this one, so obviously I love the eclipses :shades:
    "uncleharry" you are soooo lucky to get the special interior that was the car I really wanted but of course I couldn't afford that model. But I got the next best thing!

    To answer your question about the mpg. I would estimate my GS gets around 20mpg, but I am quick off the line and I probably like the drive faster on the highway than I should. The tank holds about 17.5 gallons which is a real killer when filling up the gas tank. I just filled up for the first time and it came up to $40 with 14.5 gallons at $2.74 a gallon. I was used to paying $25 for a full tank on the 99 eclipse. But theres not much you can do about that.

    You can't help but love this car when you get in it and start driving!
  • bluffoncebluffonce Member Posts: 3
    I am in the process of possibly purchasing a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Syder Convertible and find that the colour of the interior is a bit odd. The dash board is a dark grey (almost black) and the door panels, seats and carpet is tan.
    Does anyone know if this is normal for this year or has something possibly been replaced?
    Thanx so much
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 22,226
    I think the dash is dark to reduce reflection off the windshield. My 1997 Cirrus has the same color combo.

    2019 Kia Soul+, 2015 Mustang GT, 2004 Chevy Van, 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible

  • bluffoncebluffonce Member Posts: 3
    Thank you so much. That does make sense but it does look a bit different.
  • 2007eclipse2007eclipse Member Posts: 6
    I owned a 99 eclipse and that was the color combo my car came with on the inside. I have to admit that I thought it was very distasteful so I had it all replaced with a black/red theme. But no it sounds all good.
  • bluffoncebluffonce Member Posts: 3
    Comforting. I think if the colour really starts to bother me, I too will have it replaced. They must have been on good something when they designed the colour schemes
  • clovismanclovisman Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2007 Eclipse 6cyl/5 speed automatic. I have had my car on two cross country trips totaling about 8000 miles. At 4000/3000 feet my normal driving area, I get on an average of 22 city and 29 hwy. On my cross country trips I was averaging between 29 and 33.5 mpg highway! I noticed as the altitude decreased my mpg went up. While in Chicago for three week my city mpg was about 23. Also note where I live New Mexico (4433 FT) the highest octane around is 90, only at lower altitudes was I able to find/use 93 octane gas. PS: Octane levels sold at the pump also has to due with what altitude you live at. The high the altitude the less octane that is required for proper ignition. Still would prefer to run 93 all the time.
  • sleukemsleukem Member Posts: 22
    I'm considering an '07 Eclipse Coupe w/4cyl/5spd. Does anyone have highway mileage near 30mpg as listed on their sticker and assured me by the sales mngr?

    I realize you ask this a long time ago but since it is a common question I'll share my results.

    I own a 2006 GS Eclipse with the 5 speed manual. It is in the UV Blue Pearl color scheme. I'll admit I drive the car faster than I should most of the time. I'm quick off the line and drive at high speeds on the highway. Even with this, my mileage averages out at 28 mpg. When I drive calmly, I have no problem getting 30 mpg and have in fact got 33 mpg before. The lowest mileage I have seen is 26 mpg but I normally get the 28 mpg as mentioned earlier. I just like to drive the car fast!
  • leonslincolnleonslincoln Member Posts: 3
    Yes ! I have a 2007 Spyder and get 31.7 MPG no my dailey commute to Tampa FL from New Port Richey FL , a distance of about 26 miles each way all highway.
  • broke_dadbroke_dad Member Posts: 10
    I recently bought a one owner 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS with 122,000 miles on it. Yes 122,000 miles. The carfax showed it being serviced every 3000-4500 miles at the dealership. The dealer even let me contact the previous owner. He gave it up reluctantly for a new 2009 Honda since he felt there were deals to be had in this economy. He HATES his new car and even asked if I'd be willing to sell it back to him. Sorry dude but I love this car even owning it now just a couple months. It was meticulously cared for.

    Mileage is 21-24 mpg with short 14 mile commutes to work each day. There is not a single wet or fluid spot on or under the engine. I paid a whole $5000 for it after talking the dealer down from $7995.

    My point is do your research with carfax reports and also do comparison pricing using or on the same thing within a couple hundred miles. Go prepared to walk out if they won't deal as you will find one that will.
  • patrnctpatrnct Member Posts: 1
    owned 2007 x 2 yrs and did get the 30mpg on hiway at 70-80 mph. very satified
  • gmavin1gmavin1 Member Posts: 1
    Less than 4,000 miles and 4 months and clutch goes out, won't honor drive train warranty and payments paid and repossesing to get by warranty. Even said at first the clutch wasn't a part o drive train.
  • leonslincolnleonslincoln Member Posts: 3
    I know of no MFG that covers clutch after 30 days. Not shocking at all. As to get by warranty comment, I've never heard of that. Did you stop paying? If so the creditor is not the MFG: They are always entitled to their cash. Good Luck! Don't blame the car.
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