BMW Z4 New Owners' Reports

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Got your Z4? Give us a report on what you love, what you'd change, etc.


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  • genez4genez4 Member Posts: 3
    I just purchases a Z4 3.0Si. I drove an M roadster and loved it, but the si performes very well with 255 HP and is about $8K less. I have the sport package (love the wheels), and could not live without the power top. I traded my 2004 C5 corvette for the Z4 and have not looked back. The Vette was a brute that was scary fast, but this car seems much easier to drive fast. As a bonus, I can get 33 mpg on the freeway cruising 70-75.
  • bzoomerbzoomer Member Posts: 1
    I've had it about a week and I love it. This my first BMW, I was a Lexus guy. No complaints so far but I will be purchasing a wind deflector and lip for the front end. Mileage is good as well.
  • esfoadesfoad Member Posts: 210
    We have a new 3.0Si that is about two weeks old. We just drove her about 900 miles on a trip from home (NJ) to Montreal and back. We just got out of a Saab 9-3 Convertible and absolutely adore this car. It has an automatic and got about 24 MPG when averaging 75MPH. I was not on cruise so I could vary the speed per the breakin recommendations. We have the wind blocker and that works very well, especially when the windows are up. That way it feels like a HUGE sunroof :D . My son was following in my Infiniti G35X and we got about 4-5MPG better mileage. Not bad for a new vehicle. We did not purchase the sport package, we thought it would be too rough for our aging backsides. So far we were right. The ride is more than acceptable and the handling is awesome!
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