Engine skipping, no codes

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I drove out one night all was good. Parked the car for a couple of hours and when I started the engine to head home I noticed a slight skip in the engine. It got a lot worse on the way home. I brought it to my mechanic who checked the codes, nothing there. He replaced the plugs and O2 senser. Still Skipping. We verified that there was both spark and fuel at each plug. We did a compression check and found a broken valve spring one the #1 cylinder and replaced it. Still skipping still no codes. now both Oil and Gen lights on the panel are on. Other than the skip the engine sounds fine. The right bank cylinder plugs are going black, like burning to rich.
Has anyone else experienced this or something similar?


  • SeptBluesSeptBlues Western Maine, USAMember Posts: 4
    My mechanic just called and said he gives up, it has him beat. I 'll have to send it to the dealer now. If we ever find out what's wrong I'll post it and maybe it will keep the next victim from financial ruin.
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    There is a whole different skill level required to analyze some failures today and the number of technicians that are making that investment is still quite limited. The testing would be done using a digital storage oscilloscope and pressure transducers. I have taught some of these classes on the coastal side of Maine but none of the western side so I don't have a reference to send you to. Here is an example of one of my friends sharing this technology. If you canb fond someone near you that has studied this and made the investement to have the tooling he/she will work right through it efficiently.
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    Wow! What an eye opener. I knew these new motors were computerized headache generators but..... You really can't teach an old dog new tricks. Give me a 4 barrel carb, points, plugs, and condenser rotor button and cap, functioning fuel pump and away we go. I got all the way to 24:21 before my eyes rolled back into me brain looking for what the heck did he just say. I do appreciate the the input and that you took the time to read my post.

    For an update, I brought the Jeep home and found several minor issues which I doubt had any thing to do with the skip but with good weather coming and being newly retired I think I'll poke and prod a bit. When or if I ever do find the culprit I will definitely post it here.

    Thanks again
    Hank B.
    West Paris, Maine
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