Lexus LS 460 Suggested Improvements

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The CD player should be able to remember where you left off FOR EACH CD SEPARATELY.

For example, I am listening to an audio book on CD #1. Then a friend joins me and I play music on CD #2. After he has left I want to resume CD #1 where I left off. Currently, it starts all over at the beginning of the CD. If I was smart enough to notice where I left off I can manually resume there, but I would like the machine to remember that for me.

Naturally if I remove the CD and then re-insert it, it should start at the beginning, but since the machine can hold 6 CD's, it should allow switching among them without losing its place.

I would think this would be just a fairly simple firmware enhancement. I hereby authorize Lexus to implement this idea without paying me any royalties.


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    MB has them, BMW has them, Audi has them, Cadillac has them. Seemingly, only the Japanese avoid them on their luxury cars - why? This is not the same as some sporty car where body rigidity may be an issue (although BMW offers them on their 3 and 5 series cars and no one complains about their handling). These are much better than a "pass through" for skis and plenty of people love them. Seems that this would be a worthwhile option.
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    Now that we have push button starting, and remote door locking, let's combine the two and allow remote engine starting. The benefit would be to let the air conditioner (or heater) precondition the car before getting into it.

    Presumably there would need to be some safety precautions. Perhaps it should only work from a rather limited distance, and only with a line-of-sight connection. And maybe only if the car is locked and without occupants. Or something else.

    But the basic idea would be that in very hot or very cold weather, the initial comfort level when entering the car would be much improved.
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    MB has them, BMW has them, Audi has them, Cadillac has them. Seemingly, only the Japanese avoid them on their luxury cars - why?

    Do their back seats recline?
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    Remote start is available by Lexus Japan...
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Remote start is available by Lexus Japan...

    Huh? As an Add On? Or what?
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    a simple override in the menu to allow the passenger to enter/search a destination would be nice. The previous Lexus years 2006 and earlier had an unpublished override-but the 2007 does not.
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    The previous Lexus years 2006 and earlier had an unpublished override-but the 2007 does not.

    Great - the lawyers strike again!!
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    It is an accessory that is available to Lexus Japan owners...

    (bottom left item)

    There is an effort to import them into the US, but so far still waiting (on ClubLexus):
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    It is an accessory that is available to Lexus Japan owners...

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    The CD player should be able to remember where you left off FOR EACH CD SEPARATELY.

    In my '03 LX, the CD player does remember the exact part of a song I was playing before I switched to something else. Everytime I switch back, it starts from the next lyric on the song I was playing earlier... Can your LS not do this already ?
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    oac, on my '04 LS430, with the Mark Levinson 6-CD changer, it remembers where it left off if I switch to a different source, i.e. AM, FM, or Tape, and then come back to Disc. But if I switch to a different CD and then come back to the one I had been playing before the switch, then it restarts at the beginning instead of continuing where we left off.

    On your LX do you have a multiple CD player? If so, what brand is it?
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    rennybosch - My home CD playesr can't do that. I don't think there is technology that does what you want it to, let alone in a car. Once you've switched CD's within the CD player source itself it's over - you've terminated the song you were playing. Switching to a different mode such as AM, FM or tape is different as you haven't terminated the song playing on the CD player.

    What you are seeking is a request for the electronics world, not Lexus, and I doubt it's worth the investment or if it's even possible. I didn't understand what you were requesting until your last post. I had thought the same as OAC - that you couldn't come back to the spot in your CD if you switched modes.

    DVR's work the same way as far as I know. Switch off a recorded show to a live one and your exit spot is preserved. But switch to another recorded show and it's probably lost. I'm not 100%v sure on this as I don't remember having tested this. I do have a multiple disc DVD player at home and it also only keeps track of one DVD's exit position, not multiple DVD exit positions. Again - I don't even know if what you want is possible.

    It's possible a DVR does what you want though or will do so in the future. I can see it happening there, and if that's the case then it's possible the new LS460L or future models of it and other cars will be able to do it off the hard disk.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    "What you are seeking is a request for the electronics world, not Lexus . . ."

    I guess you are right, ljflx. Thanks for your reply.

    As far as home DVR's are concerned, mine (a Motorola unit furnished by Adelphia, which recently became Time Warner) does remember position for each program separately. I had recorded "Ocean's 11" (the original with the Sinatra rat pack), along with several other programs. After starting to watch the movie for a while, I switched over to watch a stored Seinfeld episode, and then a stored news program, and the next day I went back to the movie and it resumed exactly where it left off. Of course the unit wasn't reading different CD's, it was just reading from different locations on the hard disk, but it did have to remember "current position" for each recorded program.

    That's what I would like to see in the Mark Levinson.
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    "As far as home DVR's are concerned, mine (a Motorola unit furnished by Adelphia, which recently became Time Warner) does remember position for each program separately"

    Mine does as well - just tested it. So if you can store your music in CD groupings than the hard disc should be able to do the same thing with music that the DVR does with video.

    You may have to buy that 2007 LS afterall !
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    The CD player should be able to remember where you left off FOR EACH CD SEPARATELY.

    Yes, mine already does that, and also when the phone rings, the CD stops and resumes right where it stopped after the call is through.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    "You may have to buy that 2007 LS afterall !"

    I'm planning on it. Around next May, when I can get about 10% off MSRP.
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    "I'm planning on it. Around next May, when I can get about 10% off MSRP."

    You're gonna need a lot of prayers to get 10% off this car in the this model year. Be hopeful they are discounting at all.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    NvBanker, you say your CD player remembers where you left off FOR EACH CD SEPARATELY. What model car and sound system do you have? Do you already have an LS460?
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    LS430 - not for Each CD Separately - just for the one you are currently listening to.
  • ljflxljflx Member Posts: 4,690
    rennybosch - no one has the CD technology you are seeking. But as we said it should be there on a hard disc if you have your library set up right.
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    Wouldn't it be nice if the logic in the Nav system that compares a name that you enter with its stored database would ignore all characters other than letters or numbers? For example, I entered Honeybaked Hams, and it found two hits, but in different cities from where I was looking. On a hunch I tried Honey Baked Hams, and sure enough it found the one I was looking for. If it had ignored the space character, it would have considered that entry a match for my input, even though I didn't enter it right.

    I don't see any downside to this, and it surely can't be very expensive to make the program change (except for the Quality Control costs). So, Mark Levinson, or whoever does the Nav program, please consider this in the next generation.
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    Navigation systems have a LOOOOOONG way to go to be more user-friendly. Trying to input addresses and even POI's on my '05 LS430 Nav is almost always an adventure.

    Example, the other day on the way to a Miami Heat game I entered "American Airlines Arena" -- Nothing. I input "American" and then hit "List" -- BINGO!!

    Luckily we can bypass the "no input while driving" feature so my wife can play with the name/address while on the way to the location.
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    gteach, if you can still get around the "no input while driving" thing, don't get the nav system update CD; the latest version has that feature disabled.
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    So, Mark Levinson, or whoever does the Nav program, please consider this in the next generation.

    Denso, I think.....
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    Some cars have sunshades that have two parts, one to shield the front and the other part to shield the (left) side. My 1996 Cadillac had that. There are times when that is very desirable, namely when driving on a curving road such that the sun is sometimes in front of you and sometimes on the left. I would like to see Lexus add that to the LS. It shouldn't increase the cost of the car by very much. I'd rather have that than the trunk mat.
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    I can't believe that on a $61,000 car, I have to buy a $3,600 option package to get rear side airbags to protect my grandkids.
  • knowspinzoneknowspinzone Member Posts: 91
    Well, $61,000 is the operative word. You are not buying an economy model here.
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    So, my LS430 went in today for a steering wheel repair, and I received an new 07 ES350 for a loaner. Sad to report that I hate the car. Would buy a Camry over this hands down. The ride is downright harsh, not luxurious, it's noisy, power is so so, amenities are lacking, interior is very plasticky, reminds me of a GM Pontiac interior a lot. Even the leather is sub-standard IMO. I would buy a Camry or Avalon hands down over this car for driving comfort or ride. Why do luxury cars have to be so darn harsh now? This car would get an F from me for NVH. It's not a worthy Lexus IMO.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Member Posts: 316
    That's the point. I would expect to pay extra on a $21,000 car, but not on a $61,000 car.
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    If you accidentally leave a door ajar, or even the trunk lid not quite closed, the headlights will remain on until the battery is dead. Here is my suggested improvement: Install some logic in the electronic vehicle control system that turns the headlights off when the battery voltage falls below a safe level. Also turn off any other battery drains. If you (Lexus) can think of any situations in which this would be undesirable, then provide a mechanism for overriding this feature, but let the default be to protect the battery.

    Does any car provide this feature?
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239

    Does any car provide this feature?

    Ford has had that for years. After 10 minutes, if there is an abnormal drain on the battery, inside light left on, for instance, the Body Control Module cuts power to all auxiliary functions (leaving power to clocks, alarm, etc.) until the car is unlocked - when all power is restored. Not an original idea, but a good one, and I too wonder why my Explorer has this - but my Lexus doesn't :confuse:
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    I have had after market remote start on my LS430 '05, since i purchase it. I can start the car from several floors above. But sine having this feature, simply haven't used it much. The annoying part with remote start is you dont have to insert the key and sometimes in valet parking you forget to give the key to valet. Also the Lexus remote entry key has to be reprogrammed via third part/dealership and you have to use an addtional remote to open and shut the doors. So essentially the first press on unlock, unlocks the drivers side, the second press unlocks the rest of the car and the third press starts the engine. I so like my '05 that am in no rush to get the 460. The 460 did not seem to have as comfortable a ride as LS430, aslo visually seems smaller


  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    Sam, that's fascinating. I had no idea there was an after market remote start available. My LS430 is an 04 but that is probably similar enough to the 05 so that the same feature should work for me. What is the name of the company that does this? Also, is there any problem with Lexus such as voiding a warranty or the like?

    Thanks for the info.

  • roddmod11roddmod11 Member Posts: 55
    If you have a 460 it does,read your manual.
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Member Posts: 122
    Where in the Manual--I just tried to look it up (I Have an LS460)
  • roddmod11roddmod11 Member Posts: 55
    Pg 407 I have a more detailed pdf but Edmunds wont upload it, it refers to shutting systems down as the battery gets close to 10 volts so the car will still start.

     The electric power control system is provided to supply power constantly to the vehicle equipped with
    many electronic systems.
     The electric power control ECU always monitors the battery condition. In accordance with the battery
    condition, the electric power control ECU implements various control measures on systems that operate
    while the vehicle is parked or systems that require a large amount of power in a short period of time.
     System Image 
    Charging Control
    Outputs the charging control request to the ECM in accordance with
    the battery status.
    Load Control
    Limits the operation of the ECU in order to suppress discharge of the
    battery and voltage drop.
    Control While Parked
    Cuts parasitic current of switches in order to prevent the battery from
    being degraded while the vehicle is parked for a long period of time.

    2. Charging Control
    This control lowers the generated voltage when the vehicle is idling or is being driven at a constant speed,
    and raises the generated voltage when the vehicle is decelerating. This reduces the load on the engine as
    a result of the electric generation of the generator, thus contributing to the fuel economy of the engine.
    During acceleration, this system regulates the generated voltage in order to place the amperage estimation
    value close to the target value.
     This system consists primarily of ECM, generator, electric power control ECU, battery current sensor,
    and battery temperature sensor.
     The electric power control ECU detects the state of charge and discharge of the battery based on battery
    voltage and the signals from the battery current sensor and battery temperature sensor. Then, it calculates
    the accumulated amperage and sends a charging control request signal to the ECM.
     Based on the charging control request signal from the electric power control ECU, the signals from
    various sensors and switches, and the charging state signal from the generator, ECM outputs signals to
    the generator (IC regulator). Thus, the ECM controls the generated voltage to be optimal for the driving
     Under the following conditions, the electric power control ECU sends a request signal to the ECM so
    that the ECM stops charging control and switches the generator to normal power generation mode.
    - Various electrical loads are input.
    - Failures of various sensors and switches are detected.

    This is no German or American junk.
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    If you can convert the pdf to a jpeg, you can upload it to your CarSpace page.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    It would be nice to have an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) display on the navigation screen. It's obviously very easy to calculate, since the nav computer already knows (and displays) time-to-arrival, and it knows current time (or it can get it from the rest of the car data base). The only challenge is to find room in the display for another 6-character entry (eg. 12:34p) plus a label for it, without robbing the display of valuable navigation data.

    Of course having the time-to-arrival, we can ourselves add that to the current time, but on a car like this, should we have to do mental arithmetic? Also, observing the ETA over a longer period and noting whether it is staying approximately constant or advancing or retarding, would give us a little extra information.
  • ljflxljflx Member Posts: 4,690
    I doubt you'll ever see this on a car. Imagine having this feature and you live on one side of a timeline change and work on another side or DST is recognized in one area and not in another. Too much complexity and too little consumer demand.
  • sgjohnsgjohn Member Posts: 1
    The NAV system will display ETA. Look at page 51 in the NAV Systems Owners Manual. The only problem with this is it is based on inputs your put into the system.
  • chicagoedchicagoed Member Posts: 69
    I'll tell you what needs improvement: Why should the flagship of the Lexus family, the LS, NOT have passenger seat memory as is available in the ES and GS ????

    And why did they give the LS rear seat memory and not the passenger seat????
  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    They heard us! In the 08 manual it is on page 71 - has the manual grown that much (about 40%) in one year? Wow!

    sgjohn, it is based on inputs that you put into the system to tell it how fast you normally drive, on three kinds of roads, just like the Time-to-Go does. To me that's a good thing, not a problem.

    And Len, they even took care of your concern in Post 41. It displays Estimated Time of Arrival along with the Time Zone indication. For instance, it told me "ETA 12:35 PM PT" (I'm in Pacific Time zone). I am guessing it will display "PD" when we switch to Daylight Saving Time. I'll let you know in April :-)

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    The center portion of the steering wheel should remain stationary when the outer portion is turned, so that all the controls mounted on the center portion preserve their position, just like the turn signal lever and the headlight control lever stay in the same position. Of course this presents a nice engineering design challenge, but it's not impossible.

    Aside from its advantage in keeping all the controls in their standard positions, it would also add a novelty/cuteness factor to the Lexus. If they patent the deign, they'd be able to license it to all the other manufacturers, who would undoubtedly want to have the same thing. (I hope Daimler-Benz doesn't read this site.)
  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    I finally remembered to check if the ETA display indicates Daylight Saving Time. It does not. It still says "ETA 2:15 PM PT", even though I have enabled "Summer Time".
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    In May 2008 I purchased my LS46. While sitting in the driveway, I exhausted the battery in 20 minutes, experimenting with the NAV system. Dealer installed a new battery. Car is parked sometimes for a couple of weeks and barely fires the engine. Now I read in the manual on page 661 "Turn off unnecessary electrical components when the vehicle is running at slow speed for an extended period of time, such as in heavy traffic." During my fifty years of driving many diverse models of cars, I was never cautioned to reduce the electric load on the alternator. What goes on here? The dealer technician re-checked the charging system this week and suggested to place the car on a trickle charger while parked. Sure looks like a design issue.
  • mitchellrowemitchellrowe Member Posts: 92
    Hello Renny , Hello All : i am the owner of a white with tan genesis 3.8
    with both packages which include the cd/dvd/nav-traffic ...etc .
    yes i am happy . no i tried 3 LS 460's . one 2007 , and two 2008's .
    they were combo platters of camry's and avalon's with a sprinkling of fairy dust .
    mitchell rowe
    happy thanksgiving
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    It is simply a matter of supply and demand. This car has so many electrical drains on the system, that without the alternator turning fairly quickly for a some time, it's possible to get into a discharge situation. For this reason, most car companies are proposing a switch to a 42 volt system soon that will accomodate all of the electrical components on luxury cars now. Won't be long and 12 volts just won't do it anymore. There is nothing else wrong with the design of this car. It's just getting too sophisticated for 12 volts to carry. IF this were to happen to a car, it would be this car that would break through the 12 volt barrier.
  • roddmod11roddmod11 Member Posts: 55
    Sorry but I have a LS 460 and spent much time with the Genesis and I have found no Fariy Dust just the best made Automobile I have ever owned. Genesis not so much...
  • surferronsurferron Member Posts: 6
    This is my 3rd Lexus; 2008 LS460. I am disappointed with the quality of the plastic/ vinyl used on the seat belt posts, doors and dashboard. It is very soft and scratches easily. Drivers door where I rest my arm is already worn.

    The paint doesn't seem to be holding up well either. Great driving, lots of miles to the gal. easy to work everything; just cheap paint and plastic which makes the car look older than it is.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Having recently driven the Genesis, I would agree, it is an exceptional Hyundai, a very good car, but it's no Lexus, not by a long shot. I do not expect it to eat into Lexus sales at all. It can take a bite out of GM, Ford, even Toyota, but not Lexus, BMW or Mercedes. It's just not there. BUT, I will say, the power is amazing.
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