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1991 C1500 5.7l stalling out at idle 700r4

pitbull57pitbull57 Member Posts: 2
edited May 2020 in Chevrolet
Had a leak in the trans gasket, replaced gasket, added new fluid, fluid level good. Drove it to bleed air out..shifted fine after running through all gears(was hard shift at first but smoothed out), then gave it the beans..took off fine then started bucking. I pulled over and shut it off. Restarted fine, now it stalls out at stops and slow down. Starts fine, revs good, but stalls about 10 seconds at start up idle. Never had this problem before. Cleaned tbi with correct cleaner, air filter clean, still same problem. Any help fixing my daily driver would be greatly appreciated. Previous owner replace engine in 2013. I`ve seen guys say tps, iac, etc. I don`t have the cash to load the parts cannon and fire it at this truck. Covid 19 shut my work down. Ran just fine before the trans leak. Started after i punched the gas for passing gear shift. Trans shifts fine, detent cable good. Help


  • pitbull57pitbull57 Member Posts: 2
    Money light is not on, forgot to mention that.
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