BMW X3 and X5 Meet the Members!

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Let's have our "member" chat here. I only ask that if you raise issues you think will have general interest then please post or repost your message and responses in the appropriate specialized topic.

Thanks and enjoy!

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  • mickstlmickstl Member Posts: 1
    I am having problems with my AM audio reception on my BMW X3 since I bought it in Jan 07. All our sports stations in St Louis are in AM frequency and for some reason I cannot hear them in downtown St Louis. I have driven a Honda, Lexus and Chrysler Pacifica downtown without experiencing the problem. According to BMW owners from all St Louis area dealerships are experiencing this problem. So far no word from BMW as to what can be done to solve this problem. My X3 has navigation system. Is anyone aware of any potential solution to this problem? Thanks. mickstl
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    I've had over 30 cars since living in Minnesota. All have had decent AM reception. the X-5 is terrible. I leave one small town and I loose the AM station within 5 miles, then try to find another sports station carrying a game is a problem until I'm again right in town. My main complaint is the dealer who denies there is a problem after multiple 320 mile trips to complain. I drive a lot and would love to find a fix. I'd be happy to stick an antenna on the fender if this would help or install another radio in the glove box. but I shouldn't have too. I know I'll never buy another BMW. My next ride will be a Mercedes or Lexus. Does anybody know if there is a fix or has BMW finally acknowledged they have a problem. I would think they would be tired of people like me complaining and broadcasting their disatisfaction.
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