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Ford Expedition Meet the Members!

tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
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Let's have our "member" chat here. I only ask that if you raise issues you think will have general interest then please post or repost your message and responses in the appropriate specialized topic.

Thanks and enjoy!

tidester, host


  • lorencehlorenceh Member Posts: 9
    My parents own an 03 Expy xlt w/over 60,000 miles on it and it still runs like new!!!!!!!! :shades:
  • rockyjimrockyjim Member Posts: 1
    I have the new speaker but need to know how to install it. The speaker was $16, Ford wanted $225 to install.Thanks
  • eaglewerkseaglewerks Member Posts: 5
    I now own a "new" model year 2000 (built last day of July 2000, first sold 12/2000) Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with 170,000 miles. One owner, a noted surgeon, all options, smells and appears new inside and out. The good doctor had it serviced, oil and filters and safety checked, at the selling dealer every 90 days. He also was picky and at each service noted anything he wanted changed or replaced, like window switches or armrest switch plates which were looking worn, etc. The engine and transmission have never failed in this particular car. It looks, smells, runs and drives like a new showroom car. I purchased from the original selling dealer. I paid a premium over the indicated KBB/Blue Book value. Serial Number 1FMPU18L3YLC4XXXX . I am now a very happy camper!

    I am familiar with the associated problems the model can have, and those that failed on this truck were replaced at the time of failure, or on a pre-failure basis by the previous owner/service facility.
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