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Oil leakage under my RX350 .

kutrakutra Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in Lexus
I took my RX 350 for a 6mo/5000miles service last week. Since then I am noticing some oil leakage under my RX350 when it is parked. I touched the puddle of liquid and it definitely is an oily liquid; definitely not the condensed water from the air conditioning unit. I have driven about 50 miles since my service but the "engine oil less" light or any other indicator hasn't come on as yet. Any idea what this oil could be and where it's from? What should my next steps be?



  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    What color was it? Was it clear (new motor oil)? You didn't mention if it's old (dirty) oil that should have been cleaned off, but instead is just dripped off after the old oil filter was removed.

    When the old oil filter is removed, some old oil drips down and makes a mess. The mechanic usually superficially wipes some of it up, but some can get away and drip; I always clean around the oil filter, oil pan, and undercarriage thoroughly afterwards even if I take it to the dealer for service (yeah, I don't like the oily dirt building up). If you do this, be careful of the hot exhaust (let things cool first), and don't spray the alternator with degreaser or water from the hose at all. Easy does it, doesn't take much effort, but wipe the bottom with a degreaser towel before you rinse.

    This may sound obvious... However, if your nearly new RX350 is leaving even the smallest puddle of new clean motor oil, have the whoever serviced it directly take care of it. There is no reason for this vehicle to leak oil, or for it to have been overfilled (potentially damaging) and/or spilled and attracting dirt all over the engine and transaxle components. Or, if it's leaking after a service, check the oil; don't run it if it's low!!
  • kutrakutra Posts: 8
    Thanks, la4mead. I took the RX350 to the dealer who serviced it. The service agent said that it was engine oil...the technician did not tighten the drain plug correctly and hence the oil leaked. They have fixed it now. And they will also be giving me a complimentary 10,000 miles service since I had to return because of their fault.

    I did ask them if there was any engine damage because of the low oil level. They said there was none. Not sure whether to believe them or what I can do about this. Any ideas?

  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    Can you believe them or what can you do?... I would ask for clear documentation of the event for future reference, since this car is an important new investment for you. I would also keep a log of any other mishaps. If I did take them up on the "complimentary" 10,000 mile service (I'm usually big on a second chance), it would likely be the last time I went back to that dealership, unless I had to, if I felt uneasy again.

    I had my share of being treated very politely at the front-end at a certain Lexus dealer, but behind the scenes that shop not knowing a drain plug from a wrench themselves, each of the many times I had to go back there, despite my repeated attempts to allow them to get the situation corrected. All they did was see each as an opportunity to soak Lexus corporate for warrantee bills each time, all the while never actually fixing the concerns, but with polite smiles, and cookies in the lobby.

    Who knows what your oil change tech really did, or just "forgot" to tighten the drain plug (the very most basic thing they must complete before moving on to the next step in an oil change)? Or what else that same technician forgot or was lazy about doing?

    I guess all I'm saying is, as any dealerships or mechanic facilities go, Lexus can be trustworthy, but some not as much as others, and I would keep my eye on any of them, this one especially. I would document this event, and have the Service Manager document it as well, just in case something does come up (example: the odd chance the drain plug is cross-threaded and needs to be re-tapped, but please don't worry that that's happened; very unlikely).
  • kutrakutra Posts: 8
    Thanks once again for your detailed reply. I will definitely heed your advice.

    The description from my 5000m service states "Change Oil and Filter. Top off fluid levels...."

    The description from the recent oil-leakage visit (1 week after 5000m visit) states: "Customer states that since oil change - leakage fluid. Drain Plug loose - Tightened plug, Toped off oil and Cleaned Residue Off."

    Is that good enough?

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