Mercedes-Benz CLK 430 or 500 vs. Lexus SC 430

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i can't decide between the two...(clk 430 or 500 or Lexus sc 430.

My main concern with the sc 430 is that soon they will be discontinued or redesigned and renamed.

My friends drive and love MB's. Tonite I was reading the net and found many alarming post about clk's.

I have owned many great cars....a c4 and (3) c5 corvettes, and a porsche boxster S...but I crave an user friendly automobile.

that is what is so appealing to me about the clk...a car that my
best friend and our handbags can ride in together.

the sc is fab too...but a useless back seat..but could store
handbags and lite shopping with no problem.

both cars are CPO's

any advise?


  • billmvbillmv Member Posts: 148
    CLK is much better looking, IMO.
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    Go with the on you want if you feel comfortable with them being CPO vehicles.

    I just got a 2003 CLK430 Cabriolet almost 2 months ago and I love it! The Lexus is plusher cruiser for sure, but the Benz is better looking, handling and the rear seat is actually useable. A few shots of my car:





    Or you could go with a late model CLK500, more power and room than the CLK430, but not as good looking IMO. The interior of the CLK500 is somewhat plusher than the CLK430's also.

  • louisvlouisv Member Posts: 4
    your photos are awesome...and the background (the colorful trees) are TA-DA!

    this has been the hardest decision i have ever made on a car...did you buy through
    a MB dealership?

    it is lovely!!!
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081

    I bought mine through a high-end luxury car dealer that sells everthing from Bentleys and Aston-Martins to mere BMWs and Mercedes.

  • georget3georget3 Member Posts: 53
    Congratulations on your beautiful CLK430! Are you or any other CLK owner here a golfer? My question is if the CLK trunk space can accommodate a golf bag? (10"bag? 12"bag?)

    In addition, can the back seat take another golf bag plus some simple luggages for two for a few days' golf trip?

    Thanks in advance,

  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081

    I have the feeling I'm just a tad bit younger than the average CLK golf for me.

  • sirdarby1sirdarby1 Member Posts: 36
    I know the Lexus brand well; very reliable - my other car is a 97 LS400, but my wife finds it stodgy. We are debating a 2003 clk430 with 24K miles or a BMW 330ic or Lexus SC430.

    I have been burned with Mercedes maintenance. BMW maint. not cheap either -- I just sold my 98 328ic that fortunately had a 100k ext. warr.

    How's the maint. on the CLK? will it stay in the shop. Otherwise I'll go with BMW or Lex.
  • paulandbusterpaulandbuster Member Posts: 1
    I own a clk500 with 29,000 mi, my friend has one of the first clk,s to ship to canada, he had to replace the "brain for his climate control,about 1400 dollars us, not bad for 120,000 miles. mine has never had an issue.
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