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Hyundai Elantra Problems 2007+



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Has it been rainy or humid the past 3 days? I've noticed before with my Elantra that in damp weather, it can squeak a bit backing out of the garage, but once the surface moisture is dissipated there's no more squeak--much as you reported. How many miles are on your car?
  • I work for a company who has purchased 2- 2007 elantras..... one of which the driver has never hit anything and has never been in an accident. The other day her car started "shaking" she took it to the dealer, they found nothing wrong. Then while getting her oil changed they noticed a nail in her tire, they pulled the tire and all seemed well the shaking had subsided. Yesterday, while I was driving her car started shaking... bad. I took it to a local shop, afraid to drive it. The shop told us that both camber was way off spec. She had 2 tires the L/F and the L/R were "way out" They also preceeded to fix the front and then said that the rear has non-adjustable shocks and would cost a few thousand dollars. I am trying to find out how the dealer never noticed this before in any service. I also had to replace 2 tires and was told I have to have them rotated every 7,000miles and they will still continue to wear until I have the rear fixed. Do we have the same problem??
  • My 2006 Elantra Limited, ~24K miles, started pulling to the right immediately after an alignment. I spoke to the manager and he told me that the alignment was a pain because of the wheel covers. They have to remove the covers, because the alignment machine will not attach to the wheel, to align and then place covers on the wheels before giving back to owner. For the hell of it I rotated the tires myself the following day, it was due and I didn't want to pay to have it done by these clowns. After rotating the tires according to four tire rotation, the pull was eliminated. After using up the factory tires, I had two new Goodyear eagles put on and here comes the damn pull to the right again. After driving the car a few weeks, I was working 60 hour weeks, I finally rotated the tires to see if it would fix again and it fixed it again. This time I did not place the wheel covers on. Tomorrow I am going to place the front two covers on and test drive again.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    If alignment specs is way off, ask the local shop (that diagnosed the problem) for a printout of the alignment. Bring that printout to Hyundai and have them align the car or bring the work order/receipt from the diagnosing shop and bring it to Hyundai. I believe it is still under warranty unless it indicates a previous accident which was not disclosed by the seller of the vehicle. If it is really way out then there is some bent parts somewhere since as far as I know my 2008 Elantra shop manual (same as 2007) indicates there is no Camber adjustment for the front & rear suspension on this vehicle.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    I believe you took your vehicle to an incompetent shop. 2006 Elantras has only front and rear toe adjustments. No caster & camber adjustment which is used to correct a pull. Normally misaligned toe adjustment will not cause a pull to one side. This means that they did not return the tires to their original places. If your wheels did not hit something really bad, Most of the time its a tire problem. Why did you take it in for alignment anyway?
  • After 3 months of owning a 2008 Elantra with automatic transmission, I began to notice a strange metallic clicking sound only when initially accelerating after car was put into drive. Subsequent accelerations from a stop were normal. this would sometimes happen when car was put into reverse under same circumstances. I went to dealer and technician road tested car and told me the axle on driver's side had too much "play" in it and would have to be replaced. New axle was ordered and installed under warantee. After 3 days of normal operation, car is doing the same thing. Recalled dealer and was told this is not a safety issue but that Hyundai does have service bulletin on this issue. Has anyone else had same problem with 2007 or 2008 elantra? Should I just ignore it or make a bigger issue out of it? Thanks for any advice
  • I was seeing uneven wear on the tires.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    Which tires is wearing out and which side of the tire is wearing out (i.e inner, center or outer part of the tires)?
  • The front out part was wearing.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    This kind of problem may be normal from too fast turns/cornering otherwise, there is too much toe-in on your front tires (front part of tires pointed inwards above specs). This (toe) will not cause a pull if out of specs but the tires can cause the pull from uneven wear.
  • Okay, here's the situation, As we drove to the store and found parking, I wne to shift the car from Drive to Park, and found that the shift control would not go to Park. I steped on the brake as I always do, and it still would go to Park, It took A lot of force to force the car into park. Finally parked and car off, I restarted the car and tried to reverse, So as I always, turn the car on with foot onthe brake and proceeded to move the shift from Park to Reverse, it was locked up, the shift lever would not go to Reverse. It tool both hands to move the lever to reverse and then to drive. Car runs fine, brakes work, but this evening, when I step on the brakes, the brakes lights in the back do not come on. There is brake fluid inthe car, and it was just in for its 18,000 mile service a month ago. Just hit 19,000, any suggestion would be helpful. I will take to dealership Monday morning. This should all be under the 100,000 miles coverage right?
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    I am guessing you may have three problems now from originally two problems. 1st problem could be a leaking brake master cylinder. Dangerous if you loose all the brake fluid in the car. Check the brake fluid reservoir. Add brake fluid if it is low.
    2nd problem could be the brake light switch. The brake switch also locks/unlocks the shifter lever solenoid. You will not be able to move the shifter out of park if the switch is bad. It's just like not stepping on the brake pedals. 3rd problem could be damaged shift lock mechanism. Forcing the shifter when it is locked will break things in the shifter mechanism. There is an emergency release just in front of the shifter lever. Pop the cover with a small screw driver. Inside the hole, push the lever with the screw driver. While pushing on the lever, move the shifter out of park. Good luck.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    All of these problems should be covered under the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty. Fortunately, you recently took the car in for service so there should be no question about service history.
  • Has anyone else had any problem with the check engine light on a 2007 Elantra? I bought mine in June 2007. In late September or early October 2007 the check engine light came on for no apparent reason. The car was running and driving fine. I called the dealer and of course they told me to make sure the gas cap was tight. I hadn't filled up for about 3 days and I always turn it until it clicks several times, but I did check it anyway and of course it was not loose. I took the car in and they said they found nothing wrong, but the code relates to a loose gas cap about 90% of the time, so my gas cap "must have been loose at some point" even though it wasn't when the car came in. I told them I didn't believe them and I would not be happy if I had to come back. Sure enough, two days later the light came on again and I had not touched the gas cap. I called the dealer and told them and of course I had to bring it in again. I was not able to take time off from work for a few weeks, so it was November before I took it in again. When I picked it up, they gave me the same story about the gas cap. When I said the last person to touch the gas cap before the light had come on was whoever worked on it the first time in their shop, the guy at the counter shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know what to tell you, but the code indicates a loose gas cap." GRRR! I contacted Hyundai and a few days later I got a call from the dealer's service manager, who told me to call him if the light came on again and he had a list of things that Hyundai had told him to check. Of course it did come on again but it was a few weeks before I could take another day off to get it to the dealer. That time they kept it all week and provided me with a rental car. When they called me to come get it, they said they were still unable to find a problem even though the mechanic had been driving it to and from work and had put 100 miles on it (1 1/2 days of driving to work and back for me). I picked the car up in early February (they even tried to charge me for the gas the mechanic used, but I refused to pay it, especially since I had already lost three days from work) and was able to drive it until September with no problems. I thought they had fixed a problem but weren't willing to admit it or else had inadvertently fixed something. In September the light came on again and I took the car back to the dealer. This time they said they got two codes and they needed to order a canister close valve for it. That was put in on October 13th. On October 25th, the check engine light came on again. I am so mad I have not even called the dealer yet. I did call Hyundai, but I felt they weren't too concerned. They simply told me to take it to the dealer again and if they didn't fix it to call them back.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    IMHO, I would ask for a replacement vehicle if they could not fix the problem. I am no lawyer but this is clearly a lemon car since problems started only 4 months after you purchase the vehicle and until now this problem is not fixed. You must contact Hyundai customer service directly not the dealer. Ask Hyundai to keep the car until it is fixed and give you a free loaner car. Vehicle companies start moving really fast when you invoke the lemon law. Good luck.
  • I have the same issue.. Noticed this since day 1. Car pulls to the left... the outer side of both front tires wear out really fast..
    Dealer kept telling me that everything was withing specifications... after 10k miles they told me that it was because I did not rotate the tires at 6k miles (BS).
    then they told me that i neeeded an aligment.
    well I went and got an aligment .. paid for out of pocket.. it did help.. with the wearing out... it's been about 12k miles since aligment.. tires are not wearing out as much..... BUT THE CAR STILL PULLS TO THE LEFT. MAYBE IF I GET NEW TIRES AND RE-ALIGN...SHOULD SOLVE PROBLEM.

  • I have contacted Hyundai customer service directly-twice. The first time I felt they were somewhat helpful since the dealer actually did keep the car for several days and when I got it back I was able to drive it for 7 months with no problems. When I called them the last time the light came on, I did not feel they were helpful at all. They simply told me to take it back to the dealer again and if they weren't able to fix it to call back. Well, after 4 tries already I think they have proven they can't fix it. I did tell the Hyundai customer service guy that I would have to look into our state's lemon laws. He didn't seem to care. Unfortunately I don't think this falls under the lemon law where I live because I can still drive the car the way it is. I have not talked to a lawyer, but that is the way I understood it when I researched the lemon law a little online.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    I work for a Japanese car dealership here in California as an Auto Tech. When a vehicle is not fixed for the 3rd time, the Service Manager gets involved and the car manufacturer techline/hotline gets involved because of the lemon law. The service manager, reminds the tech about the lemon law then the work order is marked with a note to see him and discuss with him how the problem was fixed. The vehicle is then extensively road tested and checked to see if the vehicle was effectively fixed. I other words, the vehicle is made sure that the problem gets fixed the 4th time. You might need to check your states lemon law. Usually the customer or your lawyer will need to write a letter to the dealership putting them on notice about the lemon law in your state.
  • Has anyone else experienced a problem with the faceplate of the dashboard stereo peeling? It happened once already and I had it replaced and now it is peeling again. I was just wondering if this is only happening to me because the service manager told me I was the only one around by me. Thanks :(
  • nodulenodule Posts: 118
    Yes, my stereo faceplate is peeling by the volume knob on my 2007 Elantra SE!
    Im planning on seeing the dealer soon. I only have 20,000 miles. Did you dealer
    replace it under warranty??

  • I have about 28,000 miles on my car and this has happened 2x already. It was replaced and covered under warranty both times. Best of luck!
  • same isse.. faceplate is peeling by the volume control.. I still have to take it to the dealer..
  • I own a 2007 Elantra with 20k miles. I was recently driving down a highway when the car just died mid drive. I was able to come to a stop and restart the car. Since that happened, my break lights don't work. I brought it in to the dealership today and they said the fuel pump needed to be replaced because of a "short somewhere". Has anyone experienced any of these problems?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    There is a recall action on the fuel pump, although I thought it was just for some 2008 Elantras. Or it could be a different problem that happened to involve the fuel pump. The fact the brake lights went out means it could have been a more general electrical problem that also affected the fuel pump.
  • aa3815aa3815 Posts: 1
    Same problem.. I was told that some filling stations have change nozzles and is causing this!!! I always go to one filling station on the way home and didn't think about trying other stations. Since I heard this as of 5/25/2009 I tried three other stations this same day and the third station seemed it was working but then the gas tank was almost full and stopped.

    I also have read that it could be the charcoal canister, vent line. I had taken mine off to check it when I learned about the nozzles and decide not to spend the 200 plus dollars replacing the EVAP canister, air filter for the canister and the 2 way valve.

    I have worked the nozzle in all the way, held it partially out, turn it sideways and upside down without any difference
    Lets see what develops? Check the venting?
  • lrshilatzlrshilatz Posts: 1
    my 5speed has been giving me a hard time when shifting into 3rd... well it doesn't do it as oftenas it used to but today it almost got me into an accident.... and last time i told the dealership they said "it was the driver, not the car"... idk what to do.... they test drove it but it didnt do it and one of these days it's going to get me into an accident...... 1st and 5th are fine but when i go to shift it into 3rd it feels like it doesn't want to go and i have to jam it in there.... :sick: :cry:
  • axpaxp Posts: 2
    We are experiencing a problem with the car starting. It is not electrical. It seems to happen mostly when the feul is low. Car also heistates when you punch the gas on the highway. We have brought it to our local Hyundai dealer and they can not test it because there is a special adapter that needs to be attached to the feul pressure test kit made especially for this car. The dealer has been trying for almost a month now to get this adapter and is having lots of problems getting it. Does anyone know about this adapter and where to get it?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Has the car had the fuel pump recall performed?
  • axpaxp Posts: 2
    No, the service manager never mentioned anything about that. I assume there is an official recall for it?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    My mistake, the recall action was for the 2008 Elantra: G2.0&transCode=AUTOMATIC&mileage=34%2C000&zip=55420&type=recall&serviceType=#2

    Still, would be good to have the dealer check it out. Could be the fuel pump or something else. Any other dealers in your area that might have this special tool?
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