Hyundai Elantra: Features/Changes I'd Like to See

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What would you like to see changed or added to the Elantra? What features would you like to see brought to North America from other countries where the Elantra is sold?


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    Based on close inspection of the 2007 Elantra and test-drive reports, here's what I'd like to see in the future, in no particular order:

    * Next-generation engines and transmissions. For example, use the 148 hp 1.8L engine as the base engine (with an expected increase in fuel economy), and the 2.4L engine (with 5-speed automatic) as a performance upgrade. Hyundai has them, why not use them?

    * A taller top gear on the MT, for more relaxed highway cruising.

    * Standard stability control with traction control. ESC will be mandated by the Feds soon, so why not get a jump on most of the competition? It's already available on the Elantra in other countries, and is standard on almost every other vehicle Hyundai offers in the U.S.

    * Add a Mute button on the steering wheel audio controls. Hyundai put a seek control there at least, but no mute button which is pretty common.

    * Replace the antenna on the left rear corner (which looks odd to me) with a short folding antenna on the back of the roof, ala the Accent.

    * Add storage pockets on the back doors, ala the Accent. The more storage options, the better.

    * Gas struts on the trunk lid, to provide more usable cargo space.

    * Real metal (brushed aluminum?) inside door handles.

    * A GT trim line with sport-tuned suspension, 17" wheels, blacked-out grille, and the aforementioned engine upgrade. (Offered in both sedan and hatchback.)

    What did I miss?
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    1. Navigation with bluetooth capability
    2. Automatic climate control
    3. Integrated antenna into body or window
    4. Hybrid powertrain
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    According to a review by Wards, Bluetooth is coming soon. According to my local dealer, nav is coming soon. Auto climate control is available in other countries so it's easy to add here anytime Hyundai wants. So you may get some of your wishes pretty soon.
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    I wouldn't believe your local dealer. I have asked 2 fleet managers in southern California (both who went to Hyundai NA headquarters for 07 Elantra training and briefing) and they both told me that Nav is not being considered on the Elantra at this time though they did indicate it will be introduced on 2008 models of Azera, Santa Fe, Sonata and Entourage. I think that when Veracruz is launched it may have Nav option also.
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    Good point; I take what sales reps tell me with a grain of salt, but that's what they told me about nav FWIW.

    I saw a nav/Bluetooth unit at Target this weekend for $599 (sale), made by the folks who supply NeverLost to Hertz. It looked like quite a nice little unit, tastefully styled in black and brushed metal (maybe faux metal). Decent screen size. I think it would look good in an Elantra--cost a lot less than a factory unit also.
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    I hope the fleet managers are wrong on this and navigation is introduced on the Elantra. This could be a deal breaker for me since I really want navigation on my next car. I have considered a thrid party unit such as TomTom, Magellan, etc. but I really like the integrated look than the stick on units.

    Isn't Bluetooth coming out on the 07 soon? This is a great feature to have, especially from a safety standpoint.
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    Wards said Bluetooth is coming, that's the only place I've heard of it. Maybe it will come with the nav system. ;)
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    Based on backy's comments, I'd amend the suggestions this way.

    Instead of making the mast antenna center mounted ala Accent, make it an element antenna so I don't need to worry about it at the car wash.

    I'm in favor of the gas struts option for the trunk, as long as the opening remains large. Mazda has the struts and a good size trunk, but you would not be able to get common trunk items through the opening. (my wife and I looked at one last weekend and would consider it if not for that small trunk opening).

    I'll concur with the other suggestions made by everyone, including nav system and bluetooth, GT pkg, and more powerful engine offering (with the GT pkg).
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    I think you may get something close to your wish. As someone else noted, the photos in the Elantra brochure show a very small, low, body-colored antenna just above the rear window. Other photos show XM radio in the cars. It's not an element antenna, but it should cause no problems in the car wash.
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