Hyundai Elantra: Service Experience

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Elantra owners, tell us about your service experiences! How good is the dealer service? Do you do-it-yourself or do you take your Elantra for service someplace other than a dealer?


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    I have a 05 Elantra automatic 57500 km. I am not very happy with the dealer, they offer a number of service packages; for example the service #1 (29.95 CDN)includes oil and filter change and also among other things "check fluid levels"; the first time I took the car for this service, a week later it run out of windshild washer fluid, I know I can refill that easily myself, but if I paid to have it checked at least they could have asked me if I wanted it replenished. So that makes me wonder if they actually checked everything else the same way. The second time for changing the winter tires and the oil I paid 142.79 and had to wait almost two hours, they didnt label the tires to know how to rotate then later. This is in Hyundai South London Ontario, I wonder if all the dealers are the same. Now the car is schedule to get service pack #4 (254.95 CDN), or so they say. This includes a number of "inspections" and getting the air cleaner filter and the engine coolant replaced , and rotate the tires, it seems to me a little expensive. The car has run perfectly so far, except that yesterday it showed the "check engine" light on one hour after I filled the tank with gas, it was on three starts after that and then went off, I opened and closed again the fuel cap, but today the check engine light went on again. I have read here that it could be the fuel cap or the tank top-off. But now I wonder if I really should take the car for the full service to the dealer. Any suggestions??
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    I had my fuel pump replaced last October, along with the engine in my 2000 Hyundai Elantra. My problem is since I had that replaced, I have had trouble pumping gas into it. It keeps stopping like the fuel tank is full, even though I know I am low on fuel. The thing is, that it only did it occasionally at first. I told the garage about this, and they tried to tell me it was just the gas pump that I was at and that happens from time to time. I personally never had this trouble until now. Finally by June of this year, it was doing this everytime I pumped gas into it... it just kept on rejecting the gasoline. I took it to the garage, and they said they cleaned out some tube or hose, but didn't tell me exactly what it was. About a month later, when I was low on fuel, and the car was running, the check engine light came on, and stayed on. My dad checked it out, and reset the battery, because he said they failed to do that at the garage. And a few miles later the engine light came back on, and it has stayed on since then. It has a funny smell, like almost a gasoline/exhaust smell when I run it. But I don't always smell this. I can only pump in like maybe $10.00 worth of gas in, and that's if I keep on pumping it in even though it pretty much rejects it. I noticed the other week when I was pumping gas, there was a high pitched squeal when I was putting it in. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what this is, and if I should take it to a dealership to get it looked at?
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    Thought I'd "vent" a bit and share my service experience at Intermountain Hyundai in SLC, UT. Took the car in to have the parking brake looked at. Problem was the brake would not engage and hold the car. I had checked the rear pads, adjusted the brake cable at the brake handle/rear of center console. I determined the problem was in the disc brake caliper. Something had seized up. Took it to the dealer. They told me the p-brake just needed adjusting and charged me $30. I was skeptical and rightly so. When I picked up the car the p-brake was so tight the car would struggle to move. I didn't even leave the service parking lot. Went back in and told the guy the p-brake is now adjusted way to tight. This happened three times within 45 minutes! Each time I had to go back in and tell them, "this is still not right". Finally after nearly two more hours, the service writer says, "Looks like the brake caliper is seized up". Duh! I'm miffed 'cuz they charged me 30 bucks for a bogus adjustment and tried to send me on my way THREE TIMES with a malfunctioning parking brake! Now, the caliper will be covered under warranty but I'm not quite done yet. I asked the service writer for a refund of the $30 bogus adjustment charge. He says, "How 'bout we pay for a rental car for a day until the warranty repair is done instead of give you a refund?" I'm thinking, fine. I had wasted enough time. Then I realized when I got home that what he had offered me with the rental was something I was already entitled to under the terms of the Hyundai Warranty Contract! I find it hard to believe that this service writer didn't already know that. I will be demanding a refund of the adjustment fee when I pick up the car today. OK. Done venting. Man, you really gotta stay on your toes with these guys. :mad:
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