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How I Helped Kill the F-body | Edmunds Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10,315
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imageHow I Helped Kill the F-body | Edmunds

OK, so maybe I'm giving myself too much credit for the death of GM's pony cars. I mean, the decision to kill the Camaro and Firebird after the 2002 model year has been rumored for years and was probably finalized long ago. But the fact remains that when it came time to spend my own money on a new performance vehicle, I didn't choose one of the General's max "bang for the buck" offerings, but instead purchased the vehicle for which the term "pony car" was originally coined.

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    Your article is nonsense.. and your knowledge is poor!!! You must be related or know someone who got you your job🤭🤭 Edmunds is pretty desperate if they keep you in this position sorry buy not?? As a car lover this has nothing to do with being a f-body fan/follower or even owning any, the education you have about describing a well American design ls1 built engine or should i say as you described push rod engine etc is pathetic 🤫🤫 i wasted enough of my time... you should consider writing about why you have that job cause you shouldn't

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