Hyundai Elantra Seat Adjustments

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What do you think about the seats on the Elantra? Are the dual-knob height adjusters on 2006 and earlier Elantras too hard to use or the best thing since sliced bread? How's the lumbar support? What do you think of the adjustability of the 2007 Elantra?


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    I used to have an 02 Elantra. The dual knob adjusters were nice, but they were overkill. After a few months of driving, the seat started to rock a little when getting in or out of the car (or if I moved around a certain way in my seat), and trying to tighten the knobs didn't do much good. Also, the seat in my Elantra would make an awful creaking noise during certain turns, and I am pretty sure it was related to the adjusters. I think Kia caught on this issue early when they came out with the new Spectra design. A simple seat design is fine if it's comfortable. Having too much of an ability to adjust the seat can make it even more difficult to find a good driving position because there are so many different combinations!

    As for the 07 Elantra, I had a chance to test drive one today, and the seat was perfectly fine with just the height adjuster. A power seat option would be a nice option, but it's probably not going to happen.
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    Having too much of an ability to adjust the seat can make it even more difficult to find a good driving position because there are so many different combinations!

    I'd rather have the choice of lots of different adjustments than no choice at all. I agree that a simple seat design is fine if it's comfortable. Problem is, I haven't found any non-power driver's seat that I can adjust for a "just-right" feel like I can with the Gen 3 Elantra's, with its two different height adjustments and lumbar support adjuster. (Several other Hyundai and Kia models had the same setup for height; the Accent and Rio still use it. A few other cars still have them too including the Forenza/Reno.)

    Does it take a little time to find that "just right" position? Yes, it takes a few seconds longer than pumping a handle. First I set the front knob to its highest setting. If I haven't done it before, it takes maybe five seconds. Then I turn the other knob until the thigh support (and elsewhere) is like I want it. That takes another five seconds or so. The difference for me is, once I have set the two knobs and lumbar support, the seat fits like a glove and I am ready for all day on the road. With the single height adjuster, as on the Spectra and the new Elantra, I can never get the perfect angle to the seat cushion so that I have enough thigh support. Fortunately, the new Elantra's height adjuster works better (for thigh support) than some others such as on the Sonata with the manual seat. I drove a new Sentra today, and I really longed for more thigh support. I expect my legs would get sore after a short time on the road. I drove a Spectra on a 3-1/2 hour road trip recently, and my lower back was sore after a couple of hours. That never happens with my Elantras.

    But no use complaining about it, because it appears the dual knobs are dead on the Elantra. But there's always the Accent... :)

    I didn't have the creaking issue with either my '01 Elantra (5-1/2 years of ownership) or my '04 Elantra. I do get a squeak on my '04 once and awhile, but I've localized it to the plastic seatbelt latch rubbing on the leather (or vinyl?) on the side of the seat.
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    since i bought my elantra in 05 every time they tighten the drivers seat they come loose again after a few weeks. it is wierd to me and never had this prob before. it is almost like a rocking chair. and now with 30 k on it i don't want to bring it in because i am afraid i will get charged for an adjustment fee lol. anyone have this prob with there elantra????
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    I haven't had that problem with two Elantras I've owned, but if the car is still under factory warranty (and it looks like it is), I'd take it in to get it looked at if I were you. If there is a problem with the seat mechanism, that would be covered under the bumper-to-bumper warranty.
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    I had the same problem and they ended up replacing the tracks because welds had broken on them. Imagine what would have happened in an accident! If you think your seat is too loose, TAKE IT IN; it should be addressed under warranty. If something came loose and merely needs to be tightened down, that is *not* an adjustment; it's a repair.
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    thanks for the advise guys great forum by the way
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