Hyundai Elantra 2007: Color Opinions?

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What's your favorite color for the 2007 Elantra? Do you think it looks better in dark or light colors?


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    I got a look at most of the colors offered for the Elantra today as my local dealer had about a dozen lined up in the lot. Not all coloers were there, e.g. silver and purple were absent (probably some Vikings fan snatched up the purple car), but of the colors there I liked Seattle Blue the best. It looked better than on the color chip in the online brochure--more silver-blue than on the chip. Red was too maroonish for my taste. Sand was too boring (a lighter shade than the champagne on earlier Elantras, it seemed to me). Gray and Regatta Blue were OK, but I prefer lighter colors. White was... well, just white.
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    I'm liking the Redfire and metallic black (can't remember the actual name). Redfire is not too bright, not too dark, it looks just right. And I'm not a big fan of black cars (too many swirl marks), but the metallic black looks nice.
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    I have been looking at these online for a while, and still cannot figure out why there is no green option. :confuse:

    I was at a local dealer on Saturday, and I saw the following colors: Silver, Red, Black, Gray, "Regatta Blue", Tan, White, "Purple Rain". I think the only color I have not seen yet is the "Seattle Blue". I was surprised most by the "Purple Rain". On the web, this color looks very purple, like the 97-99 Escort "Barney" car. However, in person it looked more like black cherry would be a better name for it. It actually looked pretty sharp with the beige leather. I thought I'd like the Regatta Blue more than I did. It was too sparkly for my taste (it looks like a metallic paint, which doesn't match the personality of the car, IMO).

    I really liked the "Carbon Gray" color the best, and will be on the lookout for a limited with black leather and MT in that color when I am ready to buy. Just my opinion, though.
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    I am a graphic designer, not that that makes my opinion any more valuable, but I was pretty picky in choosing a color for my car. Hope the Hyundai CA design team reads this.

    Many of the colors offered make the car look kind of dinky, toyish or boring.

    Black Pearl is nice, the color metallic flake give it a uniqueness. Makes the car look more upscale than it really is. Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann would approve.

    Regatta Blue, really nice color, same comments i gave for the black hold true here.

    Silver, a safe color, should look all right, but I saw a side view pic of a silver at an auto show, it looked kind of puny

    Carbon grey: I though I would love this, but in person it didn't look as good as the pewter grey on my neighbor's BMW and 06 Honda Accord. I've been looking at that grey for 2 years thinking, wow, that's looks nice, but the one on the Elantra doesn't cut it. I think it either needs to be slightly darker or more metallic.

    Seattle Blue: a decent color, but not wild about. Soothing.

    Sand: Booooring, but of course some people like boring.

    Red: looks good in publicity pix where all windows are tinted, but in person it isn't that exciting. Maybe try a straight red like a Mazda3. I like the retro red on the 08 Tib, but not sure it will fly on the Elantra

    Purple Rain, eww. I am a fan of the eggplant on the Scions and PTCruisers, classy in a funny car sort of way.

    White is OK. I like white. I almost bought a white Vibe. But white doesn't look as good on this car as some other cars I've seen. With the lack of chrome on windows, side molding or door handles to offer contrast, from the side it looks very plain.

    Future colors: I wonder how Suburu sage/khaki and Suburu blue or yellow or copper would look on this car.

    Speaking of colors, the light interior cloth seats with it fuzzy texture attracts dirt like a Swiffer cloth. It feels nice, but I can't touch it. They MUST do something about this.
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    Hm, I would have called the purple one more of an "aubergine". Black cherry would be GREAT, I hate tomato red.
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