Hyundai Elantra 2007: Compact or Mid-size?

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The 2007 Hyundai Elantra is rated by the EPA as a mid-sized sedan, based on interior volume. It actually has more interior room than some of the standards of the mid-sized class, e.g. the Accord EX and the Mazda6. So... is it a compact car or a mid-sized car? If you are looking for a mid-sized four-cylinder car, would you consider the Elantra?


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    This is a good question. While researching the new compacts, these specifications truly stick out. It will be interesting to see first hand just how large the interior of this vehicle is (compared to the Sentra/Corolla/Civic/3/Focus).
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    EPA rates it as a midsize.
    It is a midsize.
    You could say it is a compact, you would be incorrect.
    Elantra is a midsize.
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    By interior room, Elantra is mid-sized. By exterior dimensions, it's a compact. Hyundai actually markets it as a compact, based on their ads touting "most interior room in its class." If its "class" were mid-sized sedans, it wouldn't have the most interior room in that class. So the class Hyundai is aiming the Elantra at is the compact sedan class, e.g. the Corollas, Civics, Foci, and Cobalts of the world. That's smart I think because the Elantra has a huge (no pun intended) advantage in that class in interior room, and compared to most cars in the class in safety features. Moving up to the mid-sized class, the only advantages the Elantra has are price and fuel economy. It's literally out-classed by other mid-sizers in power, room (by most cars in the class), comfort, and safety features.

    Still, I think it will attract many buyers who might have been looking at a low-end mid-sized sedan but realize the Elantra has enough room, at a much lower price.
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    Also, it already has the Sonata as its entry in the midsize class, and they don't want to compete against themselves.
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    Also, it already has the Sonata as its entry in the midsize class, and they don't want to compete against themselves.

    Actually, as of 06 the Sonata is now classified as a large car by the EPA. This "upsizing" seems to be a Hyundai strategy to provide something different.
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    Well, yes, but it's being marketed as a mid-size. The Azera, presumably, is being marketed as their large car.

    And, yes, it's deliberate upsizing, and I fully support that.

    Now if only they'd come out with a convertable - but that's a completely different forum...
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