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Hit or Miss with a 2014 Subaru Forester?

SnuubAnonSnuubAnon Member Posts: 1
edited May 2020 in Subaru

I'm really not an experienced car buyer at all and am about to make a relocation for school that will require me to have a cheap but reliable and roomy means of transportation. I have come across a 2014 subaru 2.5i limited for 9k at a dealership. It has 120k mileage on it and that's where my main worry stems. I've heard that subarus tend to do well over 100k miles but I'm worried about the risk of the car having that many miles on it. The car drives very well and appears to have been well maintained but again, I don't have much experience with cars.

I'm hoping some more experienced car buyers or subaru owners have any guidance that they could give me with this purchase. Ive also been reading up about the head gasket issues with foresters- would that pertain to the 2014 models as well?


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    oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 22,961
    I’m not an expert on Subarus but I’ve heard they have a few weak spots that you have to watch out for. Otherwise they’re pretty reliable.

    I’d do two things:

    First, research on line about possible weak spots for that particular model, engine, transmission etc. Then arrange to have the car inspected by a professional mechanic. Have them check any potential trouble areas. A complete inspection can be had for $100-150 and is worth every penny if it saves you from buying a lemon.

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