Transmission Problem, no reverse gear

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Hello all, I have the Audi A3 for 3 years already (54,000miles). At 51,000 miles(out of warranty), the car presented issues with the thermostat and the carter(oil) box. The total repair was 3,000USD. That was January 2020, Now, I was driving during the rain, and suddenly a message pop up with " Transmission Problems(you can continue driving), no reverse Gear". I took it to the Collection (Audi dealership) and they told me they recommend to change the whole transmission, and the quotation is 9k USD!!!!. The car transmission is not allowing reverse and 1st gear.
I used the OBDeleven to get the problem codes: P072B00, Clutch 2 P189900. Now, I don't know what to do. The dealer offered me 5k USD for the car, if I take a lease with them.


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    It took some considerable research to try and get an idea of what is going on with your car. That being said there are questions that need answers in order to make sure that the information sourcing path is correct. The first and most prevelant information suggests you have a seven speed DSG (dual clutch) Audi etron, a hybrid car, is that correct? The DSG transmission is used in some non hybrid vehicles as well but for me to go any further I need to know for certain because it's going to make a difference for some of the diagnostic steps and information.

    Attached is a video that explains the Mechatronic unit (a serviceable part of the transmission) and the information in the video also supports one of the problems you are facing, which is not just a lack of technicians who are skilled at the internal repairs, there is little to no information to allow them to learn so they can be prepared in advance.

    As far as setting the codes goes, the system attempts to select a gear and for what ever reason fails to complete the shift.

    It tries three times and the decision time to say that it failed is 20ms (20 milliseconds or .020 seconds) With three failed attempts that would take less time than a blink of an eye the decision has been made that a given gear cannot be selected and so the system codes and disables that gear. As a technician attempting to diagnose the problem that leads to a question, is it a problem in the control system? (The Mechatronics unit) Or is it actually a mechanical issue inside the the transmission itself? With those thoughts in mind the next question of how can I tell, or figure out which it is? That question unfortunately comes up with NO ANSWER when service information is accessed. Now I can find a lot of instances where the Mechatronics unit has been replaced and the transmission problem is fixed, but there are also times where just replacing it didn't fix the problem which means that it was a mechanical problem inside the transmission that time. Hence the reason you have an estimate to just replace both in one shot. Without a truly supported trained, and experienced service technician ready to solve this on a precise case by case failure you are left with the choices of; swapping the Mechatonics unit, (which likely may but potentially may not solve the problem) swapping the entire transaxle, or the whole car.

    You can try to find an aftermarket service for your vehicle, most likely an independent who specializes in VW/Audi. They should have some first hand experience with issues like this and generally rely on a fellowship with other shops for broader information when they encounter something new. There are used units available that while they have the inherent risk of limited life span could save you a considerable amount of money right now.

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    Hello @thecardoc3 , this is the information that I have from my car: 2017 A3 Sedan

    Prestige 2.0 TFSI® FWD , I don't know if is a 7 speed DSG or not. I have asked to some auto parts companies how much could be the price for the mechatronic and looking for a reliable car repair/mechanics so I can get the price for installing the mechatronic and hope the problem can be fixed.
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    Hello @EverZ ,

    We’re you able to fix your problem with your 2017 Audi A3?

    I have a 2017 Audi A3 under 45k miles at the Audi dealership now and they also told me that I need a new transmission $9,000 plus a new fuel canister!! How are these newer Audi’s needing new transmissions?? It’s unheard of online with this mileage.

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