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2009 Mazda6



  • Congratulations 'altimate'. I'am in total agreement with your take on Mazda 6 cloth seats. Could not put it better myself. I picked up my Obsidian Black, leased ($216 OTD sign & drive) 2009 Legacy SE last Friday and i' am happier than a lark.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    The Legacy leases are really good, as are Subaru leases in general. However, with the recent bath manufacturers have been taking, especially Subaru, the leases are about to get worse. Chase, the bank that subsidizes Subaru's lease, has dropped it's leases on every manufacturer except Subaru and Mazda. According to my sources, the days of Subaru's $199 lease with $1,000 down are just about over. Get em' while you can!
  • keitha3keitha3 Posts: 124
    I test drove both the six and the four, both Grand Touring. The four is by far the practical choice with much more acceptable gas mileage and probably significantly better reliability as well.

    But.............the six was smoother and just a joy to drive. The four was fine, with decent acceleration, good handling and all. Still, the six just such a pleasure behind the wheel. I agree that the outside styling is fantastic. The cars we tested were red, but I want to see it in dark blue and black. The interior we had was the blond leather with black accents. This was the first time ALL of my family agreed on appearance. I came close to buying, but didn't. Right now, I can get a 2008 Acura TL for thousands less than the six cylinder Grand Touring. And I do worry about the reliability issue. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed the Mazda better than the Acura. Never thought I'd be saying that, but it really is a fine car.
  • tyvm Keitha3 for your valuable information. My wife and I fell in love with the Mazda6 when we looked at it for the first time on the lot. The ONLY question I have concerning Mazda cars is the reliability of the drivetrain. We have to have a car that is going to last at least a couple hundred thousand miles w/o any major work having to be done on the motor and auto transmission. Yes, we are going to take care if it. We can get this with Honda and probably Toyota. But Mazda???? Surely, since it is built by Japanese specs, we can get this from the Mazda. Any input from anyone of the reliability issue??? tyvm Randy and Pam :shades:
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Mazda 4 banger's have been historically great. The 6-speed automatic tranny is built by Aisin, who also builds tranny's for Toyota and has built tranny's for Honda in the past. The 5-speed auto and 6-speed manual are built by Jatco, I think. The one minor weak point I would say is the V6 engine. However, it has had wonderful reviews and has been pretty flawless since its inception in 2007 (CX-9).

    To be honest, the chances of you having trouble with any car is highly possible. Ask my father who has replaced his transmission in his 2004 Accord V6 and the number of unhappy 2008+ Accord V6 owners with VCM issues, or the number of people who has tranny issues in the 2007+ Camry. The fact is, every car manufacturer does have issues. NO car is perfect.

    Anyway, my 2005 Mazda6 has been mechanically great. No issues, no repairs with 45,000K on it. So, from a Mazda6 owner, I would say it's a pretty good car.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    We have to have a car that is going to last at least a couple hundred thousand miles w/o any major work having to be done on the motor and auto transmission.

    That's pretty much pie in the sky thinking. Do some manufacturers have a reputation for more trouble free operation than others......sure they do. Do many of those same manufacturer's vehicles have major components go well before 200,000 miles.....sure they do. I had a tranny replaced on my Toyota truck at 43,000. Luckily it was under warranty. If it had went 10 months later I would have had a major bill to pay. Have many Mazdas went 200k without major repair...sure they have, just like a lot of Fords, Chevys, etc.

    Car ownership is always somewhat of a major role of the dice. If you absolutely can't afford to pay for a major repair and you're going to keep the car 200k, then I would say you are a candidate for an extended warranty and try to wrap it into the financing if necessary.
  • keitha3keitha3 Posts: 124
    Yes, it is a beautiful car, inside and out, at least to my eyes.

    About the reliability, as the previous posters pointed out, it can be a crap shoot, with some companies offering better odds, but no guarantees, for the consumer.

    Mazda has probably been a tad above average overall as a company, but this is only conjecture on my part. In the reviews I read, they cited the president of Mazda saying they really wanted to build better quality into the new Mazda 6. Now, as to whether this is company speak or not remains to be seen. But, I have been in older generations of Mazda 6 and the '09 seems to have done the job as far as interior fit, finish, and quality.

    I'm not in any need for a car at the moment as my Accord has less than 30 K on it. Still, my impulse control is problematic. I do know that my older daughter would love for me to get a new car, as she would love for me to hand the keys to the Honda over to her. Can you believe, I've never owned a 6 banger. Always bought the reasonable Accord or Camry. Now, at my age, I wanna have fun. The house is paid off and so is the Accord, so.............. Didn't Shakespeare say something about people becoming childish as they enter old age?

    Anyway, I've always thought that a lot of people who buy minivans do so to work on a fantasy where they can pile in the kids, dogs, etc., all with a smile on their faces. My fantasy is to be able to load the family in a car where there's plenty of leg room, is comfortable and fun to drive, and cruising down Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 395 without feeling drudgery. Actually having fun.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Mazda has probably been a tad above average overall as a company

    Mazda has below average reliability scores.

    And much higher than average fun factor.
  • I've got a '04 6 V6 with 70K miles on it, and the only problem I've had was a faulty gas cap that tripped the Check Engine light, replaced under warranty. Those miles aren't all easy-does-it either, since I drive my car HARD on a daily basis.

    I'll agree with other posters, ANY car purchase is a risk. For me, I'd rather have fun behind the wheel instead of buying a vanilla-themed Camry because of it's "supposed" better quality.
  • Mazda Reliability is kinda a hard thing to really get a grasp on due to a couple factors. These being the type of car, and thus buyer, they attract. And second, the age.

    Of full car lines, Mazda has the youngest demographic of any brand. Only Scion skews slightly younger, and that's obviously not nearly as diverse a product line.

    Also, Mazda buyers tend to be enthusiast. Put young and enthusiasm together and you get people who will notice things in their cars.

    I know that I'll notice a little rattle in my car that only happens when exiting an off ramp at 50 mph while someone with a honda accord or toyota camry won't notice that because they'll never take an off ramp at 50. Young people in general demand more from their products and cars than people beyond then. Also, young people tend to not have kids or other responsibilities. They have the time to take a car in for something minor. A house-wife/house-husband has kids to juggle. They could car less about the little click coming from their back window when they open and close it and oh, it went away before they brought it in for their oil change. (Seen that happen exactly.)

    What I've seen with Mazda reliability first hand is this.

    Miata and Mazda3. Bullet proof. Even consumer reports says so. Now check JD power numbers for the mazda3. They're horrid. In fact, they pull the entire line down. Why? Youth and enthusiasm, and volume.

    Mazda6. Started kinda bad, but evened out a lot toward the end. 2008's were probably on par with Mazda3's from 2007.

    CX-7 and CX-9. Here's where it get's wierd. I have yet to see a single 7/9 with any engine or transmission problem. With the 7, there were a couple of gas cap recalls and ECM updates and a fuel filler spout replacement on the 7, but nothing ever breaking down. Oh, so let's make the 7 well below ave for reliability. Hmm. Oh, and the bridgestone tires on the 7 don't last long. Try and get one with the goodyear eagles. As for the 9? Who the heck knows. They're been rock solid here and we're not exactly ideal weather here.

    RX-8. Dumb people buying it = problems. The Renisis engine is made for being driven hard. I've seen an RX-8 with 150k on it. When someone asked him how he had so many with no problems, he said he drove the piss out of it. The vast majority of RX-8 engine problems are with the automatic because those people buy the car for the look, not for the performance. So they drive it 10 mph 1 mile to church and wonder why their engine goes.

    Don't just trust surveys and reports. Heck, do you really think that there's such a huge difference in reliability between ford and mercury? Umm. No. It's the simple fact that the mercury brand appeals to people who may not notice/care as much.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Mazda has below average reliability scores.

    Not that there is necessarily a whole lot of difference between "below average" and "average", but CR has Mazda right at average overall. See April 2008 issue, page 17 or April 2007, page 25.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    If you absolutely can't afford to pay for a major repair and you're going to keep the car 200k, then I would say you are a candidate for an extended warranty

    Can you even get a 200K mi warranty?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    I think you can get just about anything if the price is right. But I am certainly not sure as I've never tried. He would be covered drivelinewise with Mazda for 5/60k. Maybe an extended driveline policy only for 200k could be had with a high deductible.

    It would probably be better to invest the money and let it compound to pay for a major repair down the road.

    In the end, no matter which you go, it's still a crapshoot.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Not that there is necessarily a whole lot of difference between "below average" and "average", but CR has Mazda right at average overall. See April 2008 issue, page 17 or April 2007, page 25.

    I agree, not much difference between first and worst.

    Vehicle Dependability 2008

    I completely disagree with CR's sampling method (they only survey subsribers to CR) and am not a CR fan at all.

    When you state that CR has Mazda at average, does that statement apply to Mazda as a brand or Mazda6 model only?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    While CR may have it's flaws, your link is about the JD Powers initial quality survey...a worthless measure, IMO and certainly having little or nothing to do with reliability. In any case, the IQS number for Mazda is 2.28 problems per vehicle, while average is 2.06 and Mazda is ranked 21st of 37 makes. Assuming we allow some range around the average number to be described as "average", I'd call Mazda average by that measure too.

    The average ranking in CR for Mazda was for the make or "brand". Since the 2009 Mazda6 is a new model they would have no information on it's reliability.
  • Hi Everyone:
    I am new to this forum. Need some advice and your comments.
    Am in the process of getting a car for my 18 year old son.
    Have been considering the Honda Civic LX and after I took him for a test drive yesterday, we walked into a Mazda dealer right next door. They offered me a brand new 2007 Mazda 6 car at $17,600. with Leather, etc except sunroof.
    He explained reason why he has a 2007 in stock is that they sold '08s first since they had a more attractive programetc.
    Anyway, what is your opinion re a Mazda 6, performance, reliability, etc. and can anyone comment on the price -
    Best regards
  • What was the MSRP on 2007?

    I just bought a 08 Mazda6 VE with a MSRP of $22.1K for $17K before ttl. Just looked on the website of the dealer I bought from and they raised their listed prices by $500. Maybe some Mazda to dealer rebate ended at the end of August.
  • tyvm for your informative responce, kappaian. You simply can't go wrong with Japanese quality. I use to work for the G'Town, KY Toyota plant. I KNOW the effort that goes into quality. Most if not all American auto companies have 100,000 mile warranties on their engine/transmissions. I wonder if Mazda would match that at no cost? I know I won't be able to get a warranty for 200,000. lol I'm going to buy a Mazda6, simple as that. Man, that look sooooo awesome! I emailed Mazda hopeing to get some kind of discount a week ago and so far, nothing. Hopeing that within' the next 60 days, I'll be able to take advantage of the S-Plan. The car will probably be soooo hot that no dealer will accept a S-Plan. :shades:
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    I would suggest you look at data after 1999, when they came out with the new Protege then. Before that the Mazda 626 with the sub-par ford transmission was the cause of Mazda's lower than average reliability. That is no longer the case.
    The 1999+protege has excellent reliability, the 2003+ Mazda6 has excellent reliability, and so does the Mazda3. If a company is doing all the right things to make a better product, I would suggest not to bring it down by referring to reliability of products that it itself is ashamed of.
    Thanks for participating.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    Mazda6. Started kinda bad, but evened out a lot toward the end. 2008's were probably on par with Mazda3's from 2007 I will take offense to that since I own one and is still going strong at 80,000.
    My wife's lexus rx300 has rattles at same mileage. Zero on the 6. Go figure.
    The most annoying problems were the Check engine light coming on for no reason simply because they made the computer setting too sensitive and set the check engine light for even the most minor infraction. After a few flashes and recalibrations, it has remained flawless.

    I was at the lexus dealership the other day with my cousin and the salesperson lured me to trade my car in. I asked her to hop into my mazda6s and took her for a spin. At the end, I asked her if she still thinks I should trade it in. She frankly said No.
  • I have to respond to the question of the Mazda6's reliability.

    You have to be careful just because you have been lucky with your own Mazda6 doesn't mean that that is the general experience of everyone with a Mazda6. I trust CR since they ask a lot of people questions who have bought the car.

    My experience with my Mazda6 2003 with 62,000 miles on it has been:-

    replaced 3 blower fans.
    replaced battery.
    replaced engine mount.
    replaced throttle body.
    fixed rattles (it still rattles)
    replaced over head visor.
    replaced fuel gauge.
    replaced transmission @ 58,000 miles.
    replaced 3 engine coils.

    Oh did I mention 5 recalls.

    Mazda6 reliable not, fun to drive, yes.

    I just thought a reality check was needed here in this discussion. Trust CR not a few users who have been lucky enought not to have had problems.
  • The prime reason I don't trust CR is they actually are quite biased based on brand.

    If you look up the reliability on a 2003 Accord for instance, the v6 has well below average ratings on it's transmission and one other component related to the drivetrain (don't have it right in front of me, but I'll get it when I'm at work tomorrow). Most of the other items are well above average.

    Then if you look up a CX-9, one component rates Average, and the stereo rates well below average. Everything else is above average or well above ave.

    Guess how CR rates the two? Oh, that's right, the accord with a 2 drivetrain issues rates above average in reliability. The CX-9 rates below ave. Hmm. Odd. So as far as reliability is concerned, Stereo > Transmission?
  • I understand that you have had some issues with your car, that doesn't mean Mazda builds unreliable products. Check the Camry and Accord boards, you will find people who have problems with their cars as well. I own a '06 Dodge Charger RT and haven't had a problem the 3 years I have owned it. Yet CR has stated for a good while the Charger RT was below normal in reliability. The problem is the people with problems are the people who will report back to the surveys stating the problems they've had, while the owners who haven't had a problem won't bother since they have nothing to complain about ;) . I would never use a magazine to make my final decision on a car.
    A car is a machine and none can be built exactly the same. When you purchase the car you are also taking a gamble on the reliability of the car you just drove off the lot, no matter the manufacturer. There is a reason cars come with a warranty and you may or may never have to use it.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    I trust CR since they ask a lot of people questions who have bought the car.

    Only if they are subscribers to Consumer Reports.

    Anyone know if the 17" wheels on 2009 Mazda6 will fit on 07 Mazda6 i?
  • I don't own mazda 6 but I do own 2003 MPV with 81k miles. At 60k it experienced very rough idle becoming worse over time - cause damaged vacum house. At 70k miles it refused to start - cause seized idle speed control valve. The same problem resurfaced at 79k. Original battery died after 3 years; second, auto zone battery died after 20 months. Right now I have hard to trace coolant leak. For comparison our 2000 honda accord lx 4 cyl 5 speed with 220k miles got me stranded only twice; battery first time, broken after market timing belt installed at 105k miles broke at 190k. It cost me $900 to fix the damage. Mazda is not bad but I do believe honda reliability is notch higher.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Only if they are subscribers to Consumer Reports

    So what? Is there sample model too small or does their data collection and analysis methods produce skewed or incorrect results? Can you prove it or is this just a gut feeling? Are Consumer Report readers proven to be less reliable or truthful than any other person off the street?

    I certainly don't swear by CR but fail to understand why some are so suspicious of their results.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Retired people have a lot of time on their hands and would certainly take the time the time to fill out surveys as well as to get minor things fixed. I don't believe they are sampled as much because the manufacturers are not as interested in that demographic.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    I think he was just making a point that every manufacturer can produce a problem car which is kind of what you're saying. I have almost 18000 on an 07 Mazda6 I4 and have only had one tailpipe hanger adjustment in 13 months beside oil changes etc. But will I sit here and swear that Mazda6s or Mazdas are absolutely trouble free.....heck no. Now if I had owned 5-10 Mazdas and they had all been trouble free or trouble prone I would be commenting big time---one way or the other.

    The problem is the people with problems are the people who will report back to the surveys stating the problems they've had, while the owners who haven't had a problem won't bother since they have nothing to complain about

    I agree with you. However, if you asked 100 Charger owners and 100 Mazda owners if they had problems and 50 Charger complainers were noted and only 20 Mazda complainers were noted, couldn't you assume that there were more problems with Chargers. On the reverse according to your theory, only 50 Charger owners were problems free and kept silent....while 80 Mazda owners were problem free. That's why large sample are done. They don't just sit back and see how many complainers pop up.

    Believe me, companies and politicians pay big bucks for surveys and they wouldn't if they weren't valid and didn't provide a good return on investment.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    What engine did you have? The 03-04 3.0L V6 did have throttle body issues.
  • gfogfo Posts: 9
    Hello, does anyone know if you can combine the private launch bonus cash of $1,000 with the S plan? The terms and conditions reads "The private launch bonus cash purchase incentive program cannot be combined with any other owner loyalty or private incentives but can be combined with other public offers including but not limited to customer cash back, finance and apr incentives/offers." Thanks.
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