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I recently purchased an 07 civic sedan LX. At speeds greater than 35 mph, I hear distinct wind noise coming from the driver side window. The dealership says all the '07 have this noise and that this is due to the car's design and not a defect. My mechanic does not buy it and nor do I. Any suggestions on how to get this resolved? I simply want it fixed, a replacement car or my money back.


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    This is also an issue with the 2006 models. Honda issued a service advisory (not a TSB) to dealers with a fix back in May of this year. If the dealer doesn't know about it they can contact Honda and they will send it to them.
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    Hello 07 owner. Well, I have an 03 Civic Sedan DX and have been told that "the noise is normal" I disagree! I have complained about the wind noise from my car since it was pretty much new and have had nothing done to eliminate it. Good Luck with the replacement car or money back! I have had all there is to replace on my car and it's still not very good repeat problems for several years now. The only thing that got fixed to my satisfaction was the front bumper replacement and the trunk lid replacement. I am very disappointed with my Civic and will NEVER by another Honda again. Can't wait for the lease to be up so I can buy it out and ditch it! I have even gone as far as to bring this to the attention of the president of Honda Canada. Response from Customer Service after reviewing my huge stack of dealer work - we are not in the business of buying back cars, our only obligation is to fix them. :lemon:
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    Thanks to you both for your help. THe dealership told me the service bulletin did not apply to my vehicle. Honda's serve rep checked the car and stated "this is characteristic of the vehicle." This is something I have heard about 100 times over the past two weeks. I too will not buy another Honda.
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    Dont Give up just yet. Check out this link. It sounds like your issue. Try it out and let me know if it works..... Good luck......

    TOV noise
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    I don't know how bad your sound is, but I have always found that there is some wind noise in less expensive cars. It's hard yo know the extent of your problem withoput driving in the car.

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    I test drove the sedan and the coupe, the sedan definetly has more wind noise, above about 35mph. I attribute this to the "detached" mirrors, the Coupe has a solid mirror. I was really surprised at the difference.

    We really are happy with how quiet the 07 Coupe is on the road at cruising speeds, seems quieter than our 02 Odyssey, nice!

    However, a rough paved road seems to transmit a little more road noise with the 07 Coupe.

    The 07 Civic compared with the 97 Prelude it replaced is night and day, much quieter on the road.
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    I had severe wind noise coming from my 1996 driver side window. But that only developed after the car was several years old. Anyway finally brought it into the dealer to get fix. there was some sort of clip that was broken located inside the door frame. It cost about 120 dollars to fix and it was like new. The Honda mechanic found the problem immediately.
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    We did have a slight Wind noise with new Coupe from closed Sun Roof, service choose to replace complete glass and seal, now, really quiet, even at 70 mph+.

    A large difference. Had to have this done on our 97 Prelude when it was new also.

    Picky? yes, but no wind noise!
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