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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • Yeah,Man, we Should contact the media about these problems,My 2002 Oddy has Only 60,xxx and has the same problem: IT'S A LEMON.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I wouldn't mind having a new Odyssey; I've had the transmission replaced in mine, but it sure would be nice to have an 08..

    And I know that even the new ones have transmission issues, but my local dealer is good at going to bat for their customers..

    I know for sure I would not want a Caravan instead.. A Sienna, maybe, but definitely not a Caravan.
  • Dodge now has lifetime warranty. American cars has a lot of luxurious options. We have decided to buy either a Toyota or a Dodge for our next car. Honda is so unreliable and their design is so behind especially their dashboard and sound system. Besides, they are so dishonest and their service is so lousy.

    To us, there is no point to take the risk to buy another Honda because they are truly irresponsible and do not care about human lives and road safety which is evidenced by the manner they are handling their transmission flaw.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217

    Multiple rating agencies disagree with you on Honda.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I trust OWNERS of a vehicle more than people who just drive them a few times. :shades:
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Good point....I trust both....
  • I have an 01 Odyssey with 83K miles. We noticed an occasional hard shift, and other times a shutter, the other day the D4 light was flashing, and the check engine light came on. Since the dealerships were closed we too it to AutoZone to have them read the code, and was told it was "Shift Error" code. Later took the van to the dealer and was told it was a bad motor mount, and the transmission was fine. They also said that they didn't see the "Shift Error" code, but code the dealer read was for a bad "spool valve". They changed that and the next day the check engine light was came back on this time the dealer said the code was for a bad catalytic converter. Anybody have similar experience? Anybody have motor mounts changed as part of the transmission extended warranty.

    I have lost faith in Honda. I have owned numerous Honda's and never this level of problems. We were just thinking of trading the Odyssey for a Pilot - NOT NOW. I was also looking to get a new Ridgeline to replace my Explorer (which has been generally problem free) NOT NOW. I also need to rethink how long I will keep my Honda PWC.
  • Man,I like ur posting.U said all of what I 'm dealing with rit now.My 03 Odyssey tranny give up on me on I 83N.No warning whatsoever.72,238 miles on it.Just change A/T fluid myself at 61K wit the well so precious Honda special ATF.I'm ASE certified by the way so I know what I'm doing or so I thought .This's my 1st Odyssey.I currently own 3 Accords, 2 wit over 200 K & this van.Never had a claim this big b4.
    Called N. American Honda 4 times still same story out of warranty.Nationa higthway Safety Administration is studying my case now.BBB could'nt help.The Attorney General was given the following surprising statement * The consumer have to call us himself *This was previously done 2 times.

    For short,Honda is just giving me the run around.I'm so outraged!Here's my question:How can we all get together and sue Honda?We'd be able to do this rit?Just like the class action settlement again Honda!?Can we get in touch wit those lawyers & go from there?Union is power rit?!
  • I am sure all the outraged Honda owners would like to do so. It is almost impossible to take action because the government agencies fool us around by passing the ball around them by using the excuse that it is not within their jurisdiction to discourage any action. Lawyers are only interested in simple straight forward cases to make easy money which we can well handle those cases.

    The unnecessarily complicated laws which put us off to handle even the simplest case ourselves in case of any legal complications. The existence of the unnecessarily complicated laws has suppressed us from seeking fairness ourselves. Why isn't there a government agency to deal with screening complaints and allocate to the responsible agency and to monitor its progress to ensure the complaints are properly handled?

    The Safer Car. Gov is well aware of the Honda's recalls. Why are they so loose on Honda? The 03 recall by Honda to install the oil jet kit was only to delay temporarily the transmission failure until after our warranty expired. The manner Honda is handling their design flaw is ruthless. They are well aware that the transmission can sudden lock up due to warm up and can result in deadly car crash. This happened to my family shortly before last Christmas. We escaped the deadly crash because other driver jammed their brakes and swerved to the side of the busy freeway.

    The is well aware of the Honda's transmission design flaw even before year 2000. Did they do anything to stop them from selling these cars until they have corrected the problem? Instead they approved them to install the oil jet kit with the 03 recall to help them to be fully responsible for their mistake. I am sure the government will eventually take action only when most of us either have lost our rights or already paid for Honda's design errors. You should save all the receipts for future claims.

    American Honda does not care about human lives or road safety. I hope I am wrong that the government does care. It is an outrage that Honda is still allowed to continue to sell these dangerous cars in question.
  • I'd like to welcome the new members of :lemon: HONDA LEMON CLUB :lemon: - where we all thought we knew which car to buy... until we bought a Honda Odyssey...

    What a nightmare! ... at least we all learned NEVER TO BUY A CAR FROM A SCOOTER MAKER !!!!!
  • My husband and I are glad to see your new posting. You are so knowledgeable and a leader in gathering forces. We thought you had already given up. Please do not give up on pursuit of action.

    Honda does not care about human lives and road safety. I am not sure if the government cares. If they care, they would have stopped Honda to sell these cars with design flaw until their design flaw is fully corrected.
  • My 03 tranny give up @ 72K.Took it to 2 Honda dealers.Did all all that(service records,repeated Honda buyer(4 as of today),mentioned thé recall,still nothing from Honda Corp.headquaters same reason :out of warranty.Question is what do when u 've tryed everything wit N ameri.Honda?
  • Soupapess:

    I am not sure what to tell you to do.

    Did you get a case assigned to you by Honda of NA? Did you get to speak to a case manager? How did you contact them? Was it only through your dealer? I do not know if they are covering the 2003 models as well as the 2002 models. Ours was a 2002.

    During my multiple conversations with the case manager at Honda of NA, I went into a lot of detail. I noted to them at least 5 cases of 2000-2001 Odysseys owned by friends and family (with at least 3 other VIN #'s) where Honda completely covered the transmission. I also noted to them some of the inherent design problems with the transmission (read back a good bit on this blog and on for details). This transmission had an extra gear added, and then they upped the HP by 35 HP in 2002, which all caused additional stress on a weak transmission design. In addition, I mentioned the class action suit and settlement that Honda had for the 1999-2001 Odyssey transmissions (just Google that one and see the # of hits you get). In addition, I also mentioned that a close friend of mine (who is an attorney and partner in a large regional firm) won a landmark multi-million $ wrongful death suit against GM due to design issues with certain Cadillac models. I also noted from this board at least 6 cases of Honda paying for the complete repair for 2002's. In addition, I detailed for them our ownership of 3 prior Honda's, as well as detailed service records of all of our work at the local dealer. Further, I made note of the extended warranty that we had (which their dealer had sold us) in which the company went bankrupt 4 months before we had the problem with the transmission. Please note that we took the car in for a 60K service in Oct 2006, and the dealer recommended a transmission flush and fill as part of the scheduled maintenance. Our problems with the transmission got a lot worse (left my wife stranded as the car would not move) the week following this work. They tried to wait us out on the issue, but we had an extra car to use (from my parents). Honda of NA took their good old time getting back to us, but ultimately they approved covering the transmission and the labor. We only had to pay for shipping the transmission.

    Due to (it seems) a lot more cases of transmission failure, Honda of NA may be sticking more to their warranty policy than they did in late 2006. I really cannot say for sure. I have kept up on the messages in this board, and it seems like there are a lot more cases as these vans age.

    Good luck, and let this board know your results.
  • Tell American Honda to shove it & buy American again. We are loyal Honda owners ourselves but friends just bought a Buick Enclave. The car is so quiet on the highway, makes owning a Honda embarrassing. Also, has a 100K mile mechanical warranty.
  • What up folks!!
    I personaly took it serioulsy,I saved money for three years to get the Oddy :lemon: and since I was looking for safety for my kids and myself,Now
    You folks Won't believe people's face when read my post on the back windshield of my 2002 :lemon: Ody,They look at my Vehicle absolutely Shocked!!!

    You guys can see it on the below link:
  • Hi.... glad that you follow my suggestion..I mylself will get a bigger sign!!
    Also it would be very interesting to contact de media on this Honda situation
    I sent a e-mail to CBS but got no response(will cotinue trying with other channels)
    Remember..this is a VERY EFFECTIVE way to get back at Honda Motors.
    Every person that sees this sign will,in turn comment with others and it will mushroom into a large amount of individuals.
    LET'S SPREED THE NEWS !!!! will translate into lost sales for Honda Motors ..FOR SURE!!!!
  • I feel like I'm joining a long line of Odyssey owners with transmission problems.

    In September 2007 we were traveling back from a weekend away and a "thunk" occurred and the D shift light started blinking, the TCS light came on, the engine symbol light came on and the speedometer needle dropped to 0. All this occurred on I-95 south of D.C. in heavy traffic at 70 mph! The van was still running when I got to the side of the road and limped to the next exit. We limped to a Honda dealer nearby and he said we could drive home. Occasionally the speedometer would work. It seemed like the van was using 2nd and 3rd gears. We took it to our Honda dealer the next day. They thought the Power Control Module (PCM) might need replacing for ~$1000. They tried reloading the software into it and it worked!

    This lasted a week when on an easy drive in the neighborhood we again had the same lights and the transmission reverting to some emergency mode using what seems to be only 2nd and 3rd gear. This time the dealer replaced the speed sensor in the transmission. This seemed to fix the problems, except for a perception of occasional rough shift from 1st to 2nd and an intermittent idle problem where the engine would surge to just above 1000 rpm and back to idle. Otherwise, no problems.

    Fast forward to a couple days ago Feb 2008 and the whole problem came back with the D light blinking, the TCS and Engine symbol lights on and bad shifting (reving high). My wife took it to the dealer for this third time in the afternoon and it seemed to be working better but still with the Engine symbol light on. We're waiting for the dealer to call back. I'm pretty leery after reading the similar problems folks have had. We're right at the 60,000 mile point. I already had to replace the power steering pump at around 40,000 miles and the front engine mount around 53,000 miles and the front brake rotors around 55,000 miles. All fairly expensive.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I hate to break it to you, but it sounds like the transmission's about to go.

    You have 2 options:

    1. You could do one of the temporary fixes and then sell it off to CarMax or trade it in on some other car

    2. Try and get a new transmission out of Honda. Given the recent cases, this is much harder than it was 3 years ago.
  • Whatever is happening to your car matches what American Honda describes in their Service Bulletin in 2004. You can get a hold of it at wikapedia. I suspect your dealer was just trying to rip you off because I have a feeling that they knew it along what the problem was.

    You should call American Honda at 800-999-1009 to open a case to see what they say. I am pretty sure your transmission is at its final stage. You should not decline any offer because they will without mercy to retract it. You can continue to negotiate for more since all your work has been done by the dealer. If their offer is less than satisfactory, you can ask to talk to your case manager's supervisor. More than 99% chances, he/she would tell you that they are the manager and the decision is final. You can try to call the above number again to request someone to re-review your case.

    With Honda's transmission issue, I feel neither the government nor American Honda cares about human lives nor road safety. The government only cares about protecting the car manufacturer. If the government does care, it would not have allowed Honda to continue to sell these faulty Odysseys until they have corrected their design failure. How dare the government allow them to install the oil jet kit (03 Recall) to postpone the failure until our original warranty has expired!

    You should though save all your receipts for possible reimbursements in the future. I am sure the government will eventually do something about it like a class action lawsuit when they are sure most of Honda's affected customers have changed ownership, fixed the problem at their own costs or would have lost their right even with extended warranty awarded under the action.

    Good luck!
  • I know a lot of the affected customers have already given hope on American Honda and the government. Please continue your action and get more us to put up the signs like you and pinedalle. I will do the same. Pretty soon the government cannot ignore the problem anymore.
  • Don't Forget to post some Pics of you Sign
    I wanna see that!!.
  • Well, what I assumed was a transmission leak apparently is a leaking rear main seal on my '02 Ody. It started at just over 81K miles. This seems very premature to me. I got an '90 Aerostar with over 190K and a '97 Skylark with over 122K and they don't leak anything. Anybody else experience this in this mileage range and what was the cost? Not sure if I should pressure Honda to fix it or not. Thanks in advance.
  • Ok,Folks,For my Own good I am getting a Chevrolet Venture,I am getting rid of the Ody,,No Longer want a Oddy,even new ones have that transmission issues,Not Only Ody's But,Accords and Civics as well.

    See this Link:
  • Would you mind sharing the temporary fix with us?
  • I am not sure of the statutes on this but I wonder if a new class action suit could be started?

    I would be willing to obtain the following domains;

    We can go back to grassroots Internet efforts - the "Open Letter". It may not work but then again it might. At the very least we can post our complaints and Honda America Corp will NOT like those domains and the accompanying keywords showing up on the WorldWideWaste :)

    I will also buy Google keywords to make sure we come up on the top of the search:)

    You can respond to this via the group here or to with ODYSSEY LEMON in the subject line.

    There are way too many people have problems including myself with a 2001 EX will its second transmission failed at 136K miles and Honda refuses to do anything for me except charge me a "bargain" $2500 for a new tranny installed.

    Best regards,

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The person I was replying to said that "reloading the software" worked temporarily (whatever "reloading the software" is), and that's what I was referring to.

    I don't think that fix lasted very long, though.

    And to the person about to get a Chevrolet Venture, please don't. Just look at the safety records of the Venture. At least get a Sienna.
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I'm about to shock or downright anger you Odyssey owners. If you're going to look at other vans, why not Hyundai. Now close all your mouths. I've had the Entourage since 6/06. Now with 26,000 miles and it's driving fine. Sure I have had some of the common problems that have popped up on the Hyundai forums. But the dealer has bent over backwards to solve the problems quickly and efficiently. Just give it a test drive. You never know.
  • I'd have to agree that Hyundai and actually, KIA are very respectable products. I've driven both as rental cars and was quite impressed.

    I speculate that the Korean manufacturers are where Honda was several years ago before they got full of themselves. My next new car (coming up soon thanks to my dying oddy) is likely to be either a Hyundai or KIA, though I do plan on giving the Domestics a second look as well. My Oddy experience taught me that my blind "faith" in Honda was misplaced; I think each model/purchase deserves considerable scrutiny - I would guess many other buyers were in the same boat. I had very good experiences with my previous Hondas but it's the extremely poor customer service that was the kicker - they could have retained me a potential future customer for a couple grand (shared cost) and actively chose not to...
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I have to agree with you 2002odymike. It doesn't matter what brand vehicle you drive. If the dealer listens to your problems and strives to solve it quickly with no "thats just normal" remarks, you will stick with that make of vehicle. Every person I know who has owned a Honda, says, you get in, turn the key and it starts. Maybe the reason the dealers aren't used to handling customer complaints is because they never really had to before. You turn the key and it started.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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