Air Conditioner only works PT, outdoor temp wrong, ambient sensor replaced twice

AlishaCAlishaC Member Posts: 1
edited June 2020 in Chevrolet
My Outdoor temperature reads wrong. It will go from -31 to -17 to 56 degrees in a matter of minutes and it's consistently all over the place with crazy readings. The air conditioner only works sometimes. The air is cold so I know it works but just when it wants to. My mechanic says when the car thinks its -31 outside then the air won't kick on but that's not true because it just kicked on at -17.
I've had the ambient temperature sensor replaced twice. Once last year and again last week. It hasn't changed a thing. Three local mechanics don't have a clue and don't really want to mess with it.
Any ideas or help would be much appreciated?!?!
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