2014 Rav4 Liftgate Cylinder Broken - Help!

Grimur22Grimur22 PittsburghMember Posts: 1
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UNTIL the Power Lift gate broke on the driver’s side.  The ball of the ball and socket joint broke off the Liftgate Cylinder where it connects to the gate.

I want to replace it but I have questions:
1.    Does the entire apparatus need to be replaced or can I replace just the broken part?
2.    The prices I see for the entire part are extremely high.  Where might I find one of these USED at a fair price?
3.    The ball and socket joint on the passenger is also rusted and likely to go as well.  Not good.

As it is now, this gate takes a great deal of effort to open manually.  I need the exercise but this is getting old fast.I VERY much appreciate your suggestions.

Pictures of the Damaged Part
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