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Tire Sealants, to slime or not. That is the question.

girlcarbuildergirlcarbuilder Member Posts: 225
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Girlcarbuilder here: Been awhile people. Tire sealants have come a long way. Now we are beginning to see newer products coming out on the market such as Ride-On for automobiles. A sealant for the life of the tire as well as a liquid balancer. Think how many tire guys would go out of business with that one. Me, personally, would like to see the lead gone from wheels period.

So, I will put my tire thinking down here. New tire goes on. Balance the sucker. Well, since being retired, that fancy machine is not around! Yet I use the old harbor freight installer thing here at home. I usually do the lifetime balance number at the local Wal-Mart. Well, they closed due to corna something! Hmm, me thinking again. Back to tire install, new life. Tire gets nailed. If in the first two years, I pull it off, do the patch number. If it is over 2 years, or nailed in the unpatchable zone. I slime the sucker and limited the speed on that vehicle. Needless to say, I watch that tire as well. Why, because the battle has begun on how long I can use it! Now, we are lucky that we have several cars of the same model. The one the hits 65mph+ always gets the new tires. His car, the work commuter, always gets the second year tires. The next two cars get the older more aging family of Uncle Will and Aunt May and the little sugar pops! They clearer rarely ever see over 50 mph. Limited to a max of 60mph. I will not even begin to discuss the Grandpa and Ma Guara and Teed to Pop! AKA as last resort spares!

Been using Slime for a while now. Have steel rims. Know how to paint as well. Have yet to have to paint inside a rim yet. Slime has been in some for several years. Like they say, it does dry out after about two years. It does seem to have some balancing abilities. If a slime tire gets another nail with dried out slime, another 8 ounces seals it up. That is until that little green sugar comes out. By that time, if I got 4 years or more I feel like I got my money out of it. If before, well, we all know the steel cords failed due to rust. Wop, wop, wop. As for cleaning out the tire, so what, it is hitting the pile! I just hose off the rim.

So goes the tire trade, wop, wop, wop. Anybody out there care to comment on the use of non-toxic tire sealants vs keeping a few dollars in your pocket? Curious about thoughts on liquid tire balancers as well in auto service. What has been your experiences?

Tire Sealants, to slime or not. That is the question. 0 votes

Yes, No or Maybe to non-toxic tire sealants
What is your experiences with non-toxic tire sealants/balancers such as Ride On and Slime?
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