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04, 5.4 XLT 4WD clock keeps turning on and off without the key

KS73KS73 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2020 in Ford
Expedition 2004, 5.4, XLT, 4WD and 200,000 kms.

2 electrical issues have appeared in the past few months.

1. the charging system light come on and goes within the 1st 10 mins of Driving every day only when brakes are applied. sometimes the engine shuts off even when in motion. Quickly put it in N and crank, it starts right away. sometimes it happens while turning left (like on a roundabout)
2. The clock on the radio keeps turning on and off even after the key is taken out. it keeps happening long after all delay systems have switched off aswell, ie. throughout the night

i guess this is what is causing the battery to drain out in 3-4 days if left parked.

Any Help on this would be appreciated. Cant find any leads on this issue anywhere.

Thanks in adavance
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