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Toyota Sienna Brakes



  • buyer777buyer777 Posts: 70
    On another matter, when did you change your timing belt on the 2001 Sienna. I still have original belt, but only have 70,000 miles on car. Is it a pure mileage issue or does "years" count?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'd change it at 10 years.

    Just like old tires that still may have some tread left, you're better safe than sorry.
  • knang8888knang8888 Posts: 13
    ke problems was to replace the rotors. I still think that I need to replace my caliper someday. In the meantime, the locking problem is gone. My self analysis on the problem was that the rotors were worn out to a threshold point that the calipers are not releasing properly even though my rotors are within MFR specs. I did not have to replace boosters, master cylinder, calipers or brake lines. Good luck on your repair!
  • waymondwwaymondw Posts: 2
    I took my car to my personal mechanic to get all the work done. He did the same things you did except the master cylinder as that was going to be an expensive repair. My mechanic approached a mechanic friend of his at the local Toyota Dealer. He got him to look through the entire system and couldn't find anything wrong. Needless to say, it was disappointing but I got the van back and continued to drive it. Doesn't seem like the problem has come back but I'm still not entirely comfortable that the problem was addressed properly. Sorry, don't think this is much help.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Make sure you bleed the brakes and maybe have them cleaned up every few years or so. They get filthy.

    Even at 60k miles I've seen brakes that were caked with black brake dust, a total mess.

    I also had to buy a rebuilt rear caliper on my Miata, though it was old at the time it only had 70k miles or so.

    They should be clean and well lubricated so they move freely.
  • audit2000audit2000 Posts: 3
    Does anyone has a problem with the brake on 2010 sienna? It seem like the brake take about 1 or 2 second before it is finally engage if I brake normally. If I brake hard then it is stop very good but if I brake slightly by press the brake normally then it is not doing good job to stop it. Dealer could not find any wrong with it. dealer let me test drive 2011 and the brake on the model work good as the break I have on Kia Rondo and Chevy Impala. I called Toyota company and they told me go to another dealer to ask for second opinion. I told them about the brake on 2011 model. They said my van has 7K mileage, the one I tested drive is new van. I told them my van is still new. I want to know if anyone out there has the same problem with the brake. What is my option beside report this problem to government?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My brakes (2007 LE) don't behave any different than my other cars.

    I'd have the system bled to make sure there are no air bubbles in the brake lines.

    It is a heavy vehicle, so give yourself plenty of space to stop, also.
  • victor23victor23 Posts: 201
    The brakes on my Sienna 2005 felt mushy since the day one. Quite many other people reported the same feeling. The dealer said that is how it is, but this is something every dealer always says. However, as in your case, whenever we needed to brake hard, it did the job very well, so we just stopped worrying.

    Actually I am much more irritated by a very rapid wear of both front and rear pads, I have to change them every 10-15k miles in a mostly "suburban" driving, and as far as I could gather, this is also pretty typical for Sienna. I think maybe its Camry-like brakes are just inadequate for a minivan. Or maybe this is the electronic brake distribution thing, like with newer Honda Accords. This second hypothesis might explain why not everybody experienced this (not all Siennas were equipped with this option back then). Anyway, can't wait to see the reports about brakes of a next generation Sienna.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That seem too frequent - I'm on my original pads at 30k miles, and they have plenty of life left in them.
  • victor23victor23 Posts: 201
    Yeah, so you are one of those who, as I mentioned, were more lucky. Or maybe you just do more highway? The dearer told me, my wife is too aggressive a driver, and I nagged her with that, but the truth is, we both are very skilled and conscientious drivers (no bragging here), this never happened with any other of our current and previous vehicles over decades, though now I realize that I don't really have a reliable statistics for my previous Oldsmobile minivan. Hold on a moment, there is another exception: my Honda Accord has about 20k miles on it, and the rear pads are gone, while the front ones are intact. But this is a well-known Accord problem since 2006 which remains unsolved so far.

    Back to Sienna, this is not that the brakes would not completely release. I checked the wheel heating right after the trip, it is OK. The fuel consumption of my Sienna is pretty lousy in mostly "suburban" driving, about 18-19 mpg, but that is mostly in line with CR and others experience. (Only most people call this "city driving", whereas it actually is not. City driving - it is, by correct definition, stop-and-go somewhere in Manhattan.) We are getting 26-27 on a highway (and 28 when we purposely observe speed limits), so brake mechanics is not a problem.

    BTW, tires are also gone too soon. I blamed lousy OEM Dunlops for lasting only 20k and installed Yokohamas, but the improvement is just marginal. I did some research, and found that many-many Sienna users have exactly the same complaints about brake pads and tires, much more than owners of other minivans. But then again, many other Sienna owners report better longevity.

    Other than that and 3 problems with doors, Sienna is a very pleasant vehicle, and when I hear complaints about "disconnected feel" and "numb steering", always some old proverbs come to mind, but I don't want to inadvertently offend anyone.
  • 1978transam1978transam Posts: 16
    On our 2004 Sienna I replaced front pads at 40K and again at 75K. The brakes do seem marginal for a 4200 lb vehicle.
  • yesterday, I changed the brake pads and had the rotors turned on my 2006 Toyota Sienna. Everything works good, however, upon starting the van after the brake job, the brake light has come on, and stays on all the time. I bleed the brakes, and have great pedal. Any help on this? Is there a place to reset like the check engine light? :confuse:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Lots of highway/trips, that's surely a factor.

    Also, the Mid Atlantic is fairly flat, not many large hills around here.

    You only got 20k out of the Dunlops? Mine are at 30k and also plenty of life left. More than half the tread is left.
  • Since I bought this new in 2004 the brakes have been the problem. They pulsated in wet or snowy weather and in the last year anytime. I have had it to the dealer many times for the problem but yesterday I stripped the brakes down and found the sllide bolts are most likely the problem. One slide on each caliper is rusted solid, has a "slide gasket" on ea rusted bolt (not the others), and took at least an hour to free 1 up and remove it. There is no way the brakes could function properly being in this condition - NO WAY. To replace ea. caliper (bracket only) is $440. I have spent enough on it. Getting everything from NAPA for $300. I will be taking these to the dealer in the morning and show them and take it from there. And yes the slide door is malfunctioning but can wait till this is solved.
  • victor23victor23 Posts: 201
    Well, yes, Recife IS Mid-Atlantic, in some sense ;-)

    I am in Mid-Atlantic too, but in western PA, which is not exactly a mountainous region, yet anything but flat.

    To be more precise, 19k on Dunlops. Maybe tire and brake pad wear go in sync, and increase dramatically for Sienna with even slight hints of city/hilly traffic component. Some people say this is true for all minivans, but Sienna owners complain, apparently, much more often.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's where I'm from, but I'm living in the DC area.

    I put that so I'd get the brazilian flag, but then Edmunds did away with that feature.

    Too bad.
  • victor23victor23 Posts: 201
    Yes, I know, I've seen pictures of your Sienna and everything, all covered by snow last winter. And I saw that flag several years ago.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's right, I shared the pics from the blizzard.

    You couldn't tell if it was a Sienna or a camper!

    I thought my neighbor's Escort was his Benz ML320! :surprise:
  • lbizlbiz Posts: 1
    Brakes would just not catch and hold. 13,600 miles on car. Toyota forensics said I was going 73mph AND braked 5 secs b4 impact adn was going 40 mph at impact. Would not stop by the time I reached stop sign and I hit another vehicle. Sienna caught on fire and a passerby pulled me from the vehicle. Boyfriend had broken back and neck. Grandson in second seat unhurt. Toyota forensics also indicated some problem with the brake. I crushed both feet trying to stop and in hospital a month. Even if toyota forensic are correct, shouldn't a vehichle go from 73 to 43 mph in 5 secs. Then the brakes so hot they caused the van to catch on fire. Any one else have problems with Sienna brakes?
  • fun4allfun4all Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Sienna that has developed the same braking issues, it is in the shop now. I have been in one accident and had two very close calls with my grandchildren in the van. I am not a satisfied customer. When the service tech pulled the van into the shop the service manager told me he almost went through the side of the shop!!! Told today the factory replacement master cylinder needs to be replaced, after 1 week in van. The service manager sounds sincere in trying to resolve the problem but after we spoke on the phone for about an hour I don't think he is going to be able to do much. I called Toyota USA and was basically told the problem was mine, not a Toyota issue. How and when I became an engineer I don't know. How many other Sienna owners have this issue and what can we do about it?
  • faultysiennafaultysienna Posts: 10
    edited July 2010
    Two days after buying our 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE, we started experiencing steering and braking problems.

    Two weeks after buying it, the trunk door stopped operating. It now opens and closes at will.

    It is completely misaligned, the door's remote controlled electronics are screwed up and we have to manually force it down to close shut and stay shut.

    On top of that, the dealership claims WE "bent" it (there are no dents or dings anywhere btw, and we are lost as to how it got "bent"... maybe we took a sledgehammer to the door joints??).

    What next... the passenger seats start sliding at will and the seatbelts start popping out?

    This car is a danger.

    Of course, Toyota refuses to fix the problem... on a brand new less than 14 day old car (with additional 7 year extended warranty above and beyond the regular warranty).

    What's the point of paying close to 40 grand? You get to be the biggest fool you'll ever know.

    Trust Toyota - never again.

    Note: (This car was purchased in July 2010 from a dealership in MD. The owner lives in NJ and his local area NJ dealership has refused to even consider that the car's mechanism is faulty).
  • roledanroledan Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited AWD with 90,000 miles. On a recent trip after driving about 300 miles on cruise control the brake pedal faded to the floor. I was able to coast to a stop and had it checked out by a mechanic who said everything was fine. They must have overheated. The van has never done this before. I am afraid to drive it now. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Did the mechanic bleed the brake lines? Air in the lines could make the pedal go soft once there is enough heat in the system.
  • roledanroledan Posts: 3
    Thank you for the reply. yes, we had the brake fluid changed before our trip. Our mechanic said toyota doesnt have a recommended schedule change for brake fluid but he changed the fluid becuse it was looking black.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I had clutch lines that looked like that, yuck.

    Wonder if he really got ALL the air out? I'd be tempted to use blue fluid to see when it really got cleared out.
  • beethoven1beethoven1 Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    I just brought a brand new 2011 Sienna V8 LE several days ago.
    There are some creaking noises (from brakes) that are quite annoying.

    The creaking noise appears when I release the break pedal slowly. the noise comes from front wheels.
    This happens when I back the Van from Full stop, or when I go forward after a full stop.

    Any ideas about it?
  • audit2000audit2000 Posts: 3
    Have you report to the NTSB? I have the same problem with 2010 sienna but dealer could not find what wrong with it. I notice more people complain about the brake. More people are reporting to government then they will look into it. My wife has 2001 Camry has the same braking problem. It is not break good compare with other branch. I will not buy any Toyota in the future.
  • audit2000audit2000 Posts: 3
    go to this website report your brake problem. I just put my complaint today.
    Good Luck and I hope the government look into the issue
  • Thanks for the gov't website. I have a 2005 sienna and just repaired the front brakes for the 5th time!! The car has 95k miles. the following excuses were given to me over the last year by the same dealership: Your wife is obviously a very aggressive driver!; Toyota is committed to the environmental movement therefore uses pads that are environmentally friendly; the van is heavy and uses car brakes; 17k to 20k on front brakes is normal wear and tear. Time to cut my losses!! Better late than never!
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