Power lock driver side will NOT stay locked when I press the lock button!

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I just changed the driver side power window regulator w/ motor and thought everything was working, but then noticed this strange behavior with the door lock button.

Oddly though, if I press the lock button from the key fob, the driver side will stay locked.

What makes it even stranger is sometimes when I press the lock button from the door, it will chime or ding, almost like the sound when you forget to put your seat belt on. But usually if I press it again, it will lock, but of course it still always automatically unlocks itself. All the other doors are working fine.

Also, if I move the lock manually on the door, it will stay locked.

So it only seems to be when I use the lock button on the door that it keeps unlocking itself. The chime noise seems to only happen when I press the lock key from the door, though it has chimed sometimes from the key fob, but if I press it again, it will usually lock. This chiming sound really baffles me, I have no idea what or why it does this almost randomly when I press the lock button, even sometimes from the key fob.

Any ideas or suggestions?



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    My GM's had a feature that would not lock the driver's door IF the key was in the ignition and fully inserted. Obviously, that's to help people NOT lock their keys in the car forgetting they're in the ignition. This is from pressing the lock key on the keyfob.

    I suspect your problem is in the circuit that senses the key is fully inserted in the ignition.

    I also recall if the door button is pressed to lock, there are dings to remind driver their key is in the ignition.

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    It was the safety lock feature and delayed lock feature (the chiming sound). When I shut the door and it did it, everything worked fine!
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