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Bluetooth will not work after 5 separate attempts, 5 separate days in Dealership Service Department

OhioPeachOhioPeach Member Posts: 2
edited June 2020 in Toyota
Toyota replaced my radio that stopped working with a new one because I bought the Extended Warranty. After new radio installed, Bluetooth quit. Installed a 2nd new radio; no Bluetooth. Installed new microphone, no Bluetooth. Installed new computer, NO BLUETOOTH. Toyota is now silent. I feel as though the Extended Warranty I purchased has not been fully honored. I want Bluetooth or another comparable 2012 Highlander SE with WORKING everything!! Am I justified???? Thanks, Susan in the South


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    OhioPeachOhioPeach Member Posts: 2
    I'll comment to my own entry.....my 2012 Highlander only has 78K miles.
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