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Buick Rainier: MPG - Real World Numbers

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • quarquequarque Posts: 41
    I seem to get 21-22 MPG consistently on long trips that include mostly freeway mixed with some city & county roads. I recently reset the MPG readout on a short freeway trip and got 26.3 MPG on 40 miles of fairly level freeway averaging 65 MPH. In the city my mileage varies from 13-15 because I don't drive very far on most trips. My work commute is 3 miles so it barely gets warmed up.
  • How do you reset the MPG readout?
  • bithead17bithead17 Posts: 1
    With the avg MPG readout showing, hit the lower right button on the wheel, and hold it for a few seconds :D
  • ldsmith83ldsmith83 Posts: 2
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