Changes You'd Like To See in the Lexus RX 400h

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Have an idea for an option or change that would improve the 400h? This is the place to let us know about it!


  • grgcombsgrgcombs Member Posts: 1
    So I bought a new RX-400h last night ... there are several things I'd like to see in the form of software updates to the navigation and audio components...

    1) CD changer and radio tuner control via touch screen (with CD-TEXT) ... I've seen this on the prius and I don't know why it's not in my car.

    2) Allow parentheses for area codes in phone book.

    3) Allow multiple phone numbers for each phone book entry (mobile, home, work, etc).

    4) Option to omit pinstripes and insignia

    5) Addresses imported along with phone numbers via bluetooth, and accessible via navigation functions.

    6) Coin pocket

    7) Heated rear seats and stearing wheel

    8) Possibly support for photos in the phone book, as imported from bluetooth phones.

    Many of these things could be accomplished via a software update to the computer ..., like the addresses, phone book issues, etc.

  • brent99brent99 Member Posts: 19
    Since the 400h often pours the battery power into the horsepower for greater performance, it'd be neat if there was a switch that changed the preference from "performance" to "fuel economy". This might be accomplished by restricting maximum horsepower output of the car intentionally.

    This way, when you are dealing with higher gas prices or trying to eek out your best gas mileage, you could do so with by restricting the engine and not necessarily your driving habits. Yet this still retains the option of having super performance from the hybrid too! The best of both worlds.

    Second: that message on the navigator every time you turn it on about not using while driving or whatever it says (who reads it?). LOVE to see that go. What a pain in the butt. Probably what I hate MOST about the car. And the restriction of programming the navigator while driving would be nice to see gone too, although that's probably less likely to happen.
  • brent99brent99 Member Posts: 19
    I'd like to see Lexus fight for tax incentives on LEASING. Lets face it: leasing is nothing more than a different way to finance the vehicle. That the government provides tax breaks to buyers but not leasors is illogical and unfair. In fact, if it weren't for leasing, I probably wouldn't even be able to afford the car. And isn't that the point of the tax incentives in the first place? To make the hybrid more affordable so more people will buy and drive them?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAMember Posts: 4,098
    "I'd like to see Lexus fight for tax incentives on LEASING. "

    I think the leasing company gets the Hybrid tax credit. After all, THEY own the car, not the person leasing the vehicle.

    There was some discussion about this when the credits were announced.
  • lexrexbluelexrexblue Member Posts: 38
    I agree with your list, but add an iPod connection! Also, it seems that although the seats have more adjustments than the RX300 they're not as comfortable.
  • cmd128cmd128 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I bought the RX 400h today :) (Sunday)& hope to pick it up Monday or Tuesday. I was shocked that a forward thinking company like Toyota/Lexus doesn't have an input for an MP3 Player. Gosh, my daughter's Chevy has one! lol Can one be added? If I took it somewhere & had it added do I mess up my warranty?
  • dug_wdug_w Member Posts: 1
    Sirius satellite, line audio input jack on center console area for inputting MP3 audio...or just provide an MP3 source of some, get rid of the cassette player, high resolution GPS screen. Besides this, we do like our RX400h.
  • markusmannmarkusmann Member Posts: 10
    Here's a few things that come to mind with my new 2007 RX400h:
    - voice command list on the computer system (I actually wish they could have the manual digitally there, but that would require a very different UI, I am sure)
    - temperature control on the steering wheel (my 2007 Prius has it)
    - power outlet conveniently in backseat area (for kids to play games or whatever)
    - a setting for how high the backdoor opens (it opens so high it hits the roof in some parking garages) or the ability to manually hold on to the baackdoor when it opens to make it "feeze" in it's current position (if that makes sense)
  • markusmannmarkusmann Member Posts: 10
    Oh, I forgot some
    - cargo safety net or bars between the backseat and cargo area (My dad's Volvo V70 has a nice simple solution for this)
    - I'd love to see the MP3 connection and I could also sacrifies the tape capability
    - a nice secure place to place my cell phone out of pocket where it won't move or scratch
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    A 120 VAC power outlet in the back would require a "child-proof" locking cover.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    A mode switch (shades of Edson deCastro) wherein the hybrid battery use could be minimized by the driver. Currently when cruising at freeway speeds the battery is used anytime regaining of set speed is needed. With little or no opportunity for regenerative braking to be used eventually the battery charge declines to the point wherein the ICE MUST be used for recharging.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    A new catalytic converter design such that a smallish Miller Cycle I4 with a variable speed fixed/positive displacement SuperCharger can be used.

    If the catalytic converter did not need to be heated to operational temperature, >800F, by the exhaust gasses then the design door would open wider...
  • gtophgtoph Member Posts: 22
    For what it's worth, I second the performance vs economy issue.
  • eshapireshapir Member Posts: 24
    I would add the Parking Assist feature that alerts you when your vehicle gets near an object. My parents have an LS430 and I just assumed that Lexus added it onto the RX400h.

    Also, provide a way for drivers to turn off the "I Agree" button and do destination entry while in motion. After market Navigation systems don't have these annoyances and for the $ Lexus charges for Nav, ours shouldn't either.
  • jarchdeaconjarchdeacon Member Posts: 22
    I test drove a 2007 400H today and was pretty impressed with the car with the exception of the nav system voice control features. It took so long to command the system with voice commands, I finally gave up. Lexus could easily improve the nav system to make it easy to use while driving (with logical voice commands) so you don't ever have to look down at the system, or run out of patience waiting for the system to respond as expected.
  • lovemylexus07lovemylexus07 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 400h as a loaner while my 2004 RX330 is having routine maintenance. I love my RX, but I like the 400h even more. With that said, there are several things Lexus needs to add/upgrade in the next 400h design (and the gas RX for that matter) before I will buy one.

    1) IPOD/MP3 integration. This means 1/4 and 1/8 jack capability.

    2) Lose the cassette player but keep the 6 CD-changer in dash

    3) Heated rear seats

    4) Bridgestone tire option (I still can't believe a Japanese car maker puts French tires on their vehicles).

    5) CHANGE DISH (and not the stupid thing they put in the RX center console after the 2004 model)

    6) Add the driver's side cup holder (under the air vent) to the passenger side too.

    7) Lose the bulky "bump" in the roof of the cargo area. I don't have it on my RX and I can't figure out what it does except eat up valuable headroom in the cargo area.

    8) Work on rear window blind spots

    9) Upgrade the front seats to make them more plush, yet durable at the same time

    10) Cell phone integration for every make and manufacturer

    More overall cargo area (figure out how to reduce the amount of space the wheel well takes up), slightly more rear leg room, and a third row option would be nice too. My husband also requests some sort of "audible" when turning on the car...such as a "welcome." The car is so silent it freaks him out when I tell him it is already on.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    That "bump" houses the drive motor for the rear door.
  • maximafanmaximafan Member Posts: 592
    I guess the "bump" was added for the power liftgate.
  • brent99brent99 Member Posts: 19
    I'd love to be able to recharge my batteries with a plug. Lexus should offer an upgrade to current vehicles that allow for this.

    And this feature should be made standard in future models.
  • brent99brent99 Member Posts: 19
    I had an oil change by a non-Lexus person and the warning light went off requiring an oil change needed to be performed, even though I had updated the record manually. I tried everything imaginable to get this annoying light to go away. Nothing worked. I wiped out my maintenance records in the process, thereby making the whole feature worthless. It was also not allowed to enter dates in the past to fix records.

    Finally, contacting the dealer and trying about 10 times, I managed to get the light to go away by some weird combination of holding the odometer down while turning on the car. What the *)^*^?
  • brent99brent99 Member Posts: 19
    Our battery was disconnected as part of a repair when the car got slammed into by a driver running a red light. After repair, the shop couldn't get the electrical system right i.e. the windows and driver seat controls, etc.

    We took it to the local Lexus dealership. They had it for a FULL WEEK and after examining it for several days, they realized that the electrical system system needed to be restarted. Meanwhile, we and the insurance company are paying for a comparable rental.

    My point is: shouldn't it be somewhat obvious to a lexus dealership that the electrical system needs a restart? A light or something? I'd add that in, because from my standpoint, this seemed rather retarded and they are lucky they explained this to my wife, and not me.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Absent a long extension cord, a VERY long extension cord, how far do you thing a "house" charge would get you?

    Not far enough to justify the option.

    A tow-a-long genset might make the idea worthwhile....
  • texamau1texamau1 Member Posts: 42
    How's about DVD changer instead of CD? the Navigation manual mentioned it .. Also need to have an Aux input !!
  • chucarchucar Member Posts: 2
    Running boards please! After driving grand cherokee's for 13 years I went to Lexus to get an SUV hybrid. My 1st grade son has a hard time getting into the vehicle without the boards and it's a pain to get skis et all out of the topper without them as well.

    Has anyone found good after market running boards for the Rx 350 or 400h?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Are you looking for running boards or pant leg muddiers??

    Oh, I guess either will work.
  • krellukrellu Member Posts: 31
    A passenger seat memory would be nice,the es sedan has one so why not the rx??
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    The Prius I4 was easily adapted to the Atkinson Cycle since just as one cylinder would be EXHAUSTING a portion of the mixture into the intake manifold the "opposite" cylinder would be beginning an intake strobe and thereby absorb the pressure pulse from the mixture being "exhausted", forced back into the intake manifold.

    Obviously the V6 has no such advantage, cylinder intake/exhaust(intake) synchronization, which may be why the Atkinson Cycle is not used on the RXh or HHL. Maxda solved this problem in the Millenia "S" V6 by switching to the Miller Cycle, using an SC to prevent reverse air flow in the throttle intake.

    Could a "reed" valve or "flapper" valve system such as used in 2-cycle engines be used in the throttle throat of a V6 to overcome this problem..??

    Mill the heads to get a mechanical compression ratio of ~13:1 and then custom grind new intake camshafts to delay the intake valve closing to get an effective compression ratio of 10:1?
  • chance8chance8 Member Posts: 4
    I've come into the Lexus RX400h from an Infiniti FX35 so now, of course, I realize some of the things I was spoiled with in the FX: KEYLESS ENTRY and IGNITION--not having to dig for keys for 4 years was wonderful; BOSE SURROUND SOUND rocks and is clearly the best audio system out there; handles on the sides of the cargo area that drop the rear seats forward so that you don't have to crawl inside the car to load snowboards; lights in the cargo area that come on when the hatch is opened as with doors; guidelines on the back-up camera--with that wide angle lens I can't tell where I am.

    Of course the RX has its advantages over the Infiniti, most notably that it offers a HYBRID model. My husband mocks me because I could have gotten a Prius for roughly half the price (with keyless entry and ignition by the way) but I've been spoiled riding in the lap of luxury and I just can't go back!
  • towens3277towens3277 Member Posts: 1
    A Key Pad Entry System. Currently, only Ford / Lincoln Mercury have this feature. However, it's wonderful. One doesn't have to carry keys, just punch in your code and the driver's door opens, add one more number and all door open. Leave your keys in the car, leave your garage door opener in the car. It's great!
    Why can't Lexus do this too?
  • maximafanmaximafan Member Posts: 592
    Don't forget that you get a power rear liftgate and rains-sensing wipers on the RX which you didn't get on the FX, although we know that the FX is the "true road handler" in this duo! :shades:

    The 2009 FX may have added these features, not sure yet.
    The next generation RX will have push button start most probably!
  • mdntcallrmdntcallr Member Posts: 3
    i would like to see:
    1- even better gas mileage
    2- UPGRADE THE STEREO ALREADY!!. no tape deck in car, better pricing on SIRIUS & IPOD kit for dealer install, have an AUX input so some can use ipods to similar devices without a kit.

    3- led lighting in car with coloring that can be set by owner
    4- LEXUS LINK, how they didn't include this for the RX 400h is criminal. so fraking lame. i want it, and my wife has BMW assist in her car. i am jealous of that.
    5- plug in charging for battery when not being used.
  • krellukrellu Member Posts: 31
    Exclusive Spy Video and Photos: 2010 Lexus RX 350
    Inside Line
    Search: Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Home News Columns Road Tests Future Vehicles Feature Articles Auto Shows Photos & Video Forums CSX Future VehiclesExclusive Spy Video and Photos: 2010 Lexus RX 350 Related LinksFull Test: 2007 Acura MDX 2009 Honda Pilot vs. 2008 Mazda CX-9 vs. 2008 Toyota Highlander More InfoMore Future Vehicles Articles More Spy Shots

    2010 Lexus RX 350 Getting a Workout on the Nürburgring
    By Ed Hellwig, Lead Senior Editor Email | Blog

    Date posted: 07-17-2008

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    You expect to see sports cars, sport sedans and even the occasional economy car on the Nürburgring, but now we're to the point where even luxury crossovers are being tuned on the twisty test circuit in Germany. The 2010 Lexus RX 350 recently hit the 'Ring, and thanks to a lack of camouflage the prototype gave us a good look at what's in store for the upcoming midsize crossover.

    If you're hoping for big changes you'll be disappointed, as the next RX looks much like the current model in terms of its overall size and shape. There's a slightly revised grille up front that's more angular in appearance along with a reconfigured headlight cluster.

    In back, a new set of LED taillights is the most noticeable difference. There are a few minor changes to the shape of the rear fascia, but unless you put the 2010 model side by side with the current RX you would find it hard to see the difference between the two.

    The profile of this new RX is slightly more aggressive than before with a slightly lower roofline. A new design for the rear side windows eliminates one of the smaller quarter windows to give the overall shape a cleaner look.

    There won't be big changes under the hood, either. A revised version of the current 3.5-liter V6 will provide the power with a six-speed automatic handling the gearchanges. A hybrid model will be available as well, most likely with the same powertrain as the current GS 450h.

    Although there have been rumors of an extended-length RX with three rows of seating, we have yet to see any prototypes that confirm the predictions. We expect that role will be filled by an all-new Lexus crossover built on the rear-wheel-drive platform that underpins the GS sedan. It will most likely replace the current GX 470 as Lexus looks to move away from body-on-frame platforms in favor of lighter, more space-efficient, car-based unibody crossovers.

    Look for the official debut of the 2010 RX 350 later this year with sales beginning in early 2009.

    See new Lexus models
    See future Lexus models

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    (Enlarge photo)
    Slightly revised headlights and a new grille are just a few of the RX's styling changes for 2010. (Photo by KGP Photography)

    (Enlarge photo)
    The overall shape of the greenhouse isn't much different than the current model, but expect slightly more room inside. (Photo by KGP Photography)

    (Enlarge photo)
    New LED taillights are one of the few noticeable changes in back. (Photo by KGP Photography)
  • kyxydjkyxydj Member Posts: 12
    The outside temperature gauge on the instrument panel takes too long to adjust to temperature changes. It's slow and also skips many temperatures on the °F scale. Once I saw my temperature toggling between 48° and 50°, and 49° was non-existent, the Lexus totally skipped it. I've also never seen 74, 76, 85, 87 and a bunch of other numbers, the Lexus outside temp. gauge never stops at these numbers. I've owned Lexus SUV's since 2001, and they are all the same. Many features of the vehicle are so high-tech, you'd think they could get this right.

    And a "miles to empty" (or projected range) readout somewhere on the instrument panel would be nice on the RX400h, I think they have this feature on the traditional gas engine RX models.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Due to the POORLY (thoughtless...??) designed mounting of the OAT sensor it is too easily influenced by radiant heating from the nearby A/C condensor and engine radiator so DSP, Digital Signal Processing, must be used to "smooth" the readout.

    Due to possible variations in driving style before and after "miles to empty" is not a predictable or reliable computation and is therefore being dropped from many computational displays.
  • bobgailbobgail Member Posts: 12
    1.idiot light to indicate fog lights are on

    2. ipod connector

    3. elapsed time trip clock

    4. free upgrade for nav. system- its only a dvd to be copied into the system!

    5. lights in the front and rear bumper relocated so they are not so prone to parking lot smashes

    6. strong bumper material that will not scratch or dent so easily
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    "...1. idiot light to indicate fog lights are on..."

    Since the Toyota/Lexus fog light implementation makes the fog lights less than useless, actually a detriment to your night time distance vision, why not just pull the fog light fuse and be done with it.
  • btmnk21btmnk21 Member Posts: 2
    As seen on -

    Continuing in on the breakdown of the 2010 Lexus RX 350 (and probably hybrid model), here's a list of newly available-

    Optional equipment:

    Bi-Xenon HID Headlamps
    Automatic High Beam Feature
    Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror with Integrated Backup Camera
    Wallet-Size Card Key
    12-Speaker Premium Audio System
    USB Audio Input
    15-Speaker Mark Levinson Audio System
    Voice-activated HDD Navigation System
    XM Real-Time Traffic Capability
    19-inch Alloy Wheels
    P235/55R19 Tires
    Head-Up Display
    Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM)
    Driver Seat Variable Cushion Length Adjustment
    Front Passenger Seat Variable Cushion Length Adjustment
    Wide-View Side Monitor System
    Sport-Tuned Suspension
    Unique Wheel Finish
    Dual Screen Rear Seat DVD Entertainment System
    3-Position Driver Seat Memory System
    Heated & Ventilated Front Seats

    Standard Equip:

    18-inch Alloy Wheels
    P235/50R18 M+S Tires
    XM Satellite Radio (Factory Activated)
    Smart Entry System
    Push Button Start
    Bluetooth Capability
    Rear Seat Side Airbags
    Double Wishbone Rear Suspension
    Retractable Outside Rearview Mirrors
    Integrated Turn Signal Lamps
    Puddle Lamps
    Rear Seatbelt Pretensioners
    Hill Ascent Control (HAC)
    Temporary Spare Tire
    6-Speed Automatic Transmission
    Sequential Shift Mode
    Active Torque Control 4WD System
    Electric Power Steering
    Multi-Information Display
    Front Passenger Knee Airbag
    Premium Fabric Seat Surfaces
    Sliding Rear Seat
    Remote Release for Folding Rear Seatbacks
    Active Front Headrests with Whiplash Protection
    Roof Mounted Satellite Fin Antenna

    Deleted Standard Equipment

    Driver Foldable Armrest
    Front Passenger Foldable Armrest
    Full-Size Spare Tire
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    Full-Time 4WD System
    2-Position Driver Seat Memory System
    Auto-dimming Side View Mirrors
    Leather Seat Surfaces
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Do you suppose one could transplant the upcoming Lexus ESh HSD system into an RXh and have a FE RX..???
  • nmrknmrk Member Posts: 8
    The INDEX is totally deficient. Try to find the definition for AFS in the 2006 manual. The light saying it was either on or off came on. I did not know what it meant. I found 300 definitions on the internet. I found one that seemed to apply and tried to look it up in the INDEX. Not there. However, I think I accidentally found it on page 65.

    I have suggested to LEXUS that all acronyms be listed with related words--e.g. AFS (Adaptive Front-Lighting System). I have suggested that OLD PEOPLE have money, buy expensive cars and don't all use computers so HELP US look things up. The manual is over 600 pages. Indexing is an automated word processing function not brain surgery. And, what does P/S stand for--Premenstrual Stress?

    Just make the Manuals user friendly.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    "..Just make the Manuals user friendly.."

    Supply them on CD wherein I can build my OWN index or use one of a myriad of word search engines.

    Or...GO GREEN...!!

    Supply them ONLY on CD.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    And while we're at it why not drop the separate electric rear drive motor in favor of the new Venza type F/AWD..??

    Then those of us that wished could have a much more SAFE RWD RXh with manual 4WD capability.
  • mtrsmtrs Member Posts: 4
    Having owned my RX400h for over a year, there are a number of changes that I'd like to see, mostly on the programming end. Overall, I think Lexus did a great job with the hardware, but the software could really use some improvement.

    1. The car already has a DVD changer, so it should be able to read MP3s from a DVD, not just from CDs.
    2. If a passenger is sitting in the passenger seat, enable the additional navi controls, such as full GPS and the telephone dialpad. While on the highway, I'd like for my wife to be able to toy with the system.
    3. Have a calculator in the navi system! That's a convenient extra to have while on vacation.
    4. Have a notepad in the navi system. Also a convenient extra to have on hand.
    5. Allow access to advanced programming features from the navigation menu-- change from miles to km, change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, change from gallons to litres. Change default lock doors when you shift from Park to no-lock, etc.
    6. iPod/iPhone integration with Navi display: there's so much capability here I wish it could be used:
    -Allow iPod Touch/iPhone display to be shown on Navi display.
    -Allow Navi touchscreen to operate the iPhone.
    -Music interface from iPhone, of course.
    -Full integration of iPhone contact list with the car's telephone screen.
    -Enable this functionality via an in-car WiFi network, so I can leave my iPhone in my pocket (no need to connect my iPhone with a cable every time I get in the car, and I odn't need to worry about forgetting the phone in the car when I get out).
    -Or enable the functionality via a USB port so that I can recharge my phone and keep it hidden in the center console.
    -Design it to allow other smartphones to be able to interface with it via USB or WiFi.
  • skycaptainskycaptain Member Posts: 33
    edited August 2010
    I would like to see many things. First I miss a Tachometer. Also I would like a 6 or 7 speed transmission instead of the constant speed trans. Also I am surprised that the electric motor doesn't kick in more to help with acceleration either off the light or on the freeway. Many times even though the battery is almost full, when I accelerate while cruising on the roadway, the gen-motor runs to charge rather than helping accelerate the vehicle for that brief acceleration period. This is when it should augment the gas engine and save some gas. It's a simple computer program redo. :shades:
  • snavelsnavel Member Posts: 1
    - I bought ( in Holland) th RX 400 H and was astonished to find casette player in this car and no Ipod connection.
    - I was also upset that the passenger cannot use the navigation during driving
    - Another frustrating issue is alle the warnings you get after starting, by using navigation, by driving backwards Due to all this warnings you have to press I dont use the backward draving camera.
    Another issue is the lights, By every car you turn on the dashboard lights as soon as you turn on the front ligthing. I happend several times that I was driving without ligthing as I thought that it was on becaus of the dshboard lighting that was on.
    - Integration with Iphone is terrible.
    - Usb connector with car system is needed.
    - music system that plays MP3 / DVD / a.s.o.

    The car itself is a fantastic car, however If I compare it with the Toyota prius of one of my employees, I found exactely the same navigation system with much more features, at less than half of the price of lexus..
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    "..instead of constant speed trans..."

    Pilot's license confuse you..?

    CVT, Continuously Variable Transmission.

    But for the RX400h not even that is the unvarnished truth.

    PSD, Power Split Device, the fully functional equivalent of a CVT.

    But the Toyota HSD's CVT/PSD is highly integral, one might even go so far as to say, the very HEART of the Toyota HSD design. It cannot even be made to have gear "notches" via firmware control without sacrificing FE.
  • skycaptainskycaptain Member Posts: 33
    West, I understand your point. However I don't understand why the transmission can't have a lock up at freeway speeds. Moderate accelleration (1/4 throttle) causes :shades: the engine to rev to almost redline during acceleration. I'm afraid I don't see this as very fuel efficient. Surely the V6 has enough torque( not to mention the electric motor torque) for mild to moderate acceleration without major revving.
    I stopped using my cruise control in the small hills of NC as the engine revs like a blender trying to maintain speed on the small hills and rises on the highway.

    One thing I would like to see is a "Fuzzy Cruise" setting. In other words a cruise that normally maintains a set speed but will allow a small speed decay on climbing hills without unnexcessary revving, say 5 mph to 7 mph, and reclaim cruise speed on the other side of the hill.

    On a side note, My wifes 2010 Prius has a CVT and it doesn't have the sensitive over revving problem on minor acceleration. It stays locked up at cruise unless you really push the pedal down to pass etc. So obviously the programming of the computer is diffderent for the Prius, even though the 4 cyl is less powerful an engine. Why not set the Lexus up the same?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    The high engine revving might be more about FE than torque delivery. High revving does not necessarilly mean high gas consumption. All engines have a point in the rev band in specific circumstances that is most efficient and apparently that point on the V6 is consistently higher than the 4 cylinder.

    Personally I'm hoping to soon see a F/awd(***) Venza hybrid using the new 187HP 4-cylinder but upgraded to DFI (225HP..??). If the 2012 Ford Escape hybrid doesn't get there first.

    *** Weld the rear drive coupling SOLID and drop a front halfshaft for a more safe RWD. Or add a manual coupling to a front halfshaft and have a part-time 4WD. system.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    "...lockup at freeway speeds.."

    In reality the PSD is a summing machine, sort of an analog computer with three input variables, if you will. Four variables, if you count the most important one, maintaining a constant speed even with so many "road" variables.

    Think of it as a constant speed prop, if that helps, the prop automatically changes pitch continuously/constantly in reaction to "load", keeping the engine RPM constant.
  • skycaptainskycaptain Member Posts: 33
    WWest, Thanks for the thoughtful reply. You defintely know your stuff. I'm honestly very impressed.
    Have you read about the new Pugeot Hybrid? It has all wheel drive. However the system is split with no physical connection between the front and rear wheels. The electric motor generator is on the rear wheels and the gas engiine drives the front wheels. Much simpler and the engine has a 6 speed automatic trans w/OD with no complicated power share coupling. I would love that sort of Hybrid system to appear at Toyota. It would lower costs and weight.

    I agree that I would prefer a rear wheel drive under dry everday driving as well with the front wheels only used on request or under slippery conditions. That used to be the basic setup for all 4WD vehicles. :shades:
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