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Changes You'd Like To See in the Lexus RX 400h

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,755
edited August 2014 in Lexus
Have an idea for an option or change that would improve the 400h? This is the place to let us know about it!

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  • So I bought a new RX-400h last night ... there are several things I'd like to see in the form of software updates to the navigation and audio components...

    1) CD changer and radio tuner control via touch screen (with CD-TEXT) ... I've seen this on the prius and I don't know why it's not in my car.

    2) Allow parentheses for area codes in phone book.

    3) Allow multiple phone numbers for each phone book entry (mobile, home, work, etc).

    4) Option to omit pinstripes and insignia

    5) Addresses imported along with phone numbers via bluetooth, and accessible via navigation functions.

    6) Coin pocket

    7) Heated rear seats and stearing wheel

    8) Possibly support for photos in the phone book, as imported from bluetooth phones.

    Many of these things could be accomplished via a software update to the computer ..., like the addresses, phone book issues, etc.

  • Since the 400h often pours the battery power into the horsepower for greater performance, it'd be neat if there was a switch that changed the preference from "performance" to "fuel economy". This might be accomplished by restricting maximum horsepower output of the car intentionally.

    This way, when you are dealing with higher gas prices or trying to eek out your best gas mileage, you could do so with by restricting the engine and not necessarily your driving habits. Yet this still retains the option of having super performance from the hybrid too! The best of both worlds.

    Second: that message on the navigator every time you turn it on about not using while driving or whatever it says (who reads it?). LOVE to see that go. What a pain in the butt. Probably what I hate MOST about the car. And the restriction of programming the navigator while driving would be nice to see gone too, although that's probably less likely to happen.
  • I'd like to see Lexus fight for tax incentives on LEASING. Lets face it: leasing is nothing more than a different way to finance the vehicle. That the government provides tax breaks to buyers but not leasors is illogical and unfair. In fact, if it weren't for leasing, I probably wouldn't even be able to afford the car. And isn't that the point of the tax incentives in the first place? To make the hybrid more affordable so more people will buy and drive them?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I'd like to see Lexus fight for tax incentives on LEASING. "

    I think the leasing company gets the Hybrid tax credit. After all, THEY own the car, not the person leasing the vehicle.

    There was some discussion about this when the credits were announced.
  • I agree with your list, but add an iPod connection! Also, it seems that although the seats have more adjustments than the RX300 they're not as comfortable.
  • Hi, I bought the RX 400h today :) (Sunday)& hope to pick it up Monday or Tuesday. I was shocked that a forward thinking company like Toyota/Lexus doesn't have an input for an MP3 Player. Gosh, my daughter's Chevy has one! lol Can one be added? If I took it somewhere & had it added do I mess up my warranty?
  • dug_wdug_w Posts: 1
    Sirius satellite, line audio input jack on center console area for inputting MP3 audio...or just provide an MP3 source of some, get rid of the cassette player, high resolution GPS screen. Besides this, we do like our RX400h.
  • Here's a few things that come to mind with my new 2007 RX400h:
    - voice command list on the computer system (I actually wish they could have the manual digitally there, but that would require a very different UI, I am sure)
    - temperature control on the steering wheel (my 2007 Prius has it)
    - power outlet conveniently in backseat area (for kids to play games or whatever)
    - a setting for how high the backdoor opens (it opens so high it hits the roof in some parking garages) or the ability to manually hold on to the baackdoor when it opens to make it "feeze" in it's current position (if that makes sense)
  • Oh, I forgot some
    - cargo safety net or bars between the backseat and cargo area (My dad's Volvo V70 has a nice simple solution for this)
    - I'd love to see the MP3 connection and I could also sacrifies the tape capability
    - a nice secure place to place my cell phone out of pocket where it won't move or scratch
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    A 120 VAC power outlet in the back would require a "child-proof" locking cover.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    A mode switch (shades of Edson deCastro) wherein the hybrid battery use could be minimized by the driver. Currently when cruising at freeway speeds the battery is used anytime regaining of set speed is needed. With little or no opportunity for regenerative braking to be used eventually the battery charge declines to the point wherein the ICE MUST be used for recharging.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    A new catalytic converter design such that a smallish Miller Cycle I4 with a variable speed fixed/positive displacement SuperCharger can be used.

    If the catalytic converter did not need to be heated to operational temperature, >800F, by the exhaust gasses then the design door would open wider...
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    For what it's worth, I second the performance vs economy issue.
  • eshapireshapir Posts: 24
    I would add the Parking Assist feature that alerts you when your vehicle gets near an object. My parents have an LS430 and I just assumed that Lexus added it onto the RX400h.

    Also, provide a way for drivers to turn off the "I Agree" button and do destination entry while in motion. After market Navigation systems don't have these annoyances and for the $ Lexus charges for Nav, ours shouldn't either.
  • I test drove a 2007 400H today and was pretty impressed with the car with the exception of the nav system voice control features. It took so long to command the system with voice commands, I finally gave up. Lexus could easily improve the nav system to make it easy to use while driving (with logical voice commands) so you don't ever have to look down at the system, or run out of patience waiting for the system to respond as expected.
  • I have a 2007 400h as a loaner while my 2004 RX330 is having routine maintenance. I love my RX, but I like the 400h even more. With that said, there are several things Lexus needs to add/upgrade in the next 400h design (and the gas RX for that matter) before I will buy one.

    1) IPOD/MP3 integration. This means 1/4 and 1/8 jack capability.

    2) Lose the cassette player but keep the 6 CD-changer in dash

    3) Heated rear seats

    4) Bridgestone tire option (I still can't believe a Japanese car maker puts French tires on their vehicles).

    5) CHANGE DISH (and not the stupid thing they put in the RX center console after the 2004 model)

    6) Add the driver's side cup holder (under the air vent) to the passenger side too.

    7) Lose the bulky "bump" in the roof of the cargo area. I don't have it on my RX and I can't figure out what it does except eat up valuable headroom in the cargo area.

    8) Work on rear window blind spots

    9) Upgrade the front seats to make them more plush, yet durable at the same time

    10) Cell phone integration for every make and manufacturer

    More overall cargo area (figure out how to reduce the amount of space the wheel well takes up), slightly more rear leg room, and a third row option would be nice too. My husband also requests some sort of "audible" when turning on the car...such as a "welcome." The car is so silent it freaks him out when I tell him it is already on.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    That "bump" houses the drive motor for the rear door.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I guess the "bump" was added for the power liftgate.
  • brent99brent99 Posts: 19
    I'd love to be able to recharge my batteries with a plug. Lexus should offer an upgrade to current vehicles that allow for this.

    And this feature should be made standard in future models.
  • brent99brent99 Posts: 19
    I had an oil change by a non-Lexus person and the warning light went off requiring an oil change needed to be performed, even though I had updated the record manually. I tried everything imaginable to get this annoying light to go away. Nothing worked. I wiped out my maintenance records in the process, thereby making the whole feature worthless. It was also not allowed to enter dates in the past to fix records.

    Finally, contacting the dealer and trying about 10 times, I managed to get the light to go away by some weird combination of holding the odometer down while turning on the car. What the *)^*^?
  • brent99brent99 Posts: 19
    Our battery was disconnected as part of a repair when the car got slammed into by a driver running a red light. After repair, the shop couldn't get the electrical system right i.e. the windows and driver seat controls, etc.

    We took it to the local Lexus dealership. They had it for a FULL WEEK and after examining it for several days, they realized that the electrical system system needed to be restarted. Meanwhile, we and the insurance company are paying for a comparable rental.

    My point is: shouldn't it be somewhat obvious to a lexus dealership that the electrical system needs a restart? A light or something? I'd add that in, because from my standpoint, this seemed rather retarded and they are lucky they explained this to my wife, and not me.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Absent a long extension cord, a VERY long extension cord, how far do you thing a "house" charge would get you?

    Not far enough to justify the option.

    A tow-a-long genset might make the idea worthwhile....
  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    How's about DVD changer instead of CD? the Navigation manual mentioned it .. Also need to have an Aux input !!
  • chucarchucar Posts: 2
    Running boards please! After driving grand cherokee's for 13 years I went to Lexus to get an SUV hybrid. My 1st grade son has a hard time getting into the vehicle without the boards and it's a pain to get skis et all out of the topper without them as well.

    Has anyone found good after market running boards for the Rx 350 or 400h?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Are you looking for running boards or pant leg muddiers??

    Oh, I guess either will work.
  • krellukrellu Posts: 31
    A passenger seat memory would be nice,the es sedan has one so why not the rx??
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The Prius I4 was easily adapted to the Atkinson Cycle since just as one cylinder would be EXHAUSTING a portion of the mixture into the intake manifold the "opposite" cylinder would be beginning an intake strobe and thereby absorb the pressure pulse from the mixture being "exhausted", forced back into the intake manifold.

    Obviously the V6 has no such advantage, cylinder intake/exhaust(intake) synchronization, which may be why the Atkinson Cycle is not used on the RXh or HHL. Maxda solved this problem in the Millenia "S" V6 by switching to the Miller Cycle, using an SC to prevent reverse air flow in the throttle intake.

    Could a "reed" valve or "flapper" valve system such as used in 2-cycle engines be used in the throttle throat of a V6 to overcome this problem..??

    Mill the heads to get a mechanical compression ratio of ~13:1 and then custom grind new intake camshafts to delay the intake valve closing to get an effective compression ratio of 10:1?
  • chance8chance8 Posts: 4
    I've come into the Lexus RX400h from an Infiniti FX35 so now, of course, I realize some of the things I was spoiled with in the FX: KEYLESS ENTRY and IGNITION--not having to dig for keys for 4 years was wonderful; BOSE SURROUND SOUND rocks and is clearly the best audio system out there; handles on the sides of the cargo area that drop the rear seats forward so that you don't have to crawl inside the car to load snowboards; lights in the cargo area that come on when the hatch is opened as with doors; guidelines on the back-up camera--with that wide angle lens I can't tell where I am.

    Of course the RX has its advantages over the Infiniti, most notably that it offers a HYBRID model. My husband mocks me because I could have gotten a Prius for roughly half the price (with keyless entry and ignition by the way) but I've been spoiled riding in the lap of luxury and I just can't go back!
  • A Key Pad Entry System. Currently, only Ford / Lincoln Mercury have this feature. However, it's wonderful. One doesn't have to carry keys, just punch in your code and the driver's door opens, add one more number and all door open. Leave your keys in the car, leave your garage door opener in the car. It's great!
    Why can't Lexus do this too?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Don't forget that you get a power rear liftgate and rains-sensing wipers on the RX which you didn't get on the FX, although we know that the FX is the "true road handler" in this duo! :shades:

    The 2009 FX may have added these features, not sure yet.
    The next generation RX will have push button start most probably!
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