Lexus GS 450h Transmission Problems

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  • charlesm7charlesm7 Member Posts: 3
    I need help here. I am desperate because not only do I have transmission problems, but I have rattling noises coming from the back of the car, It is fast but not fast enough. I can easily say there is a slight hesitation when you take off. I’d never had problems with my Mercedes Benz of 8 years.
  • bmwconvertbmwconvert Member Posts: 75
    What specifically is your problem with the transmission? the slight hesitation? Are you sure that's not the gas engine kicking in? It's not perfectly smooth if you smash the accelerator.

    Are you complaining that the car is not fast enough? I'd have to differ, but it is what it is. What else in this class does 5.2sec and gets this kind of fuel economy?

    Regarding rattling noises, that could be anything. I've had my car back to the dealer 3 times to fix rattles and squeaks in the dashboard, but they eventually fixed them all.

    I consistently get a clunking sound from the backend when applying the brakes, but the service manager explained that that is normal and caused by the brake pads seating (or something to that effect).

    On an individual basis anything can happen, good or bad, but I certainly wouldn't want to compare MB's overall reliability track record against Lexus'.
  • charlesm7charlesm7 Member Posts: 3
    Dear BMWconvert,

    Thank you for your help. They are replacing my transmission and my dealer told me that they haven't had much problems with them, but a hand full of transmissions that went bad. You are right about the gas economy, but I had other German cars that were faster. I do have the same problems you did with the rattling noises plus more in ther rear of the car. I also had ABS sensor malfunction and over all had bad luck with this car.
  • bmwconvertbmwconvert Member Posts: 75
    Sorry to hear about your problems. What were the symptoms with your transmission? I do experience one odd thing, which I can't tell whether it's normal, an engine or a transmission problem. When accelerating relatively hard after a cold startup and the car not warmed up yet, the engine feels like it races a bit, then settles steady, then races, etc. Like it's unsteady when cold. It always goes away when warmed up a bit, so I haven't been too concerned.
    Did you feel anything like this?
  • charlesm7charlesm7 Member Posts: 3
    Yes that's how it started and then it progress to escalated the way it was shifting, but for me it happen all of the time; not just when it was cold. They’re telling me that I will get my car back in couple of weeks. :lemon:
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    What do you mean by "the way it was shifting"? The car has a CVT and it does not shift. I do not perceive any kind of uneveness or lurching during the acceleration; it's just a smooth constant power delivery.
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