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starting problem

traveler74traveler74 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2020 in Toyota
I just purchased a 1996 Toyota 4 runner SR-5 automatic tranny. 195 K miles

Key turns in the lock but engine will not turn over. Steering wheel turns freely. No clicking. No grinding. Total silence.
New battery !
I'm stumped. never experienced any problem like this with any car I've ever owned.
Please, please offer a suggestion.
Thank you


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    xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,826
    So, does the car come alive when you turn the key to the 'on' position, in terms of dashboard electronics, fuel pump, etc., but the car just does not try to turn over when you move the key to the 'start' position? Have you checked continuity at the starter, as well as traced the relays & fuses in the related circuit/s to determine whether you might have a starter issue?
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    traveler74traveler74 Member Posts: 2
    I went to Auto Zone and they checked the alternator. It was bad. So, I had been driving on the hwy and I used up all battery power. As soon as I replace the alternator brushes, and recharge the battery, I'll be able to see if anything else was damaged.
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