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Toyota Camry Warranty Questions

gedfgedf Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in Toyota
I am about to buy a mint condition 2004 Camry from a private seller (27,000 miles). It is still under the 3/36k warranty. How do make sure that the warranty transfers into my name? Does Toyota charge a fee for this?

How do I shop for the best price on an extended warranty for my Camry?




  • sbonarsbonar Posts: 6
    I am looking at purchasing an extended Service contract for our new Camry. So far the best deal that I have found has been $1,275 for a 7 year/100,000K Platinum Protection Plan. Is this a good deal, or am I being taken to the cleaners?
  • I paid $690 for my 7/75K zero deductible Platinum warranty when I bought my '02 Camry. There use to be a finance guy who brought a bunch of interesting stuff to the table when it came contracts. Do a search on: Cliffy1. Also, if he is still in the game you may even buy the warranty from him. He never solicits here but there is nothing to stop you from contacting him at his dealership.
  • k_wappk_wapp Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Camry XLE and although I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever, I am wanting (for the piece of mind of having it) to look into getting an extended warranty to 100,000 miles for the vehicle. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to get an extended warranty from or are there any places I should avoid? So far looking online, the cheapest place I've found for a 6 year/100,000 $0 deductible warranty is just over a $1,000. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    While you're waiting for a Camry owner to respond, you might want to also take a look at this topic in Smart Shopper.

    Extended Warranties
  • lfmlfm Posts: 35
    Go to It is a dealer in Iowa who sells the Toyota contracts at a discount.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    In one of the manuals that came with the car (not the owner's manual), there is a postcard that you can send to Toyota listing yourself as the new owner of the car. Or once you've registered the car in your name, you can go to a Toyota dealer to make sure the company knows you know own the car. There is no charge.

    As for extended warranties, I'd recommend shopping around for a Toyota extended warranty at dealers. Prices are negotiable.

    But your powertrain warranty is good for 5 years / 60K miles already.
  • dadof6dadof6 Posts: 61
    Have you had a local dealer do a "date of first use" inquiry? Depending on when it was bought new there are '04 models that are beyond the 3 year mark already.
  • You have already bought a very reliable vehicle. Extended warranties are VERY profitable for the sellers. The power train is covered by the regular warranty for 5 years and 60K miles. Emissions equipment is covered 8 yrs. or 80K miles. I have never bought an extended warranty and what I paid for after the warranty expired, was very minimal.

    You will never come close to breaking even on an extended warranty. My last car, was a ford, and I had it seven years. I paid $50.00 after the warranty was over.

    They start at the same time as the regular warranty so they do not cover the number of years that they are sold to cover. I have saved many thousands of $'s by NOT EVER buying an extended warranty. I have been driving over 40 years.
  • Is it possible to cancel a Toyota extended warranty if you just bought a new car few days ago and haven't brought it in for any service? I read online at this forum and they said you could but the discussion is for a Pirus: - -t3130.html

    My sister got pressured into buying the Platinum 7yr/100K $0 Ded. for $1,300 I thought it was kindda okay price but now on 2nd thought, it's silly buying it now when I can get it for less later on. And I heard, dealers will always find reason to deny service in later years claiming you didn't maintain it right (doing oil changes, minor/major tune-up on time etc...) or blame the breakdown is due on wear and tear.

    Thanks for all advices.
  • I came back and got it cancelled. You have 60days to do that for full refund. If you have used any service then it'll be pro-rated. The finance manager was a bit disappointed but still cool with it. I signed the cancellation paper and he said he'll mail it in and I'll get my refund check from Toyota in 1-1.5 months. I just have to wait and see now...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome corvic. Your Corolla warranty question was moved to this link: corvic, "Corolla Extended Warranty-Advice" #2, 12 Nov 2006 7:54 pm.

    You might want to check out the general Extended Warranties dicussion as well. Good luck!
  • I was recently in an accident in my 2007 Camry XLE with only 6k miles on it. I was rear ended while I was sitting in traffic and pushed into the truck in front of me, meanwhile, the car behind the person that rear ended me, ran into them, causing a 4 car accident. :sick: Long story short, the damage to my Camry is $15k. Will this type of damage affect my warranty at all?? In my opinion, the car should be considered a total loss, since the entire back/front ends needs to be replaced--but that's a whole 'nother rant :mad: . Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as this is the first time I've been in this situation. Thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I recommend that you also ask here: Questions about Auto Insurance & Accidents. That's a better place to get the advice you need. Best of luck.
  • alt2006alt2006 Posts: 6
    Can someone please confirm if Toyota's new car warranty is covered nationwide. A friend of mine bought his Camry 2007 in IL and now moved to CA. He serviced his car with a local dealer in CA who charged him 70 bucks claiming that his warranty is valid only in IL.

    I seriously believe he is taken for a ride.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Warranties are nationwide.

    I suspect there is something wrong with the information provided, or what he/she understood. Could be the charges are for services which are not covered under warranty (oil change, tire rotations, replacement brakes, etc).
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225
    Was the warranty a "third party" warranty or a "Toyota" warranty?

    My delaer tried to sell me a third party warranty at first, but it turned out the Toyota warranty cost much less and offered more protection. My warranty is valid anywhere in the U.S. (travel expenses, hotel stays, towing, gas, tire change, etc.)
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    It's a new 2007 vehicle, would be the initial standard Toyota warranty.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 225
    I was just curious becaue there are factory warranties and extended warranties...

    If the "problem" falls under the factory warranty it is covered ata any Toyota dealership or approved repair shop. I'm not sure why they had to pay money, they didn't specify.

    I guess we'll wait to hear what they have to say.
  • Hello-

    I have an 2007 Camry SE, and am about to get an extended warranty...Im deciding between a 75k or 100k mile warranty..which should I choose. I drive 25k a year, and will probably contue to drive that much the entiore life of my Camry.

    What probelms, do you know that this model has, that I should wory about?

    Thanks, Jackie
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,682
    Neither. Save your money, put it in a CD, and you will more than likely come out way ahead. That is what I have always done. The 4 cylinder version of the '07 Camry's engine and most of the mechanical parts are the same as the last generation Camry, and it has been very reliable. I really would not worry with the 4 cylinder. The only real problem has been the need to reprogram the ECU (computer), and this was to eliminate the hesitation issue. The only other frequent problems have been rattles.

    I have a '07 CE manual and I had the reprogram done (1/2 hour) and have zero other complaints. Most people will tell you the extended warranty is just not worth it. Just follow the maintenance guide in the owner's manual and you will be fine.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning jack20126
    I am one of those people who happens to believe in an extended warranty on vehicles. Every vehicle that I have ever purchased, (either new or used), has had an extended factory warranty. Now having said that, I have either broken even with the cost of the warranty, or have made money on the deal! (Once the warranty runs out I trade the vehicle!)
    When I purchase a vehicle, I purchase the "top-of-the-line" factory warranty for the maximum number of years and mileage. If I sell or trade the vehicle soon than expected, the extended warranty is a selling point in terms of the sale.
    My Carmry will be one year old in January, and at that point I will probably have about 22,000 to 25,000 miles on this vehicle. When this vehicle is three years old, I will trade it for a new vehicle. Note: ---- I also believe in 2,500 mile service intervals for oil and filter changes. Just yesterday, prior to leaving for work, I pulled the oil dip stick to check the engine oil level. The oil was so clean, that I had a problem reading the oil level. ---- (Note: ---- I have never had to add oil between oil and filter changes.) ---- The vehicle is due for service on December 3rd, since I will be "on the road" prior to the Holidays!
    Since I am on-the-road extensively, I have the warranty for "peace of mind". I also carry copies of all the service repair orders. Should something happen on the road, I have all my service records and my extended warranty, so there should be no problem with a Toyota dealer.
    You will read many opinions about the above two issues. The final decision is yours.
    Best regards. ------ Dwyane :shades: ;) :)
  • I bought a used 05 camry with 47k miles on it, anybody know what is the factory bumper to bumper warranty ?

  • You could find out at toyota website but BTB is over for this car. I believe BTB is 3 years or 36K miles and Powertrain is 5 years or 60K miles whichever comes first.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    And you owners manual indicates the warranty as well.
  • I just bought a 2008 Camry SE V6. Dealer trys to sell me a 5 year -100,000 miles extended warranty, and cost $1385. Is that worth it?
  • I just bought a new 2008 Camry SE V6 with sunroof. The dealer asks for $2000 for the extended warranty for 7/100000 with 0 deductable. Then he drop the price to $1600. I wonder is it worth it? Do I need to take it right the way?
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Search the subject on these boards. Many others have bought Toyota policies from other dealers--you don't have to buy from your dealer--for less, much less.

    As to "is it worth it," it depends on how worried you are about a major repair bill after the basic warranty expires. I've haven't had one for several Honda and Toyota cars, and I'd have never collected enough to make them worth while.

    There's a reason why dealers push them. They're a high profit item.
  • I plan to own the car for a long time about 8+ years. I have a 02 Honda Odyssy which has a lot of trouble. The air condition module just failed, and need $1200 to fix it. The power slide door also failed recently, needing another $300 to repair. There will be more failures to come, and I wish I have the extended warranty to cover that.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    You can also wait until your original waranty is close to expiring, years or miles which ever you personally do 1st. Then purchase an extended waranty which is usually around 7 to 800 dollars for an additional 5 yr 100k miles. My nephew sells them, and said he'd never buy it from the dealer. The aftermarket are much more reasonable. My own opinion?....most toyota and honda owners in general never need them. my 2nd opinion?, lol. Lets say some idiot rear ends you, totals your car, steals it..theft....then for the 1st 4 yrs which is covered by your mfg.'re much better off. Because if it is stolen or totaled, you'll never see a penny of the money you spent. Its not like your insurance co. will say...o.k.9000 for the car and 2000 more because you never used your warranty... Some advice to think about.

    p.s. your financial circumstances may change also. You may have a better job or be making more money and want to upgrade, or the newer model is so much better looking that comes out that you just have to have it. Then the warranty was wasted. Invest the money instead and make it grow for 4 years.
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