Ford Freestyle Winter Driving

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  • mystromystro Member Posts: 64
    Is the Freestyle AWD system simular to the Subaru (always on)or part time AWD when nessesary?
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    Its the Haldex-Volvo system that only delivers minimal torque to the rear wheels if no slipping is occurring. The amount is probably below 10% torque to the rear wheels when not slipping. Once slipping occurs, almost all the torque is quickly sent to the rear wheels. Its always "On", but the minimal torque sent to the rear helps a little. You still pay about a 1 MPG penalty in fuel economy, even in summer, over the FWD model, and you have to carry around about 175 lbs of extra weight around with you.
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    We haven't had much snow this winter. When we did last week, I had to take a 60 mile round trip and also lots of around town/side road driving in the snow/sleet storm. Conditions were bad, 3 inches of snow on some side roads, with freezing sleet and rain on top - very slippery. It was almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to get the car to lose traction. I was a tad giggly. The haldex(sp?) is amazing. It is state of the art - very impressive. Oh, I have a limited with the 18" pirelli's.
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    I also have a Limited with 18" tires. It is very easy to lose control in winter conditions. The tires are not designed for extreme winter conditions. Next winter true snows are going on. I can lose the back end of the car going around corners with the OEM tires. The AWD does help in getting started but plays no role in stopping, turning.
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    Yes the Pirellis P6 are not too good on the packed snow or ice, in my experience. I have them on the FS and my Volvo (but run winter tires on the Volvo, in fact the 6 yr old winter tires are better than the P6).

    Depite anti locks, these tires lock up and skid very easy on snow pack or icy conditions - you need to be very careful not to cruise right through a red light or into the back of someone (even at cautious speeds).
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    this is my first winter driving a freestyle. it's a 2007 with 40,000 miles. Had new snow tires put on only the front and then found out they had to be on all 4 so I did that. 17" tires. But this car handles like crap. my husband's description is it drives like a snake going down the road. Back end tries to beat front end and you feel like you are loosing control on minimally snow covered roads. worse going down hills. He wants to sell the car because we can't figure this out.Help what's going on with this car? I've never had in over 30 years of driving this kind of problems - bald tires on previous van drove better than this. Bear roads it drives fine. Any suggestions?
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