Volvo C70 TSBs, Recalls and Problem Codes

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  • tom007tom007 Member Posts: 40
    I just received the following bulletin from Volvo dated 11/20/06. I have copied just the body of the letter for your information. Your own dealer may shed some more light on this. I am calling mine tomorrow to set up an appointment if they have received the proper parts for my car if it needs them and which ones.The letter says:

    Your satisfaction with your C70 hard-top and the Volvo organization are very important to us and we are committed to ongoing product improvements.

    The reason for this campaign:

    Volvo Cars North America, LLC (Volvo) has developed new software and improved components to help ensure your continued satisfaction with your own vehicle.

    The software will help improve starting, battery life and climate control noise. Components will be installed to upgrade the climate control system, operation of the convertible hard-top, as well as prevent water intrusion, and enhance door lock functionality. These actions will be performed by your authorized Volvo retailer at no charge.

    As your C70 may have some or all of the improved components already installed from the factory, not every action may apply. Please speak to your authorized Volvo retailer for details.

    What you need to do:

    Please call your authorized Volvo retailer to schedule an appointment to have Service Campaign 163 completed. As there may be more than one action/improvement for your vehicle, we suggest speaking to the Service Department for the length of service time. Due to service scheduling, your Volvo retailer may require your vehicle for a longer period of time.

    Volvo Cars of North America,LLC Rockleigh, NJ 07647
    Telephone 201-768-7300
  • jtregojtrego Member Posts: 68
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Can you scan the letter (after removing your personal information) in order for us to present it as a proof to our dealership?
    I know that in France I will have a tough time to ask for any customer service to be done...

    Maybe Volvomax could confirm and/or publish such letter.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    I found that on a another forum.

    Volvo recalls 5600 of 9000 built C70s. The electronics which manages the roof system can be negatively affected by humidity.

    (source: Autobild)

    Can somebody confirm?
  • cricket4cricket4 Member Posts: 94
    "improve...climate control noise." Would that mean an end to the barking dog and wheezing bird noises? They are related to climate control, aren't they? I just tracked my car and it was put on a ship on 11/24/06 from the factory. Likely all the necessary improvements/upgrades have already been made on my car since the letter is dated 11/20/06 and my car was shipped on 11/24/06. (These upgrades must have been in the works for at least a short while, I imagine.) Either way, I'm glad to hear of the improvements and, if I have to, I'll be happy to get them after delivery too. I agree - Cool!
  • tom007tom007 Member Posts: 40
    Hey there lemmen:

    The post I put on was the entire letter, so if you just print out everything below where it says they say: That will be the entire letter. The most important part and dealer should recognize it is to tell them that you want them to service your car for taking care of their SERVICE CAMPAIGN 163 bulletin. I wrote my dealer last night and they replied this morning that they can schedule me in next week and will have parts needed in by then. I am awaiting their confirmation now for Dec 6th appointment.I am 60 miles from my dealer.

    Good Luck to you
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Haven't heard of such a letter going out.
    I do know there is a fix for the climate system.
    Since I am in AZ, humidity isn't an issue here.
  • tom007tom007 Member Posts: 40
    I just got my letter which was mailed on 11/20/06 from Volvo of North America as stated in my post. My dealer service rep looked up on the Volvo Warranty screen pertaining to my car and it just came up that on R163 I only needed R163A which is the rain shield. They said it should take about an hour to install the part. They are going to install that on December 6th.I am assuming everything else was up to date.
    I told them to be sure and double check their info so I would not have to make more than one trip to their shop. They said they would call if they found more before I take my car in.

    You could call the Rockleigh number listed on my post number 2 on this subject of recalls and ask about the bulletin if you are in doubt about it. My dealer found it immediately by bringing up my warranty info.after I asked for an appointment for complying with the R163
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Hi Ttom007,

    I would still appreciate a scan of the official letter. It will show the Volvo Logo and I would have an easier time to convince my dealership that there is really a recall.

    I went yesterday at my dealership and they told me they are not aware of anything and that I should not believe what is on internet, blablabla... Sales BS.
  • cricket4cricket4 Member Posts: 94
    I may be mistaken but it looks like you can order a copy of the service campaign (which appears to be 40 pages in length). Here is the link. (Hope the link works.) It is Volvo North America (not sure if that makes a difference since you are not in North America).

    If the link is not working this is the description of the campaign (which you might be able to search for on the website

    Service Campaign 163A-F : C70 Customer Satisfaction
    Item: SMB00-163-2006-11-08 Page Count: 40 Service Campaign 163A-F ; C70 Customer Satisfaction
  • tom007tom007 Member Posts: 40
    This is probably just a recall on cars sent to states. You must not have one or they would have told you.I know it is real because I have appointment to get a rain shield installed on the 6th of December. That was all I needed as other things on recall were OK.

    My car only came up on computer at dealer as needing R163A which was rain shield. From other post yesterday I believe they go R163 A-H. Not sure about that. My car was delivered on June 19, 2006. They may have fixed all these issues on your European car.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    You got a very early car.
    99% of the US cars were delivered well after yours.
    I do know that a number of changes were incorporated into the later 06's and the 07's. Which is why alot of the 06's were delayed.
    The C70 went on sale in Europe earlier than it did in the US.
  • johnh7johnh7 Member Posts: 67
    So - are you saying this service announcement doesn't mean too much if one is expecting a mid December delivery? e.g these problems have been addressed at the plant
  • erisamanerisaman Member Posts: 99
    I've just heard that my car was built in week 200646 - which I assume is the 46th week of 2006. This suggests it was built w/c 11/13/2006 and would, I hope, have any necessary modifications incorporated in the factory? It was signed off as 'Factory Complete' today - 11/29/2006.

    Of course, I also wonder if the issues being dealt with by this recall, affect Stateside cars more so than European. I asked at my dealership today and no-one seemed to know anything about it.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Yes, your car should not be affected by this.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Your car won't be affected either.
    This is only for the early cars, of which very few were delivered in the States.
  • erisamanerisaman Member Posts: 99
    Thank you for your response (yet again).
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89

    One of the member of the forum send me via email the full 50 pages document related to the recall.
    The letter is coming from Volvo USA and Canada.

    I don't see why, but is this problem only concerning USA and Canada C70?

    Do you know if the recall will be worldwide?

    Is there a place on internet where I can put the identifier of my car and check if my car needs some of the changes?

    Sorry for these questions, but you are the only Volvo dealership that is communicating to us, happy C70 owners, and until now we must admit you have always been of great help.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Below are the number of cars concerned by the USA and Canada Recalls:

    Service Campaign 163A- C70
    Water Shield for Roof Module MY 2006-2007
    In order to reduce water contamination to the CRM (Convertible Roof Module) and/or wiring on some C70s,
    a water shield will be installed.
    The corrective action is to install a water shield.
    Approximately 1,371 vehicles in the US and 97 vehicles in Canada are affected.

    Service Campaign 163B- C70
    A-pillar Connector MY 2006-2007
    The A-pillar connector may be subject to fretting corrosion. The corrective action is to grease the 2 connectors.
    Approximately 33 vehicles in the US and 0 vehicles in Canada are affected.

    Service Campaign 163C- C70 Trunk Lid Wire
    Harness Protection MY 2006-2007
    A modification to the trunk lid wiring harness will provide increased support and help prevent damage.
    There are only 121 vehicles affected by this campaign in US and 1 vehicle in Canada.

    Service Campaign 163D- C70 Hydraulic Pump,
    o-ring removal MY 2006-2007
    In order to ensure correct retractable hard top operation, an O-ring needs to be removed from two of the
    hydraulic pump valves.
    There are 591 vehicles affected by this campaign in US and 59 vehicles in Canada.

    Service Campaign 163E- C70
    Trunk Lid Switch Connector MY 2006-2007
    Water may enter the trunk lid switch connector. Initially, this may cause the trunk lid to open unintentionally
    and the "Trunk Lid Open" message to be displayed in the Driver Information Module (DIM) display. In the
    long term, corrosion may occur on the trunk lid switch connector terminals, rendering the trunk lid switch
    inoperable. (The trunk lid can still be opened with the valet key from the lock cylinder in the tunnel console.)
    In order to prevent these symptoms from occurring, the connector needs to be greased.
    There are 1,395 vehicles affected by this campaign in US and 97 vehicles in Canada.

    Service Campaign 163F- C70
    Software Upgrades for SC 163
    No information provided

    To enhance customer satisfaction, Software upgrades will be performed to ECM (engine
    control module), CCM (Climate control module), ICM (Infotainment control module) and the
    CEM (Central control module) as a part of Service Campaign 163. The following text is an
    explanation of the upgrade for each node.
    This software upgrade will remove the possibility of erroneously setting ECM DTC 436B
    "Leak diagnostic unit-signal missing" . Refer to TNN 28-69 for details.
    The upgrade will also improve cold starting between temperatures 15°-35°C (59°-95°F)
    where the customer has a low volatility gasoline. Refer to TNN 28-71 for details.
    This SW upgrade will minimize the following.
    • Continuous climate control adjustment noises (hunting noises).
    • Concerns about oscillating air flow noises or temperature variations caused by the flap
    adjustments / DMMs (Damper Motor Modules).
    The CCM upgrade will also add 5 new Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) in order to
    improve fault tracing related to DMM faults
    CCM 0074, LIN node defect: DEF
    CCM 0075, LIN node defect: REC/OSA
    CCM 0076, LIN node defect: TEMP L
    CCM 0077, LIN node defect: TEMP R
    CCM 0078, LIN node defect: MODE
    These DTCs will be set if one of the DMMs remains moving constantly.
    Refer to TNN 87-52 for details.
    Copyright ©2006 Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 2
    Copyright ©2006 Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. All rights reserved. Page 2 of 2
    Under certain conditions, vehicles listed above may suddenly experienced a discharged
    battery. The condition occurs at random and will discharge the vehicle's battery after only one
    night parking. A software bug in the ICM has been identified that may keep the infotainment
    relay and the CAN network active with the key out. Standby battery consumption is apx. 2
    Amperes when the condition is present. Once the vehicle's battery is discharged, the
    condition will no longer be present until the next random occurrence.
    Refer to TNN 31-xx for details
    The CEM upgrade will prevent "Alarm Service Required" from being displayed in the Driver
    Information Module (DIM) display due to lack of communication between the Siren Control
    Module (SCM) and the CEM.
    Some of the reported symptoms are:
    • The siren was on and could not be shut off
    • The siren came on while driving
    • The siren came on while parked
    • Alarm triggered but no sound from alarm
    The CEM upgrade will prevent the communication fault described above from occurring
    in the future.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    I imagine that the issues are universal. I don't know what recallprocess is used for the rest of the world.
    As you can see from the other post, only 1300 cars are affected by the campaign. Volvo is currently building chassis # 16000.
  • cricket4cricket4 Member Posts: 94
    Thank you for posting this info. It's very helpful. I was wondering what was involved in this campaign. Thanks!
  • millenrmillenr Member Posts: 28
    I actually had 2 of the software issues, but did not know it was software - the siren going off while the car was parked and the battery discharged while sitting overnight. The battery dead also created a problem with the driver side window control - the "one-touch" for window up or down would not work, and when the door was open, the window would go down about an inch as normal, but would not go back up automatically. The dealer said it was software, so I guess all was related to above
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    I contacted Volvo Sweden directly to try to have more information.

    Below are most of the information I received (I removed personal information).

    Your Global Customer Relations File Number is XXXXXX.

    Dear Mr. Le Menn, Thank you for your email dated 7th December, 2006, inquiring about campaign 163 regarding Volvo C70. Concerning your query, we have investigated in our company system and we can therefore inform you that there seem to be no recalls attached to your car. Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we are not aware of campaign 163, as mentioned in your e-mail. If you would like to further inquire about this matter, Volvo Car Corporation is represented in France by Volvo Automobiles France SA, who are, according to policy, responsible for all matters related to our products in your market. For this reason, we have forwarded your comments to our market representatives. Their contact details are as follows:
    Mr. XXXX
    Service Relations Clientele
    Volvo Automobiles France SA34 rue de la Croix de Fer
    78128 ST Germain en Laye
    Tel: xxxx
    Fax: xxxx
    Email: xxxx
    Website: xxxx

    We would like to thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and we would like to reassure you that either our representatives or ourselves will be in touch with you in the near future. Yours sincerely,

    Global Customer Relations Advisor
    Dept 57460, SAA2
    Volvo Car Corporation
    SE-40531 Göteborg,Sweden
    Telephone: yyyy
    Fax: yyyy
    Website: yyyy

    Then I sent them the 50 pages documents describing the Campaign 163

    Below the answer:

    Dear Mr. Le Menn,
    Thank you for your e-mail of yesterday and the attached 50 pages. I am sure that you understand that the information that you sent comes from an internal document and should really not have been made available to customers.
    However, the fact remains that all campaigns and technical bulletins are market specific. Each market will decide from case to case and based on local regulations and requirements whether that particular campaign will apply in their country. Once again, this campaign was unknown to us and could quite well be unknown to Volvo France and all other countries in Europe and other parts of the world. As you have also seen in the text, not all vehicles are affected and those affected will be informed by their market representatives if and when the campaign becomes relevant on that market.
    We therefore recommend that you stay in close contact with Mr. xxxx and his colleagues and you will be informed if the campaign becomes relevant in France.

    We thank you once again for your understanding and for bringing this matter to our attention. Your sincerely,

    Global Customer Relations Advisor
    Dept 57460, SAA2
    Volvo Car Corporation
    SE-40531 Göteborg,Sweden
    Telephone: yyyy
    Fax: yyyy
    Website: yyyy

    Then I called MR xxxx in France.
    He told me that There is no recall on C70 in France.
    I said I know, it cannot be called a recall because it is not safety or pollution related, but what about all the problems customers are reporting and are now solved in the USA? He told me my car is not concerned by this recall.
    But I said I noticed once the A/C Noise coming randomly.

    He said, Oh yes this noise! This will be simple to solve in dealership and we will send mail within 2 weeks to have cars checked. Be patient you should receive a mail about it.

    What should I think about Volvo Sweden and Volvo France?
  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    Folks, I've noticed a number of posts about issues with the C70's windows. So that newer members will be able to find them more easily, I've made a new topic and moved the recent posts there:
    Volvo C70: Window & Door Issues


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  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Well, it seems that my emails to Sweden and Volvo France had some impacts.
    I got a phone call from my regional Volvo dealership (same owner as my local/town Volvo dealership but just bigger) and they were expecting my car to have the software upgraded.

    I told them that I did not receive any letter about it, I did not schedule any appointment. I told them I was aware of such an upgrade worldwide but that up to now nobody contacted me.

    The lady confirmed that my car had to be updated and she will contact my local dealership to take care of the appointment.

    I am rather satisfied with this information and I am getting more confident with the French Volvo Customer Service.

    I will keep you informed on this topic.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Well it is done. I have my baby back with all the software upgraded.
    I also decided to buy the 4 rubber winter carpets protection. The factory ones being dirty very quickly with this winter time.
    They also ordered the left plastic cover that I discovered had a small bump in it due to the roof pushing too much on it.
    They will install it and adjust the roof to avoid such problem in the future the next time I will bring the car for inspection, probably around summer time.

    They also washed the car for free...

    I am so happy to have my C70 uptodate and also very satisfied with Volvo Customer service (even in France).

    According to the mechanic they also do the software upgrade, no hardware one like in the USA.

    He also asked me if I had some water inside the car when using manual public high pressure water cleaning system. It seems one of his C70 owner complained about it. The water entering via the separation between the roof panels.
    I told him I did clean the car that way at least 5 times without having such a problem. No water leaking for me but be carefull if you use this method.
  • cricket4cricket4 Member Posts: 94
    I love the all-weather rubber mats. My boss bought me a set as a "car-warming" gift and they are fabulous. They've been perfect in light of our ice storms and snow storms. They have little walls along the side that make them fit perfectly snug (and they snap in so they are perfect). I don't worry when I get in and out of the car. I was a fanatic before (I would actually wash/wipe off my shoes if I thought they were even a little muddy)... You will love them. I highly recommend them.
  • ukc70ukc70 Member Posts: 2
    I have just received a recall request on my MY06 C70 from the suppling dealer. It is a software update that some folk may already have had applied. It also applies to some S40 and V50 models. Software update rectifies 3 items:

    Noise from Climate Control
    False alarming
    Increased battery drain

    The Field Upgrade reference is A36093.

    I have an early C70 (March 06 build date) and after 10,000+ miles have not had these problems (apart from a day when the alarm kept sounding). Anyone else heard anything?
  • cuccicucci Member Posts: 49
    I am no expert on these things ... but we got our C70 last September in the UK. Battery drained completely dead over night .... climate control was extremely noisy every time you altered any function or aspect on it ..... and various other connected things that didn't work properly. When the car kept dying over night in December .. it was towed away and had every download under the sun (no idea of reference nos. though) and it came back working beautifully! I think the folks like you and I who got our cars slightly earlier than most missed out on all the software up-dates .... and our battery drain problem didn't show up for the first few months for some reason ..... but good to let your Volvo dealer up-date you for peace of mind!
  • jtregojtrego Member Posts: 68
    Yes, I think that the upgrades make a difference. We got our C70 just a month ago and as you all remember it was held in Sweden at the plant for 6 weeks after it was finished. It apparently had all the upgrades because we have had none of the problems that some of you earlier owners have had.

    No bird noises, no lights coming or going at the wrong time, no window problems and no rattling of cables on the roof. Everthing is working exactly the way the manual states it should. We didn't even have any problems programming the homelink with our openers.
  • grsubgrsub Member Posts: 13
    Got my MY06 C70 July 2006. Never got any recall requests from the dealer. I knew about the 163A-F service campaign mentioned in this forum several months ago (thanks), so when I reached 7500 miles 2wks ago, I went in for several things. 1)first oil change 2)the 163A-F service campaign 3)adjusting headlights to aim higher 4)Barking dog software upgrade 5)to replace the back plastic cover which was stained by the 2 bumpers resting too close to it in the top up position (also mentioned previously on this forum. Thanks :).

    For the 163 service campaign, I needed only "A" which was to install a water shield for the roof module In order to reduce water contamination to the CRM (Convertible Roof Module) and/or wiring. My service dept. knew right away about the issue with the stained cover, and ordered a new cover and 2 new bumpers and replaced those. I haven't been able to assess whether the headlights are the same or not as they may not have been adjusted. The technician's reply was "they were checked to see if they conformed to spec, and right now they do." I also have not been able to determine whether the barking dog software is working or not. I should stop blasting the dynaudio ;)

    Interesting thing happened when I drove the car home. In the end, I must have pressed the wrong combination of buttons on the turn signal wand where you control the messages displayed on the info screen. The yellow "i" info button came on and said "check skid control mechanism". I turned the car off as I was alreading pulling into the driveway. The next morning when I restarted the car, the "i" came on again, but this time indicated "skid control temporarily turned off". I then began making sure the DTSC (?dynamic traction stability control)was on, which it was, and I decided to press the "w" button near the shift knob on and off. Since that time (3 days now), no info messages have come back on indicating a problem with the "skid control". The service representative (front desk guy), not the service mechanic, thought that those two mechanisms were also involved. He thinks on my drive home, I must have turned the DTSC off by accident when I was playing with the info system. He says that if there was still a problem, each time you turn on the car, the diagnostic program would pick up on the problem and flash the "i". The car is still running beautifully.
  • empty1empty1 Member Posts: 109
    I have a problem with a rattle between the rear and driver side front window. Took it in for service once and they realigned the windows and greased the area where the two window meet to form a seal. Still have the problem, anyone ele have this and what was done?
  • tom007tom007 Member Posts: 40
    Just received this notice today saying Volvo has developed improved components to help ensure continued satisfaction with my C70.It is campaign 175A, 175B and 175C.
    1 - Retaining clips for retractable top mechanism will be inspected.
    2 - Wiring harness in retractable hardtop will be rerouted to prevent chafing and improve functionality.
    3 - Replacement of the trunck lid seal will improve the opening and closing performance of the trunk lid.
    4 - A fault in the Supplemental Restraint Sysyem (SRS)control unit may not allow software downloads to be performed. To correct this, the SRS control unit will be replaced.
    5 - The installation of a protective moulding will prevent a cable harness from coming in contact with the edge of a support bracket in the floor.
    6 - The hinge bolts for the trunk lid hooks may be incorrectly tightened. The bolts will be inspected, and if necessary, tightened to the correct torque.

    Statement says as usual your C70 may have some of the components already installed from the factory, not every action may apply. Please speak to your authorized VOLVO retailer for details.

    My dealer said they have what improvments I need in stock and will do the campaign requirements this Thursday. Said it should take about three hours for mine. I will update after visit to them.I bought my 2006 C70 in June of 2006.

    Sorry to take up so much space, but check with your dealer and give them your VIN number and they can see what is needed for your vehicle.
  • johnh7johnh7 Member Posts: 67
    I got a recall notice yesterday. I read it quickly but it involves the door assembly and the door latch. I guess the door can open and you can fly out if you get in the wrong type of accident and you don't have your seatbelt on. Didn't seem all that significant for those that wear seatbelts.
  • tom007tom007 Member Posts: 40
    I haven't received that one as of today but I will ask dealer about it Thursday while my car is in shop. Thanks for update.

  • rschleicherrschleicher Member Posts: 79
    I just got both letters (in the same envelope) yesterday. I think that at least some of the "C70 improvement" items were already done, or corrected, on my car before I took delivery (late January 2007), but we'll see. My concern with some of the items is that things will be messed up in the process of dealing with the recall.
  • tom007tom007 Member Posts: 40
    I know what you mean. Sometimes it is better to leave well enough alone. That gasket around the trunk goes everywhere and I am going to ask them if it is necessary to replace it when nothing has been leaking etc. The SRS module they will be replacing might be a necessity, but my car which is 14 months old now only has 5,600 miles so maybe they will leave well enough alone.

    I imagine yours coming as late as it did probably has most of the items done at factory. I still have not received the letter about the door. Maybe they changed something on the 2007 that did not work out too well. Time will tell.

  • antilantil Member Posts: 1
    I have a c70 2006 delivered in Co USA and shipped it to the caribbean. In the morning when we drive backwards from the driveway the brakes make a loud screeming noise. Car went into service twice for this, without result. It is the only c70 on the island, so they don't have any experience with it. Also, both rear compartment doors don't close anymore because the little hooks are broken. Since we never use these compartments they are never used, still the things broke off.
  • tedsudoltedsudol Member Posts: 1
    Whare would I find that service bulletin on the convertible top. Mine started to give me a problem - first the sound that you would normally get announce completion of the raising or lowering cycle stopped. Then the last time when the top was put down the boot cover remained open on one corner about an inch.

    I'm told now a controller has to be replaced to solve a starting prooblem. It would be helpful if there was a site that I could look at all of the volvo tsbs and recalls for this model. I had my last Volvo for 17 years. Now it seems like with this car it's fix or repair every month. Convertible looks great but even my Volvo repair guy said stay away from the C70. We were Volvo for Life people But now we have a new Volvo slogan - Never Again.

    A site where I could find all of the TSPs and recalls for this model would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for your help.

    All the best,
    Ted Sudol
  • mon2reymon2rey Member Posts: 4
    I have an '07 C70 that I took in for its first service several weeks ago. The service dept did a search and found that there were several "recalls" for the car and included them with the service. One of the fixes was to put a 2" piece of clear tape (maybe twice the thickness of scotch tape) on the weather stripping at each side where the top touches the windshield - apparently there were problems with the weather stripping wearing at this point. When I drove the car out I immediately noticed that the top (over my left shoulder) had a lot of body noise when my speed was at or below 20mph. I took it back that day and asked what they did that would have caused the noise to start; their answer - nothing that they knew of. Since it was near the end of the day on a Friday they said I should drive it a while and see if the noise went away. I drove it for two weeks and took it back. When I picked it up they said that it was fixed. They took off the tape and the noise vanished. Apparently the good news is that the tolerances are so tight on the top that even a piece of tape stresses it.
  • heisnsteinheisnstein Member Posts: 45
    I had a similar noise issue with my 2008 C70. The tech explained that the issue was supposed to have been fixed with the 2008 models, and that he had to go to a 2007 TNN (83-39) to figure out how to fix it. I hope the fix is a permanent one, and now I wonder what other 2007 issues still were not resolved for the 2008 model year.
  • freddy8freddy8 Member Posts: 13
    Hi, I've an '7 C70, and finally got the Pasadena, CA dealer to find out how to adjust the too-low xenon headlights (via Volvo USA). They just raised them to the "highest allowed setting", which gets me some light-flashing from oncomming drivers occasionally (but a great view of overpasses when they're at a distance). Has anyone figured out how to adjust them themselves? I'd rather try some different settings without dealer visits. There's 2 adjusting nuts per light, one is capped. I heard there was some software involved too.

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