Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan: News, Views & Observations

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    Unfortunately I do not have a snow-covered parking lot to test out the AWD fusions' traction control, and determine whether or not its better version of engine power management of traction control is superior to the Audi or GM systems that use wheel braking.

    As it's a first year system, I'll be holding off until next model year to let Ford work out its inevitable bugs.

    But hopefully there will be some real world experiences posted here in the future.
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    Believe it or not my interest in awd has mostly to do with poor conditions on various local roads(Mud roads), not leaping into traffic on slick pavement, which is dumb regardless of your vehicles systems...
    I'll be more than happy if the traction control can be disabled with the AWD, mucho wheelspin is a good thing in certain conditions.
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    The AWD system that will be made available in the Fusion/Milan, isn't anything that hasn't been already used elsewhere, say the 500. Therefore, "bugs" aren't something much to worry about.
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    This has been bothering me for quite some time, but now that I've been seeing Fusions all over the place and obviously a lot of folks here have purchased them, I need to ask: Has anyone noticed the Fusion being more likely to get tagged by the police?

    I love the big retro chrome grilles on the Fusion and the HHR, but I suspect LIDAR can get a reading off them from outer space. I know the problem could be solved by going with the Milan (with its speeder-approved, less reflective matte/satin finishes), but the Fusion's bold shine just draws me in like a June bug to a yard light.

    If there's a patrol officer out there that could provide some insight on this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. I fear that buying one of these "shiny" cars may relegate me to the slow lane or risk an endless slew of tickets.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. First off the best way to avoid a ticket is not to speed. Secondly just about any car will give LIDAR a good reading. Finally if you have a front plate on your car then it doesn't matter what car you drive.

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    Sounds like the Fusion system is more for driving safety and "getting there" rather than the Audi-style performance. Good to know.
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    Winter is here so someone must have some experience with the AWD Fusion or Milan driving in snow. Anyone care to share? :)
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    As far from snow as you can get but l love the Milan.. in Fl. l get 26mpg in city and 31.5 on the road at 80mph with the 4 cyl excellent comfort ,response good suspension .only dislikes are rear brake light hump obscures some view should be in the trunk lid , would love to find a spoiler with lites and convert. also no breakaway mirrors ,not go in the drivein bank line and no handle on the trunk poor design there...but price wise l guess worth a few dislikes Boatnsc
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    I have a 2006 Milian V6 Premier. Between 45 and 60 mph I have a chattering noise like a speedometer cable problem. No problem before 45 or after 60. There is no cable. Immediately goes way when the throttle is lessened. Any suggestions? My dealer has none????
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    Totally guessing, but could it be a tire noise? The Contis are cheapo tires.
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    Thanks but following auto purchase I purchased most expensive tires om market.
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    I had a noise that only happened in cold temperatures like that and usually only when the engine was cold with my 06 Fusion. Took it to the dealer and there is a maintenance spec that has to deal with a cable that just needs taped up / secured under the hood on the front driver's side (I think that what they did and where it was). The noise was a slight vibration that happened around 1500-1700 rpm in 3rd to 4th gear.
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