Looking for AC pressure chart for my Subaru Forester

Radar2120Radar2120 Member Posts: 1
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Hi guys

I'm trying to diagnose an AC issue with my 2015 Forester. The high and low side ports look low, but I don't want to accidentally overcharge the system. I'm assuming each car manufacturer have different charge levels, but I've had no luck finding these details anywhere. Does anybody happen to know what these levels should be?



  • Adam101sdAdam101sd 92075Member Posts: 6
    Your high side is variable depending on outside temperature, but it should be around 150ish psi, low side should be around 30 psi. Best way to charge the AC is with a proper HVAC system that weighs the charge. if the low side is going below 20 psi and the high side is below 150 then it probably needs more refrigerant. These systems don't hold much, so be careful not to over charge it.
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