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2006 Grand Vitara vibration problem



  • yes, that is for alignment and consistancy. The vibration doesn't come from the tires or the alignment. Its from the engine. That is why the ECM flash works. Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Did I ask you where this photo was taken on your CarSpace album? Nice country!

    Don't remember the Clipper photos either.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    As you travel north from Vancouver on the way to Whistler, you can turn northwest off the main Highway 99 route. There is a major valley, the Squamish River valley, that goes farther north than Whistler, and which was opened up for logging. For better or worse, the area is full of logging roads, which go from sea level up to treeline, which is about 5000' around here. The absence of trees makes for great views.... If you go to Google Maps, and enter these coordinates, you can see the road where the shot was taken, looking north, about 2km nw of 49°56' 54.0"-123°16' 30.0"

    The pictures with the canoe were taken at the Tsawassen ferry terminal, about 15km south of Vancouver. Ferries leave from there for Vancouver Island.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Hmmm, I tried a wide gravel logging road north of Vancouver one time in my '89 Voyager and it was so steep and soft, I couldn't make it the first hill. :shades: It is a bit, er, revealing, flying over BC on a clear day.

    My wife is into palm trees lately but she hasn't discovered the ones in Tsawassen . ;)
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    Hey guys,
    This message is is mainly for Suzuki woman. I live in Vancouver Canada and I bought a 2006 Manual Transmission Grand Vitara JX last year. Now since I bought the car, It's been in and out for repair. Number 1 problem was a really high pitch noise in fourth gear @ around 100 to 110 K and it took the dealer 4 months to address the problem (noise is signifficatly lower but didn't completely go away). Number 2 problem is the heat/ac fan blower died and was address by another dealer because i was told, (my dealer do not have time to do it on Saturdays or week end)number three problem is when ever I get stuck in uphill traffic about 20% slope, My clutch would smell really bad. Even getting out of snow my clutch would smell and was told it's normal have the clutch smell when vehicle is new (i have been driving manual transmission for about 12 years 2 new vehicles and 3 used and never had that really bad smell and never even heard of such thing). Number 3 problem i bought the roof rack from suzuki dealer and it makes so much noise it feels like you have your windows open. Number 4 problem At about 20,000 K I started having problem with my dashboard vibrating starting @ about 40 kilomters. Number 5 problem I now have a problem with a loud whining noise on first and second gear that seem to be comming from either ther drive shaft or transmission which when I first took it back to the dealer I was told it is normal. and so I sent and email to suzuki with a little bit of anger demanding to fix the problem and told if they need the car for a reasonable time frame I would be willing to give it to them just to fix the problem for as long as they give me descent car to drive as a replacement. I sent the email before cristmas last year and called them two weeks ago and was told they are going to contact me to setup and appoinment but never heard from them since then. I am now in contact with canvap to file a complaint. and also I am looking for a reputable shop to do extensive testing on my car so I can share to everyone all the result that I will get from it. Suzuki Canada doesn't seem to wan'a address the problem. Any suggestions on what I should do to get my problem solved?
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    By the way, List of things that have been done to my car. 1) transmission was replace with a new one 2) front Driveline shaft was replaced with a new one 3) balancer for for noise installed 4) heat/AC fan blower replaced with brand new one 5)clutch was opened up and cleaned and regreased (clutch sitll smell not as much but still smell) also, I am now experiencing a break vibration when i make a sudden stop. Am starting to feel uneasy with it sometimes due to my safety.
  • Bonjour ami: I read your post at the recent meetings and it had EVERYONE shaking their head. The Clutch smell must have been and be Neoprine (the glue like material that they spray on Suzuki's before it is shipped on the boat). It will go away, but my guess is more like 8 months. The roof rack is an easy fix. The cross bars MUST be attached on the rear side of the rails one just beyond the top of the car (rear side), and one down about 6 inches. You are getting a helicopter effect and probably a loud scream as you drive the car (you haven't mentioned the scream, but other people have). Try repositioning the cross bars-picture the wind in your mind and how it slides over the truck. The first crossbar MUST be 1 to 2 inches lower than the peak where the wind actually strikes the truck. This is a common problem-and those cross bars are very movable. The vibrating dash is just amazing. None of us can come up with a reason for that to be happening-logically, if the engine is causing a vibration, then the dash would more than likely appear to vibrate as well. The break "throb" that you feel is caused by the brake overheating and you have WARPED the rotors. The question I have is do you ride the brakes at all-or, have you had to slam them on quite a few times? Geez, I have to go back and re-read the list of your issues because I cannot remember them all! Another reason for the brake issue could be rough terrain with rocks kicking up and getting between the rotor and the pad. Are you driving on really rough terrain??? Thanks, Suzuki woman! :shades:
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    I only go to rough terrain once in a while and no I don't recall any incent where I slamed on my break too hard. Sometimes you have to step on your break a little more than usual when people infront of you make a sudden stop that you are not expecting. I will try the Roof rack this weekend and update you with ang change. You haven't comment on my biggest problem though. I mean the whinning noise. Do you have any idea and or know of anybody that knows exactly what the problem is. To give you an idea how loud the noise is. When you are on 2nd gear the whinning noise is as loud as the engine itself.
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    Hmmmmm, I'm still waiting for Suzuki woman to respond to my last post....I wonder what happen....
  • loukywells, I have the same exact issue. I had 65-75 mph vibration too but the TSB helped on that quite a bit. However I still have the engine vibration (detectable easly in park) at around 2600-2800 RPM just like yours. At around that RPM just everything starts to shake pretty bad.
  • It's nice to see that I'm not alone. I'm meeting with the DM on Wed. of next week to discuss some issues. My job requires me to drive long distances and it drives me nuts.

    You are correct when you stated that you can detect it while sitting still. Slowly rev it to 2500+ and it's very distinctive. I believe that when it's driven it gets worst.

    This sounds crazy but I'm going to see if the DM will try this: Drive the car for about an hour and then stop. Raise your feet up while your in the vehicle...your feet will feel like that have had a nice workout.

    I believe there are multiple issues with my car. Road noise, vibration from the engine and steering, air leakage from the moonroof, etc.

    I've had a new noise from the engine that I'm getting checked out. When your driving it around 45 mph in fifth gear, the engine sounds like cheap gas?

    I'll let everyone know what happens next week.

  • can someone confirm if they've had this transmission vibe problem in any 2007 model.

    The Problem is mentioned only for 2006.
  • I drove a 2007 GV Luxury 4x4 and it did it worst. The vehicle was the service manager' I wanted to know due to the fact that I would just trade and move to the '07. What's the use now?

    By the way, I don't know if it is a tranny issue but rather an engine imbalance of some sort.

  • vitara4mevitara4me Posts: 35
    Suzuki of America has had my GV for about a week now. Fortunately for me, they are paying for my rental car, a gas-sucking Nissan Murano with a worthless CVT auto transmission.(seriously, the best I can do is 15 city. Sometimes I hit 20 MPG on the freeway).

    The dealership replaced the "transfer case", and they called today to tell me that the vibration is still there. Now, the area service rep is going to take another look at it again. I mentioned the ECU flash to the dealership, and I was told that they cannot do a re-flash on my ECU if the ECU has the latest flash. In other words, it can't be "flashed". The computer will not let them flash the ECU. They say that the re-flash procees is halted when the computer reads the flash date, or serial number. If the old serial number is the same as the new serial number, the flash process stops.

    Perhaps Suzuki Woman can shed some light on this, as I was told that my software IS the latest version.

    So back to square one.....

    I just hope that Suzuki plays fair with me when it comes time to have "Suzuki buy the car back" from me. I have a feeling they don't have a clue as to what is causing the vibration. Perhaps they will replace the transmission next, then the front diff, then the rear diff, then as a last resort, they will put in a new engine!:confuse:

    Just give me a new '97 XL7 with navigation and we will call it even :)

    Actually, the new Saturn Sky Redline is very tempting!

    Suzuki Women, care to share your opinions?

    Regards, Vitara4me :lemon:
  • All I can say is good luck. I met with the D.M. regarding the vibration issue and he was all talk...wouldn't do a thing for me. I really hope they step up to the plate. I'm selling mine on Ebay and I'm currently at the airport going to pick up my new Rav4. I had the last straw with them yesterday when they rejected my request for a rental while they were performing warranty work. BYE BYE SUZUKI !
  • Sorry, have been in the hospital so was unable to reply. The dealer can override the computer and flash any ECM regardless of the date. Your issue is the dealer can not believe it is the ECM. Suzuki has an independent group now buying back the cars and trucks that have issues, so you won't have any problems. We too have seen a mass exodus of people leaving the Suzuki line. It's a shame really, but Suzuki has created this. Forget the Saturn go try the Mitsubishi. It really is a shame. My Suzuki is running wonderfully-I have had no problems but then the crew flashed my ECM with the same date same serial number by overriding the error message. Good luck to you. Suzuki woman strikes again. :shades:
  • vitara4mevitara4me Posts: 35
    This is very strange. Just yesterday, I get a call from the dealer and I am told that the transfer case replacement DID NOT fix the vibration issue. The technician that performed the repairs drove the vehicle and gave it thumbs "down". The area rep from Suzuki of America drives it and gives it a thumbs "up". I am willing to give everyone involved the benefit of the doubt, but I also will not tolerate being played the fool.

    Now, five minutes ago, I get another call from the same dealership telling me that the transfer case replacement DID fix the vibration. Ok, which is it? Fixed or not?

    They are saying now that the vibration is "much less" than before, and it is now within acceptable limits. I was told that they test-drove another 4x4 GV Luxury Edition and the vibration is "consistent" with the other vehicle. Ok, how can any vibration be acceptable and consistent? Just because other vehicles of a particular model vibrate does not make it right, or acceptable. If it is a design flaw, then Suzuki must either make it right, as in COMPLETELY right, or take back the defective vehicle. There is no “middle” ground.

    They told me to drop off the rental car and take the GV home. I say, "hold on there, I want to DRIVE the vehicle before I give up my rental". So tomorrow, I go drive my lemon, err, I mean Grand Vitara.....

    I even mentioned the re-flash to the guy on the phone and he just ignored me and kept saying, "your car is fixed, your car is fixed, you car is fixed".
    So then I mention the letter that I wrote to Suzuki of America, and he says, "your car is fixed".

    I'll keep you posted as the saga continues.

    Regards, NoVitara4me
  • Vitara4me...we are in the exact same boat and I feel your pain. Tech says one thing and the D.M. says another. Let me know your outcome as mine is for sale.

    Suzuki women: Who is this independent company buying the defective cars back?
  • I have to look through records to find the name of the company. Will repost when I find it. I am not too sure you can call them directly. Suzuki woman strikes again... :shades:
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    You are not the only one with this problem. I have been told over and over and over by my dealer that the car is fixed and the problem was actually never fixed and now more problem.(even Suzuki canada is makeing it really hard for me)(I emailed them last december and never got a respond 'till i filed a complaint with CANVAP almost two mnths later) They now told me that they will replace my transmission "again" with a new 2007 version. I'm giving them one last chance after that I'm going all the way to the court and also get my car tested and post a warning on evey chat room I can find on the internet to teach this people a lesson for making their customer like a fool. Am still waiting for suzuki woman to give a respond to my question a while ago. Is she for real or one of them? good question..
  • Suzuki woman has been very helpful for me in the past. I believe she is for real and would be willing to assist in whatever manner. I thought about the court system but it is such a hassle and I really don't have the time. Kentucky does have Arbitration, so I could just file a complaint with them. Check your state law or Suzuki would be able to let you know. Le me know what happens.
  • :shades: Well, first off, I would drive the truck to see if it's really fixed. Then I would make a determination on whether or not to contact an attorney. As for the guy in Canada-there is a bit of a difficulty here that all of us are shaking our head over. Firstly, your laws are different as you are a different country. Secondly, your TRUCKS AND CARS are different because your emission laws are much different. My take on the GV problem is that Suzuki lost a lot of money on this problem and they may be getting a bit strained at the bit to fix more trucks. We got a delivery of trucks that had come from Canada and they were totally different from what we are able to fix. Calls to American Suzuki were frustration VERY unhappy mechanics. Tons of electrical problems. Finally shipped them back to Suzuki at a loss. Arbitration is a very good way to get the powers that be to the table. Make sure you have all paperwork and records and state exactly what you want. I think with an arbitrator you will get satisfaction. It's just such a shame that Suzuki lets this kind of thing go on! Best of luck to you Kentucky and to you Vancouver. Suzuki woman strikes again.
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    You know, one thing many of us worried about when deciding to buy the new GV, was that entirely new car designs commonly show up with, or develop difficult problems. It looks like this has happened with the new GV, and the only lucky thing for most of us is that it seems most of the GV's don't have this problem. Vitaras have had a pretty good record on the first model year for new versions, but I guess this will be the end of that positive reputation. Good luck to those struggling with this problem.
  • I read the consumer reports on all the cars manufactured.. I received the latest report and the consumer satisfaction ratings for the Grand Vitara are dropping. All the while the consumer satisfaction for the Izuzu and the toyota and the honda are skyrocketing. The ratings for the Hyundai sonata are soaring. The Pontiac vibe is extremely highly rated. All the while, Suzuki seems to want to hide in obsurity- suddenly. They don't want dealers to advertise in Newspapers all of a sudden. Advertising reimbursement and allotments are suddenly cut. One cannot dabble in the car manufacturing business and then when you find out that you have a defect, back up and hide. You are correct, not all the Grand Vitaras have a problem and many of the cars and trucks produced by Suzuki are excellent. It's stepping up to the plate and aiding the people who are affected that makes the difference. Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    Yes, it's one thing to be aware of a defect like this when deciding which vehicle to get. That will turn off a number of sales. But if the prospective buyers also know that they will get the run-around IF they end up with a bad one, then there aren't many people who will be willing to take both risks.

    I wonder what the proportion of vehicles with this problem is, and I wonder if it's confined to the US/Canadian market. I don't see much "chatter" about this on the Suzuki fan websites.
  • i3oyeti3oyet Posts: 16
    I started going through the Arbitrators but the problem with them is they don't have enough power to order the manufacturers to do certain things. Example is myself, I have installed some accessories (ei: Auto starter with alarm that cost me 700$ Canadian) I wanted to give Suzuki one last chance to fix my problem due to the fact that it's been a year and a half of comming back and forth to the shop with no real result. After they have that last chance, I would like them to buy the car back with all my accessories too but for some reason, arbitrators here in Vancouver can't order them to do that. Zusuki has caused me nothing but pain since I bought the car. Sorry for whinning every time but this is how i feel
  • Okay, no manufacturer is ever going to pay you for your accessories. Only for the car or truck. It really is unreasonable for you to expect them to buy what optional equipment YOU chose to put on the car-have it removed. Come on, you really MUST realize what YOU chose to put on a car or truck can be removed and it isn't anything to do with them! Just let them buy the vehicle back and get your stuff removed from the truck! Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    While I greatly appreciate your input, and think you're technically right here, I don't think this position on accessories is fair. We buy vehicles with certain expectations, and should not have to leave them stock in case it turns out they have problems no one can fix. Is it not enough that owners of such vehicles get no compensation for the incredible hassle they go through dealing with the vehicle itself? What is their time worth? $90 per hour like the dealership's mechanics? If that seems silly, bear in mind again that people buy new vehicles with certain expectations.

    This accessory business sounds like good material for a small claims case, unless buyback terms preclude any such action. What would happen in the case of a "tuner" car, with tens of thousands of dollars of stuff added (none of which related to the problems.)?

    I guess any damage done to buyers will eventually translate into future sales. I have friends who had a new Outback that Subaru spent a year failing to fix. They did a buyback /trade for a Forester. Hated it, traded for a new Toyota, and love it. Needless to say, they will never buy another Subaru.

    Which dealer did you buy the GV from? The city/town name will do if you don't want to name them.
  • Okay, NOT everyone feels a great need for a remote start. I am not saying don't spiff out a car or truck-just don't be so spoiled that you expect to be paid for it if the car or truck has a problem and the manufacturer offers to buy back the car or truck. Thank God you are actually going to get reimbursed for the vehicle! You simply aren't making any sense. AND: NO DEALER is going to put 10s of thousands of dollars into a "tuner." Rims maybe at 500 dollars, paint pin stripping at 50 dollars. CHIP FOOSE DOES NOT COME OUT TO DEALERS AND PIMP OUT CARS. An accessory is an accessory-period. What does "any damage done to buyers will eventually translate into future sales." mean? Like I said, you make absolutely no sense whatsoever. What does a buyback on a manufacturers car or truck have to do with an accessory? An accessory by definition is an optional function placed on a car or truck at the disgression of the buyer. The dealer does not install it, usually it is farmed out to a private installer. You appear to have failed to realize that this is SUZUKI we are talking about, not a BMW. I won't answer you again. I have to go back to work I pity the poor judge who would ever get your nuisance suit on accessories. SUZUKI WOMAN STRIKES AGAIN! :shades:
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    I would hope we could disagree (on one point out of dozens) while remaining objective.

    IF the buyback means purchase price, then I wouldn't sweat the accessories. But if it's a depreciated price, AND the accessories AND the hassle are ignored, then I think there would be "damage" in the sense of a lost customer for the brand. If I were in this situation, and got either full purchase price back, OR some compensation for accessories, then I'd say to people that Suzuki resolved the issue as reasonably as could be expected. Otherwise I'd tell people my story and suggest they shop elsewhere. I'm not trying to offend you by saying that, it's just what I believe reasonable people will do. And of course Suzuki knows this. I do hope they handle it the best way, since as a GV owner, I want Suzuki to do well. But not at any special expense to me.
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