1st time buyer has no clue on midsize truck.

hotwingdanhotwingdan Member Posts: 1
I'm a first time looker for a midsize truck.Like
the looks of the dakota sport, but the toyota and
the nissan not bad either. I'm sure on
dependability and price their's a vast differnce.
Could use some comments on this topic. THANX.


  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    If I were in the market for a midsized truck, I would choose the Dakota as my first choice and the Tundra for my second choice. Reasons for the Dakota is choice of engines, from V6 to 3 different V8's, roomy extended cab, lots of options. Tundra... Nice truck for a smaller than full size option, but cons are only one engine choice, poor gas mileage, and more money for less options. I still would prefer these two over the other small-midsize trucks.

    As far as reliability there isn't much difference. As far as price, Tundra is much more money.
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    Would be my pick for best mid-size truck. As long as you don't need to carry people in the back and don't need a locking rear differential. With the $5,000 discounts that are being offered- and now a $500 rebate and 2.9% financing (on the 2000 model) it would be a good buy. I think the Dakota is due for a style change - and would not want to buy one until after they make the change.
  • dodgeram7dodgeram7 Member Posts: 55
    Go get you a Dakota Quad Cab with the 4.7 V-8. This is the best choice for a midsize truck. As far as F150Rules tell him to get lost.
  • rooster9rooster9 Member Posts: 239
    Last time I checked, there were 2 engine choices available for the Tundra: a V-6 and V-8. As for your other statements, what do you consider good gas mileage and a good price to pay?
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ..Dakota would be best choice for midsize...although the new S-10's are supposed to grow too....so know knows. I'm a GM man..but if I was looking at all brands for a midsize...Dakota would be the choice....but I will never be in the id size market.

    The tundra makes a good mid size choice and $5000 off is hard to pass....but why pay extra for a jazzed up Tacoma?

    stick with big 3.

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    I don't consider that Tacoma 3.4l V6 a truck engine. It is barely powered adequately for a small truck, let alone a midsize truck. It does fine for the Tacoma, but way too small for anything bigger.

    The Tundra 4.7l is ok for the base engine, but where is the bigger "optioned" engine? Tundra really doesn't have but one engine and it is a base engine. It needs a optional higher hp and torqued engine.

    As for gas mileage, most of the Tundra owners I have seen (that are honest) are only getting 14-15 mpg combined driving. That is at least 2 mpg less than all the full size 1/2 ton trucks.

    Price to pay? Well, I got a fully loaded (literally everything possible on it) XLT Lariat F150 Extended Cab 4X4 - two tone special paint, etc. for 26k, more than $500 below Dealer invoice. The Manufacturers Retail sticker was under 30k. A Tundra with every option possible to get, still has less options than my truck, is smaller and less capable, I would like to see anyone get a fully loaded Limited Tundra with the V8 for less than 28k. If they do, the Dealer must have been extremely desparate to sell. The Manufacturers retail sticker on the loaded Tundra is over 32k.
  • arkie6arkie6 Member Posts: 198
    In the previous post you said you bought a Ford XLT Lariat. Huh. Never seen one of those. Did you buy an XLT or a Lariat? Or do you even know?

    You never miss a chance to put down a Tundra do you db?

    Regarding gas mileage, that Tundra 4.7L V8 will get better MPG than any of the engines available in the Dakota, except for maybe 3.9L V6, but there is no comparison there with regards to performance.

    The 3.4L V6 barely adequate in a Tacoma? You've obviously never been behind the wheel of one.

    Your so biased against anything Toyota that you probably can't see straight whenever anyone posts how much they enjoy their Tundra.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    here we go again....in yet another topic..

    it's like Robbie re-born!

    - Tim
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    Thanks for that worthless bit of information in 98 seconds or less.

    Ford doesn't put the badging on the Lariat's, but it is indeed known as an XLT Lariat. Lariat is the highend version of an XLT. Since you only support other countries in your truck purchase, guess that is why you don't know this type of information.

    Please tell us here all about the mechanics of your Tundra. Just like I have asked ole' Robbie W., teach us all the mechanical knowledge you have about your Tundra's fuel rail system/injectors, the new throttle system it has, the pro's and con's to a ohc to a ohv system and the same for more valves per cylinder, what is the pro's and con's to your Tundra's belt driven timing vs. chain or gear.

    These are just a few simple mechanics I really wish you would share with us. And, like I told little Robbie, no cheating. You can use the sales brochure if you want. It seems to be the Tundra owners Bible, but I want textbook answers here. That is, if you know anything about your Tundra......

    db??? What crack did you crawl out of?
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ..I'm not sure I wanna know that...do you?

    - Tim
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    nah. probably not.
  • bigal31bigal31 Member Posts: 189
    Go with you first instinct,the Dakota..But get the Quad with the 4.7L.Plenty of room to go with the V8 power.Great looking rig(wouldn't wait for the body change in 2002-2003).The nicest lines with the best body style on the market.
  • redfox1redfox1 Member Posts: 42
    I have a SR-5, V-8, 4X4, Access Cab Tundra that I received on 25 May, 1999 that now has 17,370 miles on it. For this many miles, I have used 1,018.81 gallons of gas for an average of 17.04 mpg. Probably 1/4 to 1/3 of this driving has been on freeways and the rest back and forth around town. Prior to the Tundra, I drove Ford F-150's for 17 years and got 16 to 17 mpg. Happy with the Tundra.
  • 2drive2drive Member Posts: 90
    I have a Dakota Quad Cab, 4.7L V8, 4X4, that has 8,100 miles now. It gets 18-19 mpg daily driving and 20-22 mpg on trips at 65-75 mph. Only problem so far is returning to dealer to get oil filters (just so I can say hi, and tell them how much I like this vehicle!!!).
  • moparmadmoparmad Member Posts: 197
    Go drive everything you like.Then choose the one you like best and don't worry about all the advice about which one is going to be the best,most reliable,etc. Any new truck is just as likely to be good,or bad regardless of the make or model.You will be making a large monetary investment so you will have to live with your descision probably a long time. You will be much happier if that paycheck is going towards the truck you always dreamed of sitting in your driveway,rather than someone else's idea of the truck that should be sitting in your driveway.
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    You couldn't be any more correct. I am biased to Fords because I have always had such good experiences with their trucks and with Fords customer service, but I have bought stuff on attestments of others solely and ended up very disappointed. As you said, what I think is best, is not necessarily the best for the next guy. Don't even try and talk this sense to a Tundra owner though. I swear they park those trucks in sanctified buildings and secretly worship them as their god or something.
  • xena1axena1a Member Posts: 286
    I agree with bigal31. Go with your inclination to check out the Dakota. They've got a $2000 rebate going on selected models, so you might be able to swing a decent deal for yourself. That's how I ended up with mine. This is my 4th truck now. I have previously owned an '85 Ranger, a '90 Chevy 1/2 ton, and a '99 Mazda B3000 (4WD). I can safely say that of all these trucks, the Dakota has the best combination of exterior looks, drive train, interior comfort, and driving characteristics. Love that 4.7L with a manual tranny! One interesting note is that the difference in fuel costs between the Dakota and my previous truck (the Mazda) has only been $5 (or less) per week. Shoot, for 5 bucks a week, I'll gladly drive the V8 and just keep smiling...
  • arkie6arkie6 Member Posts: 198
    You fool no one that has been on these boards for any length of time as to your true identity. You can't hide it. Regarding Post #9, I've answered those questions months ago when budlightdude asked nearly the exact same questions. Coincidence?

    F150/dbhull/BLD........ How about dropping the holier than thou attitude and let's get back to the topic at hand (you started this off topic gibberish with all of the negativism toward the Tundra).
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    You must be a fool as well as naive. You seem to believe some erroneous crap about who I am. You also were buffaloed by your salesman and bought a Tundra. 1 strike = naive, 2 strikes = fool, 3 strikes = plain stupidity. Are you going for 3?
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    With your defensive post, you must be one of the ones that worships your Tundra.
  • f150rulesf150rules Member Posts: 195
    By the way, my name is Jude. I live in Illinois. I work in the computing field full time and I am in the law enforcement field part time.

    If you feel inferiority with your Tundra, that is your problem, not mine.
  • arkie6arkie6 Member Posts: 198
    What is the deal with all of the name calling? You do know that is the first sign that you have lost the argument don't you? You take this truck stuff just a little too serious. And three separate meaningless back-to-back posts in 8 minutes? Having a little trouble gathering your thoughts?

    I don't feel any inferiority with my Tundra. It's more like superiority, but I can understand others needs/wants may not coincide with mine and I respect that. I've got friends with a Ford F150, a Chevy Z71, and a Dakota Quad Cab. We all get along just fine.

    Before I bought my Tundra I researched all of the trucks for months and I went out and drove them all and for my needs the Tundra was far and away the best choice. Better performance, ride, handling, fit and finish, and quality than any of the others in my opinion. It was a little more expensive than a Dodge, about the same as a Ford, and less expensive than a Chevy/GMC that were comparably equipped. I don't worship my Tundra, I just use it and enjoy it. I use it mainly for recreation and towing my bass boat and it does all of these things flawlessly.

    Enough said on this subject in this topic. If you want to continue, we can do so in the Tundra vs. whatever topic.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    yep, okay, whatever that means...
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Dean you never heard that saying??? Wow its an old one too. Back in the day early 90's coolio (the rapper) had that in a verse of a song but people have said that way before he did.

  • arkie6arkie6 Member Posts: 198
    A college education is a terrible thing to waste (you are going to college right?). If you spent half as much time studying as you do posting on here, we wouldn't have to wade through all of your incoherent gibberish.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    I get it now...If you can't take the heat...get out OF the kitchen....old...hmmm...I think this one's been around before you were born...LOL

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Yes arkie i am in college. What am i supposed to study when im on summer vacation??? I did go to summer school whcih i got an A in the class but that ended the fist wk of august. Any educated person would know that kids arent in school in august. I go back to school tomorrow and you will hear less of me and thank god i wont have to listen to some of you.

  • jimvetajimveta Member Posts: 96
    I like fords (and own one as well), but I also
    like any good vehicle.

    I have experience with toyotas and would recommend
    the tacoma v6 or tundra as first choice. 2nd
    choice would be dakota. The v6 tacoma is more
    than adequate for it--in fact, with it's gearing,
    it's the fastest compact (plus there's always the
    TRD supercharger for it). I drove the Tundra v8
    and like it; I drove the dakota with all 3 engines
    and like it too.

    In fact, the dakota with 4.7 v8 feels *very*
    similar to the tundra in ride, body/frame
    solidity, and power. BTW, without load, the 4.7
    dakota is faster than the 5.9 (as shown through
    magazine tests and seat of pants).

    I think it may be a toss up between dakota and
    tundra, but for me, tundra just edges it out in
    reliability. (i hear dodge/chrysler have problems
    with transmission and other drivetrain parts; in
    fact, i think the JGC have the most)
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