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Luxury Full-Sized SUV comparison

ckelly14ckelly14 Member Posts: 105
edited March 2014 in Cadillac
I'm currently in the market for a luxury SUV that can also tow greater than 5000 lbs. I have read the October Motor trend that slammed the Navigator and praised the Mercedes. However, the Mercedes and Audi are out for me due to their relatively low towing capacity.

Looking at the Navigator, Escalade, QX56 and the LX470.

From what I've seen, here are the issues:

Navigator- poor interior components/styling, power fold-flat 3rd row, low HP

QX56- love it or leave it styling, poor reliability

Escalade: great interior, plenty of power, crappy removable seats

LX470- poor towing, outdated design, poor towing, great reliability

I don't think there's a perfect choice here. I would choose the Infinity if the reliability was better. I've seen pretty favorable reviews for the redesigned Expedition- I wonder why the Navigator was rated so low?


  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    I've seen pretty favorable reviews for the redesigned Expedition- I wonder why the Navigator was rated so low?

    The biggest complaint seems to be that it doesn't have enough HP. Remember the competition bar is a lot higher for the Navigator than it is for the Expedition. Enough power for the Expedition seems to equal not enough for the Navigator - according to some people. But that's something you should judge for yourself with a test drive. It's not like it's underpowered.

    They also don't like the really retro gauges. Have to agree with them on that one.
  • ckelly14ckelly14 Member Posts: 105
    Is the 2007 Navigator out? The Lincoln website seems to imply it's still on its way.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Saw one yesterday on the road. So the answer is yes, they're out.
  • gteach26gteach26 Member Posts: 576
    My local dealer has it's inventory posted online and they have TONS of them available already.

    The pricing for this suv will be VERY competitive. I'm sure rebates and incentives are forthcoming. Considering all of it's features, the Navi has always been and will continue to be a decent "value" for a lux barge.

    Not sure where I should post this, but, does anyone know if this SUV has a back-up camera along with the sensors? How about front sensors?
  • pmichaelmdpmichaelmd Member Posts: 8
    I am an avid C&D reader and thought that article was quite good, but not the be all, end all. I have driven several of the above choices and ended up buying a new GMC Yukon Denali. Very similar to the Escalade without as much "bling." Sure, the third-row seats are a pain in the @ss as they don't fold flat, but I'm otherwise very happy with the Denali. Fuel economy...well, none of them do well and people buying these sorts of vehicles probably don't much care. :shades:

    I'd take a look at the Denali...I ended up getting it for several thousand below invoice and think I got a good deal.

  • ckelly14ckelly14 Member Posts: 105
    I went out for a test in a 2007 Navigator drive during lunch today. A few thoughts:

    1. I like the exterior design. The power running boards and the chrome strip down the side is a bit high on the cheese factor but the exterior is not a show-stopper for me.
    2. Interior: The blond wood is excellent. However, the interior plastic is of such poor quality that it defies explanation. It looks painted. The right side of the dash has a huge swath of it over the airbag and it's just hideous. I don't mind the throw-back gauges but they are hard to read.
    3. Ride. Acceleration is adequate. Felt less stable at all speeds, with more vibration and wind noise, then the Yukon Denali I rode in. Wallows around like a pregnant dog.
    4. Interior room. Second row was much better than the Denali. Third row was cramped but easy enter/exit. Fold-Away seat required a very high load level which seemed to diminish the interior space.

    In general, fit and finished were far below what I would expect in a 59K SUV. I would buy a fully loaded Yukon Denali for 53K anytime over the Lincoln..
  • johnhwjohnhw Member Posts: 111
    The 2007/2008 QX56 is reported to have the reliability issues of the past corrected. Take a look at it if you arent already in something else. Very nice, good size and comfortable with a great ride.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Wallows around like a pregnant dog.

    Interesting; I owned two Navigators, now I have an Escalade - and I feel just the opposite. Isn't that odd? Every time I drive the Escalade (which isn't that often), I wish I had my Navigators back because they handled and rode so much better.....

    Makes me wonder if it's just the nature of the beast's size.
  • lykourinoulykourinou Member Posts: 67
    I have seen the infiniti reliability low, but now for the 07 and 08 models it has been high.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Member Posts: 490
    No it isn't. And besides, how much can u know about the reliability of a car that's been out only a few months?
  • keg97keg97 Member Posts: 189
    How do you know that it is not good? You might want to check the Consumer Report's website :shades:

    People may also want to check out the new interior of the '08 QX...very, very, very nice!
  • johnhwjohnhw Member Posts: 111
    I will need a full size lux SUV around June this year for a long road trip with 5 adults and a dog a small dog that is. Golf clubs going too along with luggage for me and four adult ladies. I am a long time Infiniti owner and very happy but concerned about reliability of the QX from CR data. Also think the back seat is rather tight for an adult in about all the large SUV's so looking at three adults in the bench seat of either a QX or the new Toyota Sequoia. Any experience of thoughts from owners on this comparison and reliability concern?

    Thanks, also looked at Mercedes GL Diesel, Lexus LX and GX. Lincoln Nav and Ford Expedition in the L or EL version seemed to have the best third row seat room, expecially for legs and feet. But the rest of those vehicles concerns me.

    Advice and comments welcomed
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