Does BMW Active Driving Assistant Brake Automatically

mdg2020mdg2020 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2020 in BMW
Please help! I'm about to buy a 2020 BMW 330xi with Active Driving Assistant. But I'm getting conflicting messages about how the driving assistant system works. I have heard that this system will brake the car by itself if you are about to run into the car in front of you and you fail to step on the brake. But the car dealer I just spoke to said the system will only "assist" you. You have to step on the brake and the system will make your brake more effective. But if you don't step on the brake, the system will not brake without you in front of an obstacle. This feature is very important for me. Can any current owner of the 3 series or someone with the knowledge let me know what the right answer is? Thank you very much!
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